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Toy Story 3 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

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Title Screen

Toy Story 3

Also known as: Toy Story 3: La Grande Fuga (IT), История игрушек: Большой побег (RU)
Developer: Avalanche Software
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in US: June 15, 2010
Released in EU: July 1, 2010
Released in AU: June 17, 2010

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Toy Story 3 is a tie-in game based on the 2010 Pixar film.


Toy Story 3 Hat Shop Icon.png
Unused Customization Items
Available in Al's Toy Barn never.
Toy Story 3 Andy Character Icon.png
Unused Audio
Either people don't know what to say, or someone's been cutting lines from the game.
Toy Story 3 Pict-O-Matic Icon.png
Unused Missions
Almost time for school, so pack 'em up!
Unused Text
Can you find the ununsed text? Here's a hint: Click "Unused Text".

Unused Graphics

Error Textures

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Disney Infinity 1.0, a game which was built off of Toy Story 3, has several error textures, some of which are reused from this game. Are the rest (or some) of the error textures in that game found in the files of this one?

There are 4 textures that would appear in place of missing textures in ASSETS/ERRORTEXTURES/ERRORTEXTURES.zip. These can also be found in the files of Disney Infinity 1.0, along with more error textures.

Rex Candy Basket

Rex's texture contains space for a scrapped Halloween candy basket, that was likely meant to be held by him outside Sid's Haunted House.

Toy Story 3 Rex Texture.png

Unused Character Icons

Toy Story 3 Andy Character Icon.png

For whatever reason, an icon exists for Andy.

Toy Story 3 Mr Pricklepants Character Icon.png

An unused icon for Mr. Pricklepants, who never has any dialog.

Toy Story 3 Big Baby Character Icon.png

An unused icon for Big Baby, who never has any dialog.

Toy Story 3 Stretch Character Icon.png

An unused icon for Stretch, who never has any dialog.

Toy Story 3 Dolly Character Icon.png

An unused icon for Dolly in her normal form. The only time this version of Dolly appears is after defeating her in the final level, which even then she never talks.


Toy Story 3 Orphan Character Icon.png

An icon for an orphan.

Toy Story 3 Barber Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for the barber Townsperson.

Toy Story 3 Buccaneer Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for the buccaneer Townsperson.

Toy Story 3 Grandma Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for the grandma Townsperson.

Toy Story 3 Hermit Wife Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for the hermit wife Townsperson.

Toy Story 3 Hatter Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for the hatter Townsperson.

Toy Story 3 Sombrero Guy Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for the sombrero guy Townsperson.

Toy Story 3 Blacksmith Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for a blacksmith Townsperson.

Toy Story 3 Clown Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for a clown Townsperson.

Toy Story 3 Clown Boy Townsperson Icon.png

An icon for another clown Townsperson.

Obscured Graphics

Hidden Map Select Icons

Toy story 3 board game.png

The board game on the map select has hidden icons under the movie theater, Al's Toy Barn, and the Toybox mode. The icon for Al's Toy Barn can be seen in a cutscene when Rex knocks it over, however this is pre-rendered.

Unused Videos


An early, uncut version of the story mode attraction video that plays after waiting idle at the title screen. For some reason this is labelled as "toybox", so perhaps this was used as a placeholder for the toybox attraction video.


An early version of the Bullseye ad. This video only exists in the PS3 version of the game.


An early version of the green army men ad.

spaceport ad.bik

An early version of the Spaceport ad.


An early version of the stunt park ad.

skate park ad.bik

An early version of the skate park ad.


An early version of the driving tutorial video. The audio in this video is different from the final game, and the button UI that's shown is different. This video has a muted duplicate named driving_tutorital.bik.


A placeholder version of the cinematic in which Dolly stretches the room from Bonnie's House.


A placeholder version of the in-game cinematic from the final level.

Unused Maps


A level of a cut shooting range minigame. Trying to load the map crashes the game, likely due to most of its code being removed or just not working.


An early version of the Sid's Haunted House exterior.


An early version of the Enchanted Glen exterior.


An early version of the Spaceport exterior.


Likely an early version of the Skate Park map. This map spawns you far out of bounds, making most of it inaccessible by normal means.


Likely an early version of the Stunt Park map. This map crashes the game when loaded up.


HoloPlayground is the largest of the many "Holo" test maps. At the bottom of it is a goo machine, a Townsperson, a cow, barrels containing Townspeople, pushable objects, hurdles from a Bullseye race, and Bullseye. There are also some pads with text on them that each have a specific purpose. "Shopkeeper" spawns a Townsperson, "Cow" spawns a cow, "Bendito" does nothing, though it was likely meant to spawn an Outlaw, and "Kill" deletes all the spawned entities. Over by a different area is a button that says "X2" that does nothing. These likely would've done/spawned what they say on them, however they no longer work. To the side of this area is a small room containing 12 throwable barrels. There is a portal down here that teleports you to the very top of the map.

Above is a bunch of platforms with different platforming challenges, likely used to test the games physics. Randomly around the map are spider web textures that don't do anything.

The oct file of this map says it was made on June 8, 2009.


Toy Story 3 holopeter.png

HoloPeter is just a small square baseplate with an asteroid texture on it. In the sky is a yellow square. The character you're set as is Buzz Lightyear.


A small rectangular room with nothing in it, hence the name having "empty" in it.


The same as HoloEmpty but with a gray cube in it. Based off the name it was likely meant to have the Teeny Racer in it.

Missing Levels

The following level names are mentioned in worlddatabase.txt but don't exist:

  • Holo_MiniRacer
  • WT_Holo_AI
  • WT_Holo_BD
    • The flags for this map say that it was Wii only.
  • WesternTownAi
  • WTWii_Town_Empty
  • st_buzzgame_zurgbots
  • holoadam
  • WTCars
  • Holo_Modifiers
  • HoloShane
  • Holo_Template
  • Holo_TestTrack
  • Holo_AI
  • HoloBaum
  • HoloTest
  • HoloTest-Multiplayer
  • HoloTest-Ledge
  • HoloLedge
  • HoloBrad
  • HoloBryce
  • HoloChris
  • HoloJim
  • HoloCannon
  • HoloJon
  • HoloEnchantedGlen
  • HoloGabriel
  • HoloJustin
  • HoloMegan
  • holosmith
  • HoloRawcliffe
  • StarCommandDaniel
  • HoloLove
  • Coop
  • HoloWiiHand
  • testpack
  • holocharlineup
  • HoloLadder
  • HoloOmega
  • HoloRoss
  • holobryantclean

Walmart-Exclusive Customization Packs

Certain copies of Toy Story 3 sold at Walmart had 4 packs of customization items for the Toybox mode costing 500 coins each with specific themes, those being the Army Pack, Cutesy Pack, Knights Pack, and Sports Pack. Files for these packs exist in all other versions of the game, despite not being used. It's possible to mod these packs into those versions.

Sports Pack

Sports Pack DLC Customization.png

(Via @djmax09552)

Army Pack

Army Pack.png

(Via @djmax09552)

Knights Pack

Knights Pack (Walmart DLC).png

(Via @djmax09552)

Cutesy Pack

Cutesy Pack (Walmart DLC).png

(Via @djmax09552)


Beta Outlaw Design Remnants

Toy Story 3 Outlaw poster.png Toy Story 3 Outlaw in jail.png Toy Story 3 Outlaw lair well icon.png

The Outlaw in jail and Outlaw posters on the jail use an early version of the Outlaw design, in which their hat is longer and blue and their mask is a light blue. Additionally, the well icon for the Outlaw hideout is based off this design.