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WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth

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Title Screen

WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth

Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (JP)
Developer: Yuke's
Publisher: THQ
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: February 6, 2003
Released in US: October 31, 2002
Released in EU: November 15, 2002
Released in KR: 2002

Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
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WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth is the fourth game in the groundbreaking series, and the first to have full WWE branding after the promotion's name change in May 2002.

Unused Theme Songs

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  • Christian's in-game theme is actually shortened so that the full chorus will play during his entrance. The full version of his theme is actually unused on the disc.
  • Ric Flair has an unused alternate theme.

A number of theme songs for several superstars exist within the game data, but go unused by both the respective superstar and the Create-An-Entrance mode. Many of them were likely hastily changed to retain a degree of accuracy with the contemporary product, as gimmicks and theme music changed on a whim.

In addition to using a music modifier code, these songs can be added by altering LIST.PAC, located inside MOVES.PAC file.

Maven's ear-piercing theme, christened "Tattoo". Despite Maven being playable, his actual theme music is bizarrely absent in-game, as he instead uses the generic SmackDown brand theme. In addition, the theme here is also instrumental, while the Tough Enough winner used the regular version of the song on WWF/WWE television.

Unusually, T & A, a long since disbanded stable by this game's release, still has its theme present in the game. Stranger still is that the rendition left in the files is poorly edited and missing the opening portion!

The theme for the maligned "X-Factor" stable, which is noticeably (unfortunately?) Uncle Kracker-free. The faction had split up by the time of Shut Your Mouth's release, rendering its theme obsolete. This theme was used by Albert, the sole X-Factor representative in the previous game, WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It.

A full version of the theme can be found on files for the Xbox and Windows versions of WWF Raw (due to the way the game stores music files) and on the WWE Uncaged XIV album, under the name "Fact or Fiction".

Billy Gunn's singles theme, "I've Got it All", used when he aped Neo's gimmick and became "The One" Billy Gunn after being kicked out of DX. He had formed a tag team with Chuck Palumbo at the time of this game's release, with both Superstars sharing "You Look So Good To Me" with manager Rico in-game. Because of this, both men's singles themes are left unused. However, the accompanying TitanTron is usable in Create-A-Superstar.

An obscure singles theme used by Chuck Palumbo after the maligned Invasion angle. Like Billy, this theme isn't used as both men were in a tag team, and so shared a completely new theme. The accompanying TitanTron is also available in Create-A-Superstar.

Edge's famous "On The Edge" theme, used both as a singles performer and in a tag team that totally reeked of awesomeness with Christian between 1998-2001. By 2002, his theme had been changed to "Never Gonna Stop" at his request, a change reflected by the game.

"Make Some Noise!", X-Pac's classic(?) Attitude Era theme. At this stage of his career, X-Pac was part of the resurgent nWo faction (replacing the released Scott Hall), and so uses its theme in-game as opposed to his own music. Like Billy and Chuck's music, this theme's accompanying TitanTron can be chosen in Create-A-Superstar.

Tazz's old "If You Dare" theme, used for the vast majority of his in-ring career in WWE. His theme would be changed to Cypress Hill's "Just Another Victim" very shortly before he transitioned into a color commentator role, with Shut Your Mouth changing his theme in kind.

An unused variant of Rob Zombie's "Never Gonna Stop", which became Edge's theme in 2002. This variant includes Edge's trademark "You think you know me" at the beginning of the song, while the variant included in-game is the song itself, left unedited.

Unused Superstar Movelists?

When previewing entrances of unlockable movelists (most of which came out to green model used for previewing moves in move list editor), a three/four letter initials appear in the name list to identify which movelist belongs to (for example, WSM stands for WWE, Shane McMahon). Some of those appear to be unused.

Initials Corresponds To Notes
OMP Mr. Perfect Fired after Insurrextion pay-per-view (along with Scott Hall) due to involvement in "Plane Ride from Hell" incident.
Initials later used in WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain.
WCG Crash Holly A duplicate of WCR moveset.
WDB Goldberg A duplicate of CBG moveset.
WHM Chavo Guerrero Has announcer call name for CAWs; may have also actually meant for WCG?
Uses Tornado DDT as finisher, has some of Eddie Guerrero's taunts. "WHM" name may be referring to Hugh Morrus, who would later become known under his birth name, Bill DeMott.
WKY DDP (or Kanyon) Has announcer call name for CAWs.
A exact duplicate of Diamond Dallas Page's moveset; possibly a reference to Kanyon DDP impersonation gimmick/storyline in 2000 during their WCW days?
WNI Unknown Generic woman moveset. Has the Shattered Dreams and the Back Low Blow as a finisher. Taunts consist of "Taunt Woman Manager" 1 & 2.
"WNI" name may refer to Nidia Guenard, the women's winner of the first season of Tough Enough.
WRM Crash Holly Another duplicate of the WCR moveset.
WTD Tommy Dreamer Has announcer call name for CAWs.
Initials later used in Here Comes The Pain. Interestingly, the D-Pad Right + Grapple move is a poison mist.
(Source: BigBossman)

Create-A-Superstar Password System

Various strings exist within the game's executable (SLUS/SLES/SLPS) file for a feature that allowed you to share created wrestlers using a password. (All addresses mentioned here are for US version of the game).



0x2BADB0 (Create-A-Superstar "Appearance" menu):


0x2BD7B0 (Create-A-Superstar suite error messages; notably has typos):

Are you sure you want to stop inputting the

The password is wrong, Please confirm and
input it again.

No available file, Delete an existing file in
order to input the password.

This password is for Base model type 1. The
file which you have selected is for Base
model type 2. You can't overwirte this file.

This password is for Base model type 2. The
file which you have selected is for Base
model type 1. You can't overwirte this file.





The grammar issues with this feature suggest that it was scrapped rather early in development, but the text for this feature is also carried forward to Here Comes The Pain.

Miscellaneous Unused Strings

In addition to the above, the are some strings in the game's executable files that does not appear to relate to anything, except for developers having some fun working on it.


Please try to think of something original


The data saved in the memory card.      is OLD!!!

Unused Arena Name?

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
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Specifically: Could this be the moveset editor arena?

Present at 0x2B3CB0 in the executable is "Big Bowl Room". It's not clear what this is.


Move Set Entrance Preview Oddities

  • If you preview Move Set 7's (CJJ, Jeff Jarrett) or Move Set 41's (WCR, Crash Holly - who has his own entrance call name) entrance, Howard Finkel will call Chris Benoit's name, without being preceded by "The following contest is scheduled for one fall".
  • If you preview Move Set 49's (WSM, Shane McMahon) entrance, Howard Finkel will say "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On the way to the ring..." without mentioning any name. It should be noted that Shane McMahon is not a selectable call name for created wrestlers.

nWo Entrance Oddities

  • If an nWo entrance (Big Show 2, Kevin Nash, or X-Pac) is assigned to Hollywood Hulk Hogan, or if Hogan is assigned to a stable using any of the nWo stable entrances (Kevin Nash & X-Pac, Kevin Nash & Big Show, X-Pac & Big Show, or the nWo trio entrance), and costume A or C is used, the feather boa Hogan wears in his entrance will not be affected by the nWo filter effect. Assigning one of the nWo entrances to a custom wrestler (or a custom wrestler to a stable using any of the nWo stable entrances) will also cause the wrestler to appear in full color, much like Hogan's feather boa.
  • If a wrestler with an nWo entrance mentioned above enters the SummerSlam arena, the side scaffolds (which usually display the WWE logo in both FMV and non-FMV versions; nWo entrances disable all stage FMVs when the grayscale filter is active except for wrestler entrance videos) will appear to be completely transparent. This also affects the Armageddon arena's lower TitanTron screen, which has the same properties as the SummerSlam side scaffolds.
    • It's worth noting that the Armageddon arena in the game is actually based on Fully Loaded 2000's arena.