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This is the talk page for User:ReyVGM.
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Thank you!

Thank you! By the way, this is a continuation of the topic of the same name that I accidentally posted on the archive talk page. Sorry that I split this up, but I didn't want to break the rules again. Now at least I know what archived talk pages are for! :) -- FanOfRosalina2007 (talk) 02:48, 4 November 2023 (UTC)

Yeah, no prob. It's not a rule to archive your talk pages, but if they get too big, you can do it. ReyVGM (talk) 12:55, 4 November 2023 (UTC)
Okay, good to know! At least I won't make that mistake again (hopefully). Thanks! -- FanOfRosalina2007 (talk) 16:50, 4 November 2023 (UTC)


I didn't make that edit lol 👍 Tyler 💬 ✏️ 🇨🇦 04:28, 6 November 2023 (UTC)

no wait I see what happened, I did make that edit 👍 Tyler 💬 ✏️ 🇨🇦 04:28, 6 November 2023 (UTC)


Thanks for the cleanup on the Daffy Duck article. I had reasons to believe the Game Boy version was also released in the US, but I can't prove it. Seems it was really only released in Europe. --Mugg1991 (talk) 23:29, 18 November 2023 (UTC)

I couldn't find any official info, but No-Intro lists the GB-only version as European. And I checked ebay and all the GB-only versions of the game are European too. So It's safe to assume it was an Euro-only release. The question is now, which was released first? Was it released in Europe as a GB-only game BEFORE the other versions or after? ReyVGM (talk) 23:43, 18 November 2023 (UTC)