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WWE '12

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Title Screen

WWE '12

Developer: Yuke's
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in JP: January 26, 2012
Released in US: November 22, 2011
Released in EU: November 25, 2011

WWE '12 is a fresh start for WWE games, dropping PlayStation 2 and PSP versions and based on a brand-new engine/technology marketed as "Predator Technology" that would power certain legacy editions of WWE games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 when games for both systems' successors were released.

Early Game Title

In the Xbox 360 version of WWE '12, there is a reference to an exe file named SVR12_DVD_MASTER.exe, which suggests that at one point during its production cycle it was going to be called WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2012 instead (prior to the first suspension of brand split in 2011).