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Wrestling Revolution 3D

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Title Screen

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Developer: MDickie
Publisher: MDickie
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows
Released internationally: October 4, 2014

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Wrestling Revolution 3D is basically MDickie's transition to putting 3D games on mobile devices. What is rather surprising about this game is that it actually uses Adobe Flash to run the game. Which is rather impressive for Adobe Flash standards.

Unused Graphics

Outtakes Folder

Found inside many folders of the game assets\costumes\ is a folder called outtakes in which are unused texture and/or variants of body textures that didn't make it into the game.


flesh22 (Unused) flesh22 (Used)
WR3D flesh22unused.jpg WR3D flesh22used.jpg


alpha01 (Unused) alpha01 (Used)
WR3D alpha01unused.png WR3D alpha01used.png
alpha02 (Unused) alpha02 (Used)
WR3D alpha02unused.png WR3D alpha02used.png



base01 (Unused) base01 (Used)
WR3D neckbase01unused.png WR3D neckbase01used.png
flesh06 (Unused) flesh06 (Used)
WR3D neckflesh06unused.jpg WR3D neckflesh06used.jpg
shade01 (Unused) shade01 (Used)
WR3D neckshade01unused.png WR3D neckshade01used.png
shade21 (Unused) shade21 (Used)
WR3D neckshade21unused.png WR3D neckshade21used.png