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Total Drama All-Stars: Rain of Terror

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Title Screen

Total Drama All-Stars: Rain of Terror

Developer: Sun-Studios
Publisher: Cartoon Network Studios
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: August 26, 2013

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Play as some of the Total Drama All-Stars contestants to avoid a bunch of junk Chef Hatchet is hurling at you, like sharks, boulders, and giant bombs!

Mega Boulder Rampage Leftovers

There's a LOT of leftover graphics from the game Mega Boulder Rampage. Apparently, Sun-Studios just re-skinned that game to be a Total Drama game. Hooray for originality!

Strangely, the running animation of the caveman protagonist of said game is fully coded in the sprite data, and is in every characters' animation sets!

Play BTN Clip

Big Tangy Noodles?

On the title screen, the words "PLAY BTN CLIP" can be seen beneath the screen until it's fully assembled. After that, it disappears.

Character Select Buttons


Far beneath the team select screen, four buttons, labeled "Mike," "Gwen," "Sierra," and "Sam" can be seen. They can be clicked, but they don't do anything. This was likely an old character select method.