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Traffic Slam 3

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Title Screen

Traffic Slam 3

Publisher: Xform Games
Platform: Unity Web Player
Released internationally: 2013

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Traffic Slam 3 is a game where you can drive certain vehicles on a map with a limited amount of time and cause a big traffic jam.

Unused Content

In the "English (US)" text file, there's text mentioning a few more Nemesis vehicles planned to appear but didn't in the final.

MustangMagnetName = Magneto
MustangMagnetDescription = Attracts all surrounding vehicles for close up destruction!
MustangFlairName = Disco
MustangFlairDescription = Trails, stars, and sparks!
MustangMiniName = RC
MustangMiniDescription = RC version of the game!
MustangZillaName = SlamZilla
MustangZillaDescription = Citizens beware!
MustangMultiballName = Multiplicity
MustangMultiballDescription = Pinball in the city!
MustangRocketName = Rocket Man
MustangRocketDescription = Who needs roads?

Downtown Drift Leftovers

In the "SharedData" text file, there's mention of "Hidden Packages" which is a leftover from Downtown Drift.

// HiddenPackages_Begin
	// // T5P1 stands for Track 5 Package 1, there should be a corresponding track pick up for this named PickUp_HiddenPackage_T5P1
	// // Type can be: AddMoney, also needs #Amount
	// //              Nothing (just a collectible)
	// //              Upgrade, also needs #Car, #MenuBonus (either Weight, MaxSpeed or Handling)
	// //                       Bonus can be applied to the following car properties Drag, Grip, DriftGrip, AccelerationGain, DecelerationGain, MaxSpeed, MaxNitroSpeed, Damping, Mass, Weight, AngularDrag, TurnGain
	// //                       Note that due to continued gameplay changes, crippling design overtime, weight is actually armor and is used in car as well
	// T5P1	[#Type: Upgrade, #Car:        Chisai, #MenuBonus: MaxSpeed, #MenuAddValue: 5.0, #Bonus: [#MaxSpeed: 35.0, #MaxNitroSpeed: 35.0]]
	// T5P2	[#Type: Upgrade, #Car:      BigTruck, #MenuBonus: MaxSpeed, #MenuAddValue: 5.0, #Bonus: [#MaxSpeed: 35.0, #MaxNitroSpeed: 35.0]]
	// T5P3	[#Type: Upgrade, #Car:    Murcielago, #MenuBonus: MaxSpeed, #MenuAddValue: 5.0, #Bonus: [#MaxSpeed: 35.0, #MaxNitroSpeed: 35.0]]
	// T5P4	[#Type: Upgrade, #Car:  MonsterTruck, #MenuBonus: MaxSpeed, #MenuAddValue: 5.0, #Bonus: [#MaxSpeed: 35.0, #MaxNitroSpeed: 35.0]]
// HiddenPackages_End