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Hey there. Welcome to my userpage, I guess?

Hope the lists below are correct...

Tools of Interest

A few tools that might be useful for game archaeology, all of which can be found on my GitHub account, along with some other, less interesting stuff.

Do note that these are, for the most part, not maintained anymore:


  • Scarlet: Actually a set of libraries, providing functionality to convert image data to and fro, handle container formats and their contents, etc. It's still in relatively early stages, but already supports various image and archive formats, both common and game-specific. Also has a sample application capable of extracting/converting all supported formats.
  • GXTConvert: An exporter/converter for GXT image files used in many games on the PS Vita; sort of a predecessor to Scarlet.


  • Tharsis: An exporter/converter for a variety of, mostly 3DS- and Atlus-related, file formats; think Etrian Odyssey IV, Shin Megami Tensei IV. Granted, not exactly game-specific, but more limited than the above.
  • UntoldUnpack: Strictly an unpacker and image converter for HPI-HPB archives found in ex. Etrian Odyssey Untold and EO2U.


Articles Started

(Semi-)Substantial Contributions