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All that AND the kitchen sink?

I'm Xk-sig.png Xkeeper! You can call me "X" or "Ex" for short if you want. "they/them" pronouns, please.

I'm a co-founder of this wiki, along with Rachel Mae, who made the original site. With our powers combined, this wiki was formed. And with your powers, it has grown into something wonderful.

My role mostly lies in making sure the server does not catch fire or experience issues. Over the 9 10 uh, 11? years or so that we've been up... so far, mostly good! Please ignore the scorch marks, though.

Why a cactus?

sup im a cactus

This question comes up sometimes; Why is TCRF's mascot a cactus?

The answer: It's complicated. I think barrel cacti are pretty cute, and the cactus is an unused graphic from Super Mario 64 — yep, it really did come from somewhere! It was originally used as the placeholder icon on the various cleanup templates because it happened to be green and an appropriate size, and it just sort of ... stuck there. Not terribly unlike how the actual logo in the top left has been a lazily edited screenshot of Translhextion showing some unused text from The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout since the beginning.

Then people started making all sorts of goofy edits of it and, well, here we are. It worked out okay in the end.

Side stuff

In addition to running this wiki, I also side-manage a few other things:

Contact / Issues

If you're having a wiki-related problem, consider contacting one of our fine administrators.

If you need me specifically, though:

  • Edit my talk page. It may take me a while to respond, though.
  • xkeeper (at) gmail (dot) com, if you want to use email.
  • Any of the TCRF staff on Discord (or me if it's serious, but it probably isn't serious enough to warrant pinging me directly)


Does running the server count?