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Hi! I'm andlabs. You've probably seen me around.

Most of my research for TCRF is on the Genesis (or Mega Drive if you prefer). I'm a 68000 guy, so I can find things in the code of games better than other aspects.

My 68000 knowledge extends to some arcade games as well. I've also written a 65816 disassembler for SNES games, a HuC6280 disassembler for TurboGrafx-16 games, and did some dabbling with the GBA too.

If you came here from a Source: tag at the bottom of the page, and have further questions about what I found, don't be afraid to ask! Just keep in mind that I have lost a lot of my older research on damaged hard drives. I'll have it all recovered one day, though~

WIP stuff can also be found here. You should probably look here to make sure what you're doing doesn't collide with what I'm doing. Maybe we can combine our powers?