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I think my name looks better in blue.

Current Projects

LEGOLAND Working Starting back up on this soon.
Nice Code games Working Currently looking for unused graphics/any missed credits screens.


I'm Canadian, eh! This user is from Canada.

Rough notes on stuff I haven't made into proper articles yet. Proceed with caution.

  • Prototypes to document later:
    • Microsoft Hearts (original, pre-Vista)
    • Several Microsoft Entertainment Pack prototypes:
      • Chess
      • Rattler Race
      • Taipei
      • Tetris
  • Earthworm Jim 2 (NES, Ex-Sachen developers):
    • Unused graphics:
      • An unused sprite of a disappointed Jim is loaded on the options screen (interestingly this is stored separately from Jim's other sprites)
      • Logos of NT, Taiwan Shin-Shin, and Family (these are also present in The Panda Prince)
      • Alternate title screen with Jim holding a 3 instead of a 2
    • Apparently there are also multiple versions of the ROM or something (look into this)
  • Earthworm Jim 2 (NES, Super Game) - revisional differences (there are 2 ROMs out there, one is complete, the other isn't)
  • Super Fighter III has the same self-test menu as World Hero (NES).
  • Super Lion King 2, like The Panda Prince, has an unused Chinese mode
  • Pocohontos - "Disney" tiles for the "Diesney Interactive" screen
  • Many Hummer Team games have unused graphics in the form of crudely drawn numbers and various other scribbles, some of their games also have filler text in Japanese in the CHR
  • Spider-Man 3 (Game Boy Color) has an unused BBD copyright (English version only), and unused (I think) tiles containing Japanese text (English and Chinese versions)
  • Star War Episode 2: Battle Among Cloned Humans also has an unused BBD copyright (presumably in both versions, English version undumped) and the tiles with Japanese text
  • Harry Potter 2 (Game Boy Color) has an unused hexadecimal font and graphics for a sound test + revisional differences


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