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Worms 4: Mayhem

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Title Screen

Worms 4: Mayhem

Developer: Team17
Publishers: Codemasters (EU/AU), Majesco (US)
Platforms: Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2
Released in US: October 4, 2004
Released in EU: August 5, 2004
Released in AU: August 5, 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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An improved sequel to Worms 3D, which would be even further improved in Worms: Ultimate Mayhem.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Images

Some placeholder images. Test02 is a copy of the flag of Iran.

Console Leftovers

Many of the menu graphics for the console versions of the game are still present here.

Xbox Screenshots

The Screenshots folder in the Xbox version has 28 screenshots of the multiplayer menu taken by a developer.


Other unused graphics. The MusyX graphic is likely a leftover from Worms 3D, as it was used for the "Licensed by Nintendo" screen on the GameCube version.

Unused Weapons

Two unused weapons exist in the game's files and one utility: the Pipegun, a can of Red Bull, and an Armor Shield. The Pipegun seems to have all the files necessary to make it playable. Red Bull seems to be either a leftover from Worms 3D, where it buffed the user's speed and jump prowess, or an early version of the Icarus Potion item, which gives you wings. RedBullCan.xom and RedBullWings.xom contain the graphics for the Icarus Potion, supporting the latter hypothesis. The Pipegun graphics are still present (and remade) in the remake Worms Ultimate Mayhem, while the Red Bull graphic was removed.

The use of the armor shield is unknown, but is speculated to have either got replaced with the armour you have a random chance of getting in utility crates, or the Bubble Trouble took its place as a shielding item. There is still a leftover container resource in WeapTwk from when it use to be in play.

Leftover of code for the following weapons that existed in an earlier 3D title, Worms 3D, can still be found PartTwk.xml, Local.xml, and WeapTwk.xml: Armageddon, Bridge Kit, Dragonball, Earthquake, Flamethower, Homing Pidgeon, Laser Sight, Low Gravity (utility), Magic Bullet, Mail Strike, Ming Vase, Minigun, Mortar, Napalm, Nuclear Bomb, Petrol Bomb, Quick Walk (utility), the Scales of Justice, Sheep Strike, Super Banana Bomb, Teleport, Uzi, and the Viking Axe. As well these leftovers are still around in Worms Ultimate Mayhem.

Test Map

The game contains a test map, which can only be accessed by replacing an existing level's data with it. It's named "Please No More Islands" (itself the name of a map from Worms 3D) and it uses the placeholder mission icon. The map file itself will not load and will crash the game. However, the script is fully functional. It appears to re-use the Prof. Worminkle University layout, adding an island in the distance which mostly lacks collision. The only inventory item you get is a Prod, thus the only way to access the island is by using the telepads which spawn in the map. There is a rare chance of a mystery crate spawning, but no other kind of crate. The worms are named Tx,Wy, where "x" is the number of the team and "y" is the number of the worm (Ex.: T1,W4).

There is no apparent objective to the level, and it functions similarly to a Quick Game. Once you beat the level (there's no way to lose since you're in control of both teams), the game loads in "Round 2" as if you were playing a multiplayer game. Attempting to change the map crashes the game. Once you beat the level twice, it just resets to Round 2 again. This continues until you exit.

Debug Features

The game contains two debug menus.

  • The "All Menus" menu which allows you to access any other menu in the game. This can be accessed by changing the /STARTMENU argument inside Default.cfg to DEBUG.AllMenus.
  • The "Attachment Editor" allows you to preview and edit your worms' accessories. The save and load feature works, and will modify the games Data/Tweak/WormAttachments.xml file. This can be accessed by selecting the WXFE.HatsNStuff option from the previously mentioned "All Menus" debug menu.