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TwinBee (MSX)

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Title Screen


Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: MSX
Released in JP: May 25, 1986 (original), January 27, 1989 (Konami Game Collection Vol. 3)
Released in EU: 1986

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Version Differences

TwinBee was re-released on floppy disk as part of Konami Game Collection Vol. 3 with support for the SCC (Sound Creative Chip), a wavetable synthesis chip designed by Konami that adds 5 channels of wavetable audio to the MSX's default 3 PSG channels. Much like with other Konami ports, the soundtrack is heavily remixed despite being on similar sound hardware to the arcade version.

Track title PSG SCC + PSG
Intro Fanfare
Twinbee's Home Town Song (Main BGM)
Power-Up Acquired
Fantastic Power (Power-Up BGM)
Extend 1-Up
Boss BGM 1
Boss BGM 2
Stage Clear
Boss BGM 3
Game Over
  • "TwinBee's Home Town Song" features the most significant difference in terms of composition, adding to the main melody a new countermelody which isn't present in other ports or even the arcade version. This new addition does not seem to have been used since, with Konami going back to the original arcade version for song covers in their other games.
  • Other songs such as the "Boss BGM" tracks have additional effects applied with the SCC for enhancement. "Boss BGM 2" in particular also has a new countermelody not used in any other version.