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Unlike Sonic I don't chuckle!

I like living a simple and relaxing life, except when the translation tool sucks and is broken, which is always the case. I know a bit about coding, mostly in C#, but also in Javascript, C, Python and some that are similar. I am trying to learn how Unreal Script works for OldUnreal.

Focusing for now on Sorcerer's Stone / Chamber of Secrets / Prisoner of Azkaban and other games from my childhood that I can find.

Feel free to stalk me on these pretty lame websites:

  • My junkbox email: Ltr121212@gmail.com (Don't expect an immediate response here)

Current Status

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This is where I tell how I feel and how I'll be available (or not). I feel like every user should have something like this, that would help.

Got a fulltime job now, I don't really have as much time or interest anymore, but I still poke my head out once in a while. ?

My Console Collection

GBA I have a blue GameBoy Advance SP. First console ever. Still works wonders after more than 15 years.
NDS I have a black ds lite. The touch screen has seen much better days...
3DS I have a black cfw'd original 3DS.
N3DS XL I have a hacked cfw Majora's Mask edition New 3DS XL.
Wii I have a hacked white wii, cd drive is broken so it can only play games via USB.
WiiU I have a black WiiU delxue edition, unhacked for once.
XB 360 I have an Xbox 360. Haven't used it in at least 4 years.
PS4 Got a ps4 pro, nothing else much to say
NSW I have a softmodded Nintendo Switch with black joycons because I'm boring.
PC I have an ASUS ROG laptop. Don't use it much but it has a CD drive unlike my PC.
PC Built a gaming rig in 2019, and I quite liked it. Might make other rigs out of older parts in the future.

Todo List

Maple syrup in my ears... This user is from Canada.
Yay cactus! This user supports the cactus!
This user needs more userboxes.
Task Priority Status Notes
Find every unused texture in HP1 Medium Mostly done? Checking the files once in a while, I always find something new
Find every unused texture in HP2 High Mostly done? The Old_Textures archive contains most unused textures
Find every unused texture in HP3 Medium Unstarted There's a lot more here due to being on UE2. This will take a lot of time.
Making and uploading videos for the unused animations in HP3. Medium Unstarted
Uploading french voice clips from HP1. Low Hiatus Need to make a translation subpage and nothing until the translation tool is fixed
Uploading unused sounds and music from HP3. High Partially started, hiatus Doing the documentation of unused voice clips
Finding unused cutscenes from HP2. Highest Unstarted Starting soon
Finding unused cutscenes from HP1. Medium Unstarted This will require a bit of file digging
Uploading unused models from HP3. High WIP There's more
Get this game out of the "stub" status. Low Unstarted If someone knows how to extract the files from the compressed format, please contact me.
Make the Undertale french translation page Medium Hiatus Nothing done until the translation tool is fixed
Complete/Start the Sonic 3 & Knuckles french translation page Low Unstarted Nothing done until the translation tool is fixed
Starting to dig in the Batman Arkham Asylum files. Medium Blocked Can't extract music and animations yet with UViewer...
Translate Wind Waker in french Low Unstarted Nothing until the translation tool is fixed.
Exploring Dead Space for anything Medium Unstarted Hoping to find some form of debug mode in there...
Making a page for Subnautica High Not sure if worth Basically copy-pasting pages from the game's wiki.
Making a page for the hp2 prototype Highest Mostly complete but might be more content. Focus is on unused levels and music for now.
Being helpful, friendly and supportive towards everyone on the wiki and the Discord! Highest as it can ever be In-progress This will never be finished, just leave it in the trash

Completed tasks

Task Time when completed
Translated Super Mario 64 and its' subpages in french 2017-04-19
Completed the Sonic 3 "unused" music section. 2017-06-16
Uploaded all unused voice clips from HP2's alldialog.uax file. 2017-08-27
Found and doccumented all of HP3's unused cutscenes 2017-12-08
Found all unused models in HP1 (hopefully...) 2018-01-17
Making and uploading a video for the unused animations in HP1. 2018-02-07
Making and uploading a video for the unused animations in HP2. 2018-05-20
Translating french voice clips from Sonic Forces 2018-06-08
Xenoblade Chronicles unused voice clips 2020-06-08

Feel free to contact me for english to french translations.


This is why you use SWITCHES INSTEAD OF A BILLION ELSES! (ugly code incomming)

if ( sActualCommand ~= "PutGryffInLead" )
                          return True;
                        } else {
                          if ( sActualCommand ~= "AddHPointsG" )
                            sActualCommand = ParseDelimitedString(Command," ",2,False);
                            return True;

Dead Space

Title Screen

Dead Space

Developers: Visceral Games
Publishers: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in US: October 13, 2008
Released in EU: October 24, 2008
Released in AU: October 23, 2008

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.



Title Screen


Developers: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Publishers: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox One (beta)
Released internationally: January 23, 2018

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

//Debug Console//

To activate it you need to press F3 and you'll see a checkbox ticked in the top left saying: "Disable Console". Press F8 to get a mouse cursor and uncheck the box to activate the console.


  • Enter, ~, Ø or Ö brings up an input box (depending on the keyboard region).
  • Up and Down Arrows cycle through previously used commands
  • Enter when the console is active executes the command.

(XBOX One)

  • LB + A + RB brings up an input box.

///Command list///

Legend Description
[NAME] Text variable that the player inputs.
[#] Number variable that the player inputs.
[x] [y] [z] Represents coordinates (x= east and west, y= altitude, z= north and south)


Command Name Description
countdownship Initiates the countdown for the explosion of the Aurora's dark matter reactor.
explodeship Initiates the explosion of the Aurora's dark matter reactor.
restoreship Returns the Aurora to its original form. Turns on radiation.
startsunbeamstoryevent Activates the Sunbean story event.
sunbeamcountdownstart Activates the Sunbeam countdown.
precursorgunaim Plays the entire Quarantine Enforcement Platform shooting down the Sunbeam event.
playsunbeamfx Plays only the second part of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform shooting down the Sunbeam event.
infectionreveal Plays the animation of the player realizing he is infected with the Kharaa Bacterium.
forcerocketready Allows the Neptune Escape Rocket to be launched without disabling the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.


Command Name Description
item [NAME] [#] Adds the specified number of items to the inventory
clearinventory Deletes the player's inventory
spawn [NAME] [#] Spawns a specified number of objects in front of the player
cure [#] Cures the player and all creatures in the specified range
infect Infects the player and all creatures in the specified range
playerinfection Changes the player infection stage (values 1 to 5)
sub cyclops Spawns the Cyclops in front of the player
sub aurora Spawns the Aurora behind the player
filterwater Makes every water fitration machine fabricate a large filtered water
filtersalt Makes every water filtration machine to fabricate salt
vehicleupgrades Gives the player every common vehicle upgrade module
seamothupgrades Gives the player every Seamoth upgrade module
exosuitupgrades Gives the player every Prawn Suit upgrade module
exosuitarms Gives the player every Prawn Suit arm
spawnloot Spawns some loot
toolsloot Spawns some tools
madloot Gives the player some tools and loot (different items than spawnloot and toolsloot)
  • Enables the following console commands: fastbuild, unlockall, nocost, fastgrow, fasthatch, radiation
  • adds a few tools to the inventory
resourcesfor [NAME] Adds the required resources for the specified item to the inventory
ency [NAME] Unlocks the specified database entry (ency all will give every database entries in the game, even unused ones)
damage [#] Sets the damage multiplier for the player
instagib Toggles intsagib mode (every creature dies in 1 hit)
invisible Creatures do not detect the player
filterfast Reduces the time needed for water and salt filtration
fastscan Reduces the time needed for scanning
fastgrow Reduces the time needed for plants to grow
fasthatch Reduces the time needed for eggs to hatch
fastbuild Modules will be built instantly
nocost Building habitats and items will not check or use the required items for them
noenergy Unlimited base and vehicle energy
nosurvival Sets the game mode to Freedom mode (no effect in Creative mode)
oxygen Unlimited air
nitrogen Removes the water pressure mechanics
radiation Disables radiation
fixleaks Fixes the radiation leaks in the Aurora
leak Creates leaks inside every Cyclops on the map
flood Floods every Cyclops on the map
damagesub Damages every Cyclops on the map
destroycyclops Destroys every Cyclops on the map
vfx cyclopssmokeeffect Generates smoke from every Cyclops [#](value from 0 to 1)
bubbles Spawns air bubbles around the player
seaglide Spawns a seaglide with no battery in front of the player
dig [#] Removes terrain in a sphere around the player (causes massive gameplay issues)
unlock [NAME] Unlocks the specified blueprint
lock [NAME] Locks the specified blueprint
unlockall Unlocks all blueprints
unlockdoors Unlocks all doors in the Aurora and the Alien Bases
freedom/survival/creative/hardcore Changes the game mode
day Sets the gametime to noon
night Sets the gametime to midnight
daynightspeed [#] Sets the time speed multiplier (default 1)
cinematics Toggles animation for the player
debugsound Toggles sound
enterset Reloads all objects in the game (excluding terrain)
farplane [#] Changes the fov (1000 is default)
freecam Free camera: mouse to look, arrows to move, shift to go faster and numpad 1 to 5 to change speed
fps Shows FPS
nobloom Removes bloom (restart to apply)
noshadows Removes shadows (restart to apply)
printbiome Shows the current biome
sizeref Spawns a player model in front of the player (must be looking at terrain)
target Toggles target debug
schoolfishai Toggles the ai of shoal of fish
vsync Toggles VSync
vr [NAME] Toggles the VR options

(Source: http://subnautica.wikia.com/wiki/Debug_Console_Commands)

\\Unused X\\

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
(Source: http://subnautica.wikia.com/wiki/Cut_Content)