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WWF No Mercy

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Title Screen

WWF No Mercy

Developer: AKI
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: November 17, 2000
Released in EU: December 15, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Specifically: The US manual shows a "Records" mode not available in the game, and a Smackdown Mall option named "Debug". Are there leftovers?

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Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Championship Mode Path

The game was supposed to have Transfer Pak functionality to take your created wrestler in the Game Boy Color version and place him in the Nintendo 64 version. Once the GBC version was cancelled, the mode was dummied out, but it's still accessible with a couple of simple steps.

First, input this GameShark code:

810AB0A0 0C00
810AB0A2 0053
810AB0A4 0009

Second, go into the Smackdown Mall. Choose "Clone Superstar" and clone it to the "Data 512" slot, which is in the newly-opened "Superstars 6" group. Now the mode will be accessible in Championship Mode.

Listed as "No Mercy Game Boy Color" in the Championship menu, it consists of eight matches. There are no branching paths, and your player character plays no role in the plot.

The story starts out with you being introduced by The Rock as an exciting fresh new face. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon interrupt, and introduce the plot: you have to win a series of matches before facing Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. Your character then interjects with the single bit of dialogue that they will utter within the entire campaign, and the rest of it takes place as backstage dialogues between Hunter/Stephanie and (generally) your upcoming opponent.

Dean Malenko
Tazz (Submission match)
Shane McMahon
Angle (has pre-match dialogue)
Benoit (Cage match)
X-Pac & Road Dogg (2 vs. 1 Handicap, Rock interferes)
Triple H (Ironman match, 10 minutes)

Winning the Championship results in a message that your Game Boy Color character is now playable on your N64 No Mercy cart.

This mode was fully written, and seems to take advantage of the fact that it can tell a unique story without involving the player character. In every other Championship mode, the opposite is the case, necessary for getting Attitude Era catchphrases and the like in. Opponents are all completely in-character, at least inasmuch as No Mercy portrayed them - Angle's cutscenes involve plenty of "It's true!", for example. Some of the cutscenes, most notably Taka's and the one that comes after the Handicap Match, are fairly humorous as well.

Unlike other Championships, there is no title defense secondary story path - your Game Boy Color character would get saved into an open slot, and that's it.

Unused Text

Starting at 0x144354 in the ROM is text that was going to be used for this mode. Of note is that there's quite a few typos.

There is something other than the Transfer Pak inserted

The Transfer Pak in not inserted properly

Please re-insert the Transfer Pak

The Gameboy cartridge was removed during access

Please re-insert the cartridge and try again

inserted again Accessing again

The connection of the Gameboy cartridge is abnormal

Please insert the Gameboy version of [No Mercy GBC]
into the Transfer Pak versionof [No Mercy GBC]

The Gameboy version of [No Mercy GBC] is not plugged
Due to possibility of the controller/Transfer Pak being
disconnected during access

accessing again.

This superstar is being used in a championship mode
So it can not be overwrote

If you want to overwrite it, 
please finish your GBC course or start another cource

The deffer Gameboy version of [No Mercy GBC] is plugged

Overwrite this Superstar?

Unused Face Textures

Big Show

Wwfnm bigshowface.png

Big Show was taken off television during the development of No Mercy, so he isn't in the game's roster. However, GameShark code 8029729E 0003 (or just setting the aforementioned address to 03 in a hex editor) will allow his face to be accessed as a texture in the Wrestler Edit mode. The name of the face will show up as RROR (for ERROR), but will be available as normal.

If you wish to change the face at a later time, you will either have to change it in a hex editor or GameShark, wipe the character, or clone over the character.

The Rock

Wwfnm rock77.png Wwfnm rock78.png Wwfnm rock79.png Wwfnm rock7A.png Wwfnm rock7B.png

Several different versions of The Rock's face exist between the digits 77-7B. Oddly enough, two are normal, two have a raised eyebrow, and the 7B face only has a palette for the brightest skin color setting. In addition, no hair properly works with it. It's quite possible that one was an early placeholder.

Unused Sounds

The US manual shows a "Records" option on the comissioner section of the main menu, along with a screenshot; it was used to see the number of matches, wins, losses, draws, and win percentage of all wrestlers just like it was in the previous game, Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2. In this game, there is no Records menu in the final, leaving this sound unused.

Full Entrances

Every wrestler had full entrances in WWF WrestleMania 2000. They were planned to be in No Mercy as well, only to be cut for some reason (glitchy? Cartridge space?).

Regional Differences

The European version fixes the save glitch present in other versions. It also removes visible blood, albeit awkwardly, as First Blood matches and animations for reacting to bloodshed are still used.