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WB Food Fight

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Title Screen

WB Food Fight

Also known as: "Warner Bros. Foodfight"
Developer: Sarbakan Game Studio
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Platform: Adobe Flash

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

WB Food Fight is a basic crossover minigame featuring some characters that Warner Bros. had the license/ownership of at the time.

"Now how 'bout cleaning up?"

Unused Graphics


Shape 2 is the logo of the developers, Sarbakan. This might be also present in other games they developed during the time period this game was developed in, such as Tak and the Power of Juju: Moonstone Madness.

FPS Counter


Sprite 53 is a FPS counter.

"Sounds" Node


Sprite 1055 is a node that refers to the sounds.

Unused "Next Level" Screen


Frames 60-68 seem to be placeholders for the "Next Round" transition, showing white text saying "Next Level" in a black background.

Hidden Details


While this image is still used in the game as the background, the bottom part is obscured by the fence in-game.

Debug Text


Supposedly references a "keys capturer" that may detect which control keys are being pressed.


Most likely the transitions.

Special Anim

Possibly for the animations for each character's special move.

Special indicator

Indicates the special move.

Supermove text

Placeholder text for the names that appear when a character does their special move.