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I'm a former(ish) ROM hacker obsessed with prerelease and unused content in games, particularly Final Fantasy IV, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, and the Castlevania, DOOM and Mega Man serieseses.

If you come across anything that can be improved in "my" articles, don't hesitate to do so. I'm not exactly the best writer, and formatting wiki articles to look good is hard and stupid.

Personal TODO List

Stuff I want to do or need to finish. This may take a while now due to other commitments and because I can never seem to stick to one game for long.

  • Rerip the unused inventory icons from Symphony of the Night...and remove all of the stuff that seems to have been someone showing off Saturn-only items, mistaken for unused PSX content.
  • Final Fantasy IV's version differences could use some touch-ups and maybe reorganization. I'm also eager to completely document all of the attack sequence differences between the original and Easy Type.
  • I need to finish documenting the unused content in GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. There's not much left the wiki isn't covering, but the GE article in particular needs to be using one style when I'm done with it.
  • Maybe look into Quake's revisional differences? Unlike Doom where there's great stuff like the unofficial changelog, no one seems to know much about Quake's changes for some reason, despite it being such a popular game.


20 years on and there's still a bunch of stuff in these games that isn't documented anywhere near as good as it should be given their popularity.

  • Continue adding details to the 90s console ports' articles.
  • Rip and tear animate a bunch of sprites from the pre-beta. The offsetting makes this a pain, otherwise it'd be done by now since I'm on a Doom kick again.
  • One of these days I'd like to do in-depth 0.4 alpha to 0.5 alpha to pre-beta to final map analyses, but I'm not sure if I'm really a fan of the huge block of comparison templates I tend to use in my articles. These would be MASSIVE if I did them that way, but the changes are incredibly fascinating for a level designer.
  • Finish analyzing the 32X prototypes and upload screenshots for the existing articles.
  • Continue documenting early Doom II behavior in the Doom betas' executables.