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Title Screen

Call of Duty: World at War

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Windows
Released in US: November 11, 2008
Released in EU: November 14, 2008

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

World at War heads back to all that World War II business after the success of Modern Warfare. Highlights include flamethrowers, co-op and an inexplicable minigame called Nazi Zombies which has... well, guess.

Unused Weapons

Some weapons are inaccessible and unavailable without using console cheats.

  • Dirty Harry: An M1911 pistol that fires Rifle Grenades. Normally only used when downed with the Suicide King Death Card enabled, but it works as a normal weapon (with some very strange visual issues).
  • BRAAAINS...: The "weapon" used by the shambling undead in Nazi Zombies mode. Strangely, it has proper first person animations and works perfectly as a player weapon.
  • Default Weapon: First person hands are in a really weird pose, with a pink cowbell with the words "OWN3D" written on it sitting on the left wrist.
  • The Eviscerator: An unused Pack-a-Punch upgrade for the Arisaka. It can only be obtained by way of console commands, but appears to have been canned at a early stage; there are no engravings on the metal like the other guns and the only change was the stainless-steel on the metal.
  • Mosin-Nagant: Used in the main game, but not in Zombies mode. It can be obtained in the maps "Der Riese" and "Verruckt" with the help of console commands. A Pack-a-Punched version can be seen in the game's files, however the only change is to the metal on the weapons.
  • Springfield: Again, there is an unused, unnamed Pack-a-Punched variant of the Springfield and yet again it's only change is a stainless-steel effect.
  • The Snuff Box: Yet another scrapped Pack-a-Punched upgrade, this time for the sawed-off Double-Barreled Shotgun. However, this one is actually completely finished and can be seen by way of modding.
  • Katana: Used in the Campaign by the Japanese but can never be picked up. Despite this, a create a class icon and a HUD icon exist.
  • M3 Grease Gun: Scrapped in very late development, as its completely finished and can be used by modding the game but looks no different from Call of Duty 2.
  • Mortar Round: The code "mortarround_mp" shows it would be in MP and the string "REFERENCE WEAPON_MORTARROUND_2000

LANG_ENGLISH "Press & hold &&1 to buy Mortar Rounds [Cost: 2000]" shows it was cut from Zombies as well. Most likely cut from those modes due to the extreme power and its large blast radius.

  • Syrette: While not really a weapon, it has a HUD icon that is never used.
  • Knife: A HUD icon can be found in the files.
  • Signal Flare: It has an unused HUD icon.

Some weapons were cut completely, but have leftovers in the game files and SDK.

  • Lee-Enfield: A British bolt-action rifle, used by British and Canadian forces. Was cut along with the British campaign. Only Create-A-Class images, a pickup icon, animations and weapon files exist.
  • Sten: The British SMG of choice. Was cut along with the British campaign. Only Create-A-Class images, a pickup icon, animations and weapon files exist.
  • Bren: A British light machine gun. Was cut along with the British campaign. Only Create-A-Class images, a pickup icon, animations and weapon files exist.
  • PPS-43: An SMG used during World War II by the Soviets. Was cut very early on. Only the Create-A-Class images and animations exist.
  • PMD-6: "Shoebox" anti-personnel mines. Would have been granted by the "PMD-6 x2" perk. Appears to have been cut very early on - the code exists in the SDK and there are icons, but it can't be compiled due to the lack of a model.
  • Kamikaze: Not only was it a cut killstreak, but unused weapon files still remain.

(Source: Call of Duty Wikia)

Cut Perks, Perk-A-Colas, and Attachments

These perks, killstreaks, vehicles and other things have leftovers in the game data.

  • PMD-6 x2 (Tier 1): Would have given the player six PMD-6 landmines. The icon still exists.
  • Magic Wrench (Vehicle): Used in Tank War. Functionality most likely repaired tanks. The icon still exists.
  • Commanding Squad Leader (Squad): Allowed the player to give orders to their squad. In the final version all squad leaders can do this. The icon still exists.
  • Amm-O-Matic: A cut Perk-A-Cola. Only a texture sheet and sound files remain.
  • Compensator: A cut attachment. In real life a compensator reduces the recoil of the weapon its attached to, like the grip in the final game.
  • Select Fire: Another cut attachment. The select fire most likely worked the same way it did in the first Call of Duty and in United Offensive. It would have been for the SVT-40, was mentioned in the World at War strategy guide, and its select icon has the silencer on it along with "This is a Select Fire Switch" in green.

(Source: Call of Duty Wikia)

Cut Killstreak

Air Strike: A payload of bombs being dropped in a selected location. Was probably cut because it was too similar to the Artillery killstreak.

The battle vehicle deployed would depend on the activator's team: the Marine Raiders would get a B-17 Flying Fortress, the Imperial Japanese Army would get the Kamikaze, the Wehrmacht would get the Carpet Bomber, and the Red Army would get the Katyusha. The voice acting still exists as seen below.

Faction Subtitle Audio
Marine Raiders B-17 acquired.
Division's got a B-17 fueled and ready to go.
Kamikaze incoming! Get to cover!
B-17 armed and en-route!
Red Army Katyusha rockets acquired.
Our Katyushas are ready to rain death.
Take cover! German bombers above!
Our Katyushas will tear them to pieces.
Imperial Army Kamikaze acquired!
Your time to die for the emperor is now!
They have brought their flying fortress upon us.
Our brother finds glory in making the ultimate sacrifice.
Wehrmacht Carpet bomb acquired.
Bombs above, awaiting your command.
Get to cover! Russian rockets inbound!
Our bombs will destroy them as they hide!

Unused Multiplayer Ranks

Returning from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are most of the unused rank icons. The first three rank icons seem to be early versions of the rank icons. The next five rank icons appear to be lower quality versions of the respective existing rank icons, and it seems that there was going to be gold versions of the eagle, star and double-bar rank icons. The two unused red & gold rank icons that were present in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have been removed from the game files for unknown reasons, though the diagonal style of this unused rank icon from Call of Duty 4 was used as a template for the first three ranks in multiplayer.

The most notable unused rank icon is the Treyarch logo icon. Had the icon been used, one can only assume that it was meant to be part of a specially coded system that would have had the Xbox Gamertags/PSN usernames of all Treyarch employees on record, which would subsequently allow the game to apply the special rank icon for the employees. Unfortunately, the Treyarch rank icon never made it into the game.

Prototype rank icon #1 Prototype rank icon #2 Prototype rank icon #3 Prototype rank icon #4 Prototype rank icon #5 Prototype rank icon #6 Prototype rank icon #7 Prototype rank icon #8 Unused Treyarch rank icon

Tank War

A cut gametype. Little is known about it, being the only thing that proves its existence is audio files of the announcers two unused APCs. According to the name, and the voices from the announcers the gametype was going to be based around armored warfare. Not only does the voice acting remain but three armored cars remain also one for the Marines, one for the Japanese, and one for the Germans.

To do:
Replace YouTube link with .OGG audio clips

Unused Vehicles

  • Crusader: Only referenced in the vehiclename.str file.
  • Default Vehicle: A six wheeled, untextured, and crudely made vehicle with two MG42s and two Panzershrecks that seems to have been made to test vehicle driving.
  • Goliath: A remote controlled German demolition vehicle. Some vehicle scripting, references to a deleted model [build_deathmodel( "vehicle_ger_tracked_goliath", "vehicle_ger_tracked_goliath" );], a file (_goliath.gsc) and a remains of a planned compass icon (build_compassicon();) still exist.
  • M4 Sherman: The M4 Sherman tank has three unused models. The first one has an M2 Browning machine gun on it which may have been for Tank War. The second one was equipped with deep wading gear. The third has winter camouflage that was definitely for the Holland level.
  • M8 Greyhound: An armored car intended for the Marines. Despite having a machine gun and a turret neither one of them has a weapon file. The file name of the model, "vehicle_usa_wheeled_m8_mp" shows that it would be in Tank War.
  • Nashorn: A German tank destroyer. Coding shows that it was to appear in the cut Rhineland 2 while a Tiger tank was used as a placeholder (maps\_tiger::main( "vehicle_tiger_woodland" ); // TODO replace with Nashorn!) and would have to be destroyed due to it being an objective (level.obj7_string = &"RHI2_OBJ_7"; // disable nashorn). The Nashorn would be found in a church and the player would have to burn the crew and then the level would end.
{level endon( "church_found_position" );
trigger_wait( "trig_church_nashornMolotovs", "targetname" );
iprintlnbold( "Molotovs found; Nashorn crew flamed." );
level notify( "church_found_position" ); }
  • Sd. Kfz. 222: The German's armored car. Four models remain for it, a "default" model, a variant for MP, one with camouflage (odd since the German Military never appear in heavily wooded areas), and a winterized version intended for the Holland mission. One is also seen in the loadscreen for the cut "Wetlands" map.
  • Panther: A winter version was intended for the Holland level.
  • Type 1 Ho-Ki: An APC for the Japanese that does not seem to have any weapons on it, as per the vehicle in real life. The name of the model "vehicle_jap_tracked_type1ho-ki_mp" confirms it would be featured in Tank War.
  • Type 97: A version with a MG42 was planed for MP.
  • Wasp: A flamethrower-equipped variant of the Universal Carrier. A model file (vehicle_brt_tracked_wasp, _wasp.gsc) but no actual model remains.

Cut Enemies


The German air force. Its members are never seen directly but have two headless models and a unused helmet.


Files referring to them can be found along with a headless model. According to Wikipedia, they were a German national militia formed during the last months of World War II and fought in the Battle of Berlin, so they would most likely be found in the missions Ring of Steel, Eviction , Heart of the Reich, and Downfall.


Cut Maps

There were several single and multiplayer levels that were made but later scrapped for various reasons. There are no unfinished playable levels, but there are leftovers and traces in the game files and SDK.


  • Training: A training level, funnily enough. Only the scripts and four HD screenshots remain.
  • Fly: A mission where you fly a Corsair or Hellcat over Bloody Nose Ridge on Peleliu Island. Probably inspired "Payback" in Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • Holland: Three levels from the cancelled British campaign. Only level scripts, HD screenshots and some textures remain.
  • Rhineland: Three levels from the cancelled British campaign. Only level scripts and some textures remain.


  • Atoll: Marine Raiders vs. Imperial Army. "Small-medium pacific island. Great for Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch and War." Only text strings, loadscreen and minimap remain.
  • Beachhead: Marine Raiders vs. Imperial Army. "Fight through the bloodied sand. Good for large vehicle matches." Probably based off "Little Resistance". Only text strings, loadscreen and minimap remain.
  • Carrier: Marine Raiders vs. Imperial Army. It's...an aircraft carrier covered with Corsairs. Only WIP loadscreens and a minimap remain.
  • Cavern: Marine Raiders vs. Imperial Army. An unknown Japanese cavern. Only text strings, loadscreen and minimap remain.
  • Docks: Marine Raiders vs. Imperial Army. Only text strings, loadscreen and minimap remain. Replaced with "Sub Pens".
  • Dog Test: A test map made for testing dog pathfinding.
  • Subway: Marine Raiders vs. Imperial Army. Only loadscreen and minimap remain. Replaced with "Station".
  • Wetlands: Red Army vs. Wehrmacht. Only loadscreen and minimap remain. Replaced with "Seelow".
  • Broadside: Red Army vs. Wehrmacht. Only the map scripts still exist.
  • Cassino: Red Army vs. Wehrmacht. Probably a remake of "mp_cassino" from Call of Duty: United Offensive. Only the map scripts still exist.
  • Lagoon: Marine Raiders vs. Imperial Army. Only the map scripts still exist.
  • Struggle: Red Army vs. Wehrmacht. Only the map scripts still exist.
  • Trenches: Red Army vs. Wehrmacht. Only the map scripts still exist.
  • Nightfire: According to Community Manager Josh Olin the map Nightfire was intended to be in the retail game but was left unfinished due to time constraints. Among those remains is a early minimap.

(Source: Call of Duty Wikia)

Region Differences

To do:
Hi-resolution screenshots of the neutered version of the game

According to the German Strafgesetzbuch §86a, the usage of unconstitutional symbols (Nazi symbolism, basically) is forbidden outside of certain contexts such as research and teaching. As a result, the swastikas and other explicit references to the Nazi regime were removed from the German version of the game.

In addition, the blood and gore was severely toned down, and both the final FMV sequence and the Nazi Zombies mode were deleted entirely.

You can see a direct comparison of both versions of the game at this German-language website.

(Source: Schnittberichte)