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Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

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Title Screen

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Also known as: Youkai Watch: PuniPuni (JP)
Developer: NHN Playart
Publisher: Level-5
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released in JP: October 21, 2015 (Android), October 23, 2015 (iOS)
Released in US: March 24, 2016
Released in EU: March 30, 2017
Released in KR: June 23, 2016

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
  • Loooads of revisional changes.
  • Check the Japanese version for unused content.
  • There must be some more English localization leftovers.
  • Try and rip models to see if there are any curious leftovers pointing towards Yo-kai Watch 4 or Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu beta models.

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble marks the franchise's first venture into microtransaction-filled mobile gaming. Though the result is rather addictive and fun, the game in its recent years became sadly plagued by high-ranked Yo-kai, paywalls to get said Yo-kai, ridiculous drop rates and balancing issues that makes this game not so beginner-friendly.

The Korean servers were discontinued in July 2017, followed by the North American, European, and Chinese servers on May 31, 2018.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan North America/Europe
Yo-kaiwibwobJPTitle.png WibwobTitleUS.png

The American and European title screens replace Usapyon with Kyubi, moves the copyright text to the bottom right instead of the middle, and adds a Privacy Policy button to the title screen. Additionally, the European version adds a small icon next to the logo stating the language of the game.

Uptown Springdale

Japan North America/Europe
YWPPInaho.png YWWWInaho.png

Hailey (the girl on the far right of the screen in the Japanese version) was removed from the North American and European versions of the game, along with Usapyon (as mentioned earlier).

The reason for this is because Hailey and Usapyon are from games in the Yo-kai Watch Series that had not been released outside of Asia at the time of release in North America. Wibble Wobble was released so early in the franchise's life in America, that their presence in the game had to be cut, despite Usapyon appearing in the CGI intro that plays when you start up the app, and "Pyon" appearing in the Medal Points Shop. Oops.

While the changes to the title screen and the removal of Hailey's sprite on Uptown Springdale and Breezy Hills (alongside other related modifications) were not redone, both Hailey and Usapyon were revealed in-game in the North American version in November 2017.

Menu Apps

Japan North America South Korea
YWPPWibWobMeAndHelp.png YWWWHelpAndWibWobMe.png YWPKRCommunity.png

The international versions contain a few extra apps in the main menu that the Japanese version does not.

  • Wib Wob Me (North American Only): This app is unlockable by befriending Mimikin. Take pictures of yourself and slap 'em on a Wib Wob!
  • Help: A glorified link to a help page, which was only accessible via the Options menu in the Japanese version. You can still access the Help Menu this way in the English version too. Kinda defeats the purpose of the "app"...
  • Community: "커뮤니티" in the Korean version opens the official Naver Cafe community for the game. It uses the same graphic that the "Help" button uses in the American and European versions.
Japan International
YWWW record JP.png YWWW record.png

The international versions replace Usapyon with Komasan in the "Records" app, and the journal cover for Record Notes is completely replaced.

Buying Y-Money

Japan International
YWPPYmoney.png YWWWYmoney.png

The child-proofing of the micro-transaction menu is different between the international versions and the Japanese version. The Japanese version limits how much money you can spend on the game per month by age, while the international versions prompt the user with a multiplication question.

Default Watch Skin

Japan North America
YWPPwatch.png YWWWwatch.png

In the Japanese version, the default watch skin is the Yo-kai Watch U Prototype. In the North American and European Versions, the default watch skin is changed to look more like the original Yo-kai Watch.

This is not the case for the Slingshot Battle watch skins, as all versions of the game use a skin resembling the Yo-kai Watch U Prototype when you play equipped with the normal Yo-kai Watch.

Requirements for Unikirin

Japan North America
YWPPUnikirin.png YWWWUnikirin.png

The method to befriend Unikirin was initially changed in the North American and Korean version. In the Japanese version, the text in Slurpent's Medallium seal reads "Available in the Crank-a-kai" (妖怪ガシャで入手できる). In the North American version, Unikirin was only available as a reward for the Top 5 in an event called a "Scramble Battle", which was usually held once a month. Alternatively, Unikirin can be pulled from a "Scramble Battle Coin", which is exclusive to the international version.

Unikirin was later added to the Lucky Crank-a-kai upon its introduction in June 2017 (and kept in with its replacement with the Oni Crank-a-kai later on) and the requirement text on his seal was modified as well.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Search for more, somehow.

Gutsy Bones Wib Wob

Yo-kai Watch WW-Gutsybones.png

A Wib Wob sprite for the Yo-kai Gutsy Bones has been in the game nearly since launch. Alongside his Wib Wob were Goldy Bones, who was used in one of the game's first events, and (interestingly) Glitzy Bones, who was considered unused for over 2 years until he was made a befriendable Yo-kai in a "Gates of Whimsy" event. This means that Gutsy Bones may potentially appear later on.

Scrapped Wicked Minions Event

Yo-kai Watch WW-Flicker.pngYo-kai Watch WW-Loiter.pngYo-kai Watch WW-Schemer.png

These three Yo-kai, Flicker, Loiter, and Schemer, are Wicked Minions from Yo-kai Watch 2. They do appear in Wibble Wobble, but they are not befriendable and only appear in stages. They do not have a medallium entry either, unlike other Yo-kai who cannot be befriended. These sprites could signify that they were originally intended to be befriendable through one way or another, but they have since gone unused.

Japanese English
YWPP KaimaEvent.png YWWW KaimaEvent.png

An event button exists in the files as well, in both the Japanese and English versions. Their file name is labelled with the date 20151021 (October 21st 2015). The event button for Orcanos' event is also labelled with this date, so it is safe to believe that this event was planned for earlier in the game's life.

Japanese English
YWPP SpringdaleEvent.png YWWW SpringdaleEvent.png

Alongside this, there is a map title in the files. While the name is identical to a permanent map, it's marked as an event in its name and has a different-colored shadow. Dame Dedtime (pictured on the button) is fought in the permanent map of the same name and this is a major location of Yo-kai Watch 2's story. This means (despite the button depicting the Yo-kai World in the background) the event would have taken place on this map, and may have been intended to reflect the story of the console game before they later went with the permanent story updates.

Unused Tip Button

Japanese English
YWPP WhisperTip.png YWWW WhisperTip.png

An unused tip button resides in both versions, reading "Whisper's Tip". This is a scrapped feature from the beta version that gives tips for organizing your Wib Wob team.

View Items/Friends

Japanese English
YWPP ViewItemsFriends.png YWWW ViewItemsFriends.png

A leftover from the beta. When a Yo-kai dropped an item or their Wib Wob in the beta version, the drop would be visible for two seconds before being sent to a chest at the top of the screen. If a Yo-kai dropped something while still mid-stage, you could tap the chest to view the drops. In the final version, item & Wib Wob drops are visible regularly after they first appear until the stage is cleared.
YWPP DropChest.png

Use on Ally

Japanese English
YWPP useonally.png YWWW useonally.png

This unused graphic is used in the mainline games. As the name suggests, this graphic will follow with a description on what an item will do to a Yo-kai you have on your team. It goes unused in Wib Wob, since you cannot feed Yo-kai that are on your team. A similar graphic that says "Use on Opponent" is used in Wib Wob and Puni Puni and serves the same purpose, except it tells you what an item will do on an enemy.

Request Missions

YWWW Request.png

An image titled map_btn_mission01.png featuring a quote bubble with an orange flag and the word "Request" written on it exists in several versions of the game's data. It may have been intended to be used for an event, but it is no longer present in the Japanese version's data, so it is safe to assume that they have no plans to use it.

Orcanos Login Stamp Background

America Europe
YWWW OrcanosStampUS.png YWWW OrcanosStampEU.png

A Login Stamp background made for the Orcanos Event's sheet. Due to the Momonyan line (the four on the right) being replaced with the Fruitnyans in the American version of the event, it was dropped in favor of one using artwork of Orcanos. Another version with the Momoonyan line's replacement Yo-kai exists in the European data but was not used, likely due to it being made for an older Login Stamp format that is no longer present in any version of the game.

Unused Splash Screen

Yo-kai Watch WW-Start bg tutorial01.png

A splash screen image that is not used in the game at all. This is most likely an image from an earlier version of the game, given how weird some of the Wib Wobs look compared to their final sprites.

Unused Translated Content

Just as the English version of the game translated some Japanese content that went unused in both versions (and made some of its own content that was never taken care of), some content that stems from Japanese events that did occur were translated into English but left alone.

YWPUS Orcanos Medal Giveaway.png YWPUS Orcanos Medal App.png
A well-known difference between events is the early Orcanos event. In the Japanese version, befriending Orcanos during this event would net the player an app on the Yo-kai Pad that allowed them to apply for a physical B-Medal of him. The English version took this out because B-Medals did not exist in the western markets at that time (and no new medals were planned ahead of time for a game campaign), but several assets were still translated.

YWPUS Noruka.png YWPUS Soruka.png
When Yo-kai Sangokushi was released in Japan, two full events and an extra campaign (another Orcanos medal giveaway) were held in the Japanese version to commemorate it. A good amount of content was translated into English, heavily implying they were looking to do the event, but it was scrapped likely due to licensing issues and most of its content was overwritten with blank files later on.

Unused Text

Even though Hailey Anne's sprite was taken off of Uptown Springdale and Breezy Hills, the dialogue that occurs when tapping on her was still translated. Some of this text reflects several localization choices that were changed later on.

Japanese English (Unused) Notes
イナホ Gracie Now known as Hailey Anne.
Hey there! I'm Gracie! Her catchphrase, "Chiwatchi!" was later translated in Wib Wob as "Watch up!" In the anime's English dub, however, the catchphrase is regularly translated like it is here, as a generic greeting. The second line is left out.
We haven't met before...have we?
宇宙ウォッチですてーっ!?? A Space Watch?! What's that?!
ワタシは もう二度とパチもんをつかまされたりしないのだっ! I won't fall for a fake product ever again!
宇宙美少女セラピアーズが大好きなんです! Sailor Star: Galactic Beauty is just the best! "Sailor Star" is now known as "Sailor Cuties."
It's you again!
この町は豪華な お家がいーっぱい ありますね〜! This town's just full of amazing houses!
あの〜 USAに行ったことってあります? Hey... Have you ever been to the USA? The localization later calls the USA, to differentiate from what "Japan" was already localized as, as "BBQ" in Yo-kai Watch Blasters and Yo-kai Watch 3. Don't ask.
宇宙人にとりつかれないように気をつけてくださいね! Don't let yourself get possessed by an alien!
宇宙人との運命的な出会いがワタシに訪れるはずです! I'm going to meet an alien one day! It's my destiny!

A compilation of unused texts and other in-game configuration has been uploaded here: https://archive.org/manage/wibblewobblejsonfiles.7z