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I am a twenty-one year old dude who takes an interest in what unused content exists in games, notably those that interest me. I don't take that much care of cut content videogames that are straightforward and simple to play however, so I specialize mostly in PC games because you can actually use applications to browse the archives for stuff.

I've been suspended for two years for my shabby attitude and (perhaps notably) gotten rid of spaces in Bobs that should've stayed there. You who are reading this, make sure to leave those spaces in the Bobs alone because it improves readability! Only deal with double-spaces and above is my tip to you.

Pages I may have to tend to

Payday 2, PAYDAY: The Heist leftovers

The original heisters from Payday: The Heist (except for Houston, who was initially called Hoxton) have the same internal names as they did in the first game. russian refers to Dallas, german points to Wolf, spanish is Chains, and Houston's is american. Additionally, all the difficulty names follow the same naming scheme.

  • Easy is an accepted difficulty in PAYDAY 2, but attempting to play in it makes the game crash since its programming is either omitted or dummied out.
    • Very Hard and Overkill are both called Overkill and Overkill 145+, respectively. In a similar vein and perhaps as an inside joke, the Death Wish difficulty is called Overkill 290+.

The Stanley Parable _master.cache

I'm doing it like on the Notes page for The Beginner's Guide.


Unbirth patch