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Yo-kai Watch 3

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Title Screen

Yo-kai Watch 3

Also known as: Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi, Tempura & Sukiyaki (JP)
Developer: Level-5
Publishers: Level-5 (JP), Nintendo (US/EU/AU)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: July 16, 2016 (Sushi & Tempura), December 15, 2016 (Sukiyaki)
Released in US: February 8, 2019
Released in EU: December 7, 2018
Released in AU: December 8, 2018

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of April 8, 2024) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.
To do:
Clean the page up a bit.
  • Some of the unused content found in this page may be unused in Yo-kai Watch 1 or 2, move them there if applicable.
  • Document more unused locations and go into further detail with them.
  • Lots of Yo-kai placeholder slots to upload.
  • Document regional differences more.
  • Lots of revisional changes, including the YouTuber shoutout from the lottery ticket description.
  • More cutscene-exclusive locations?
  • Start a Localization Errors section, with info from there, and the Japanese version for comparison purposes.
    • Japanese graphics on Z Medals and on Spanish-language version of Cluvian Continent map.
    • Amekome Club record leftover in the Music App graphic in localized versions.
    • Japanese NyaKB/Next HarMEOWny graphic left on NPCs' happi in localized versions, can be seen in Sparkopolis Station.
  • Unused Yo-kai Watch U Prototype Model (ei100010).

Yo-kai Watch 3 is the third main installment, and the last game in the original series before the franchise went through an identity crisis phase. It's jam-packed full of new Yo-kai, new locales to explore, a revamped battle system, and American stereotypes. Lots and lots of American stereotypes.

This game is notable for being released very late into the Nintendo 3DS' lifespan in overseas territories, just 1-3 months before the final first-party title Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It also had a limited physical run, where such copies ended up fetching for a hefty price tag later on.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.


Yo-kai Watch 2 Leftovers
Leftovers from a whole another time period.
YW3UnusedNYC Location.png
Unused Areas
Everything was bigger in BBQ.
YW3 JPglobe.png
Translation Errors
Five languages. Few localizers. A lot of errors.

Version Differences

YW3 regdifficon.png
Regional Differences
Wellcome to totally not USA BBQ, where all th' Dream Link doodads are prohibited!
Revisional Differences
A lot of updates, bugfixes, and eventually quality-of-life elements.

Unused Yo-kai

Sternyan (y491000)

Originally added in Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, Sternyan is a Jibanyan variant with a black haircut and more erratic yellow flames. His location in the game files is y491000, between y489000 (Aristokat) and y501000 (Krystal Fox) , which means he was likely added between Yo-kai Watch Blasters and Yo-kai Watch 3.
Even though he has attack and Soultimate animations, he doesn't have any stats in combat.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Unused character portraits from YWBlasters and YW3 Bosses.


Inside yw_a.fa/data/menu/mm_medal_d00.xa a placeholder graphic of the Team Members option can be found, compared to the version used in game the text says "探索メンバー" and has "仮" (Temporary) on top.

Used Unused
YW3-Team Members Used.png YW3-Team Members Unused.png

In yw_a.fa/data/event/ev_pic/kari_ev_pic_big.xa, an image of one of Yo-kai Watch Blasters cutscenes can be found, the text on the background can be translated as "Temporary image (Big)"

YW3 Kari ev pic big.png

Same as the previous image, this can be found in yw_a.fa/data/event/ev_pic/kari_ev_pic_sml.xa, this image is also from Yo-kai Watch Blasters, the text on the background can be translated as "Temporary image (Small)"

YW3 Kari ev pic sml.png

t407g00 texture

One of the only textures within t407g00 files, contain a placeholder texture for the Statue of Liberty for the scrapped New York-based location.

YW3 t407g00 Texture.png

Early St. Peanutsburg textures

To do:
Find the rest of final textures and search for more unused textures

In the files of Testmap2 there are unused textures with a lot of early store signs, these have some... funny placeholder text.

Early Final
YKW3S green car early.png YKW3S green car final.png
YKW3S red car early.png YKW3S red car final.png
YKW3S Traffic Light Early.png YKW3S Traffic Light Final.png
YKW3S church early.png YKW3S church final.png
YKW3S Steak Early.png YKW3S Steak Final.png
YKW3S Since 1998 Early.png YKW3S Since 1998 Final.png
YKW3S School Early.png YKW3S School Final.png
YKW3S ANRI Early.png YKW3S ANRI Final.png
YKW3S Paper Flower early.png YKW3S Paper Flower final.png
YKW3S RR Rainbow early.png YKW3S RR Rainbow final.png
YKW3S Drunkard Liquor Early.png YKW3S Drunkard Liquor Final.png
YKW3S Fresh Delivery Ealry.png YKW3S Fresh Delivery Final.png
YKW3S yellow sign early.png YKW3S yellow sign final.png
YKW3S Jewelry Early.png YKW3S Jewelry Final.png
YKW3S Rise Music Early.png YKW3S Rise Music Final.png
YKW3S Music AAA Early.png File:YKW3S Music AAA Final.png
YKW3S flower early.png File:YKW3S flower final.png
YKW3S Clock Early.png File:YKW3S Clock Final.png

Testmapmask textures

The textures from Testmapmask, these are simple textures, within the files of the map there's also a texture probably related to the skybox.

YKW3S Object 006.xi.00.png YKW3 Mask 007.xi.00.png YKW3S Object+Alpha 008.xi.00.png YKW3 Directions 023.xi.00.png

Hidden Details

Riddle Rooms

When the player visits the Gates of Whimsy, they can end up in a Riddle Room where they'll be in a first-person perspective. The full rooms have detail, which can be seen by using a save editor. When going downstairs in Katie's room, the player will be teleported in the normal house.

Cutscene-only Locations


This area is only used in a cutscene, so it can't be explored. However, teleporting inside of it reveals that is has collision and a minimap, which cannot normally be seen.

YKW3 UFO.pngYKW3 UFO Minimap.pngYKW3 UFO Header.png


Internal Filenames

  • The music used in the Enma Dungeon is called "bgm_E18_Shinigami_Deamon_loop", likely meaning Shinigami Demon, but no such Yo-kai ever appears in game. The Shinigami may be referring to the character that briefly appeared in episode 25 of the Yo-kai Watch anime, implying they were supposed to make an appearance. The song isn't used in the anime during their apperance either.

Scrapped Korean Localization?

To do:
Upload the graphic.

There is a peculiar regional difference involving one of the coin graphics, where the "rising sun" is changed from red to orange, while the final credits scene (also involving a rising sun) was also removed. Considering that other non-Korean localizations of Yo-kai Watch-related media kept depictions of the rising sun, this makes it a somewhat inconsistent change and suggests that a Korean localization was likely in the works, or may have been part of a new localization standard hence why Yo-kai Watch 4 introduced textless item graphics in all versions.

Locked Infinite Inferno Entrance

YW3 InfiniteInfernoEntrance.png
YW3 InfiniteInfernoInside.png

In previous games, a locked shed that's just beyond Prayer's Peak Tunnel led to a post-game location called Infinite Inferno, which is usually unlocked after completion of the game's storyline. But in this game, the shed stays locked at all times due to another location taking its place.

If the player manages to hack into the entrance, the location will be completely empty without any collision, but the music will still play. Whether it was going to be included in any future content is unknown.

Texture Oddities

Early St. Peanutsburg Cutscene Layouts

In the cutscene for where Nate rides the plane to BBQ, a slightly earlier layout of St. Peanutsburg can be seen.

Early Final
YW3PeanutsburgLocationCutscene.png YW3PeanutsburgLocationFinal.png

There are a few notable, and somewhat last-minute layout changes.

  • The "outskirts" consist of cloned and copied roads from St. Peanutsburg.
  • The area above the Scrapyard is different, consisting of a sort of foundry rather than some buildings.
  • The building below the St. Peanutsburg Town Hall is different.
  • There was no sign present in the Phantomart parking lot.
  • There was no area leading to the abandoned house in East Pine.
  • The Circus was present rather than being introduced in Chapter 4.
  • Meadowbrooke Farm had more houses.

A later cutscene where the UFO crashes to Earth after the final battle with Don Spirancy shows St. Peanutsburg from above shows another varied layout;

Early Final
YW3 ovnicut3.png YW3PeanutsburgLocationFinal.png

This layout appears to be slightly later in development, but they have a few notable oddities lurking;

  • Erroneously, the fields surrounding St. Peanutsburg and Meadowbrooke Farm are absent in comparison to the scale size.
  • Much of the surrounding areas in St. Peanutsburg appear to be crudely copied-and-pasted over with the clone tool despite most of it being covered with clouds. There's also some sloppily-drawn scribbled at the bottom-left with text saying "はらへっとる" ("I'm hungry") in Japanese.
  • The river layout near the treehouse was slightly different.


  • There's a whopping total of 112 placeholder slots for regular Yo-kai appearing after Fitwit's muscular form, and a 26 placeholder slots for Boss Yo-kai. A couple of these slots would be occupied by Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters 2.
  • The Eyepo Menu before you unlock switching. Which is strange that it exists as there are no accessible Eyepo before that point, so you'd have to break out of bounds to one to see this.


Unused Text

Dream Medal/NFC Functionality Text

Despite the international versions of the game not supporting NFC functionality, the text strings for said feature was fully translated.


Japanese Version English Version
画面にドリームメダルをタッチ! Touch a Dream Medal to the screen!
Aボタンでドリームベット! Press the A Button to make your Dream Spin!
Aボタンで妖気のチャージ開始! Press the A Button to start Charging your medal with Aura!
Aボタンで妖気の解放開始! Press the A Button to start Releasing Aura from your medal!

NFCリーダー/ライターを 接続してください。

Please connect

the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer.


NFCリーダー/ライターに タッチしてください。

Touch the Dream Medal

to the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer.


ドリームベットで 大当たり確率アップ! 大当たりで妖気チャージのチャンス!

There is no Aura in the Dream Medal.

Chance of winning 1st Prize increased! Win 1st Prize and you can charge Aura.


効果:<AURA_SKILL> ドリームベットで大当たり確率アップ! 大当たりで妖気チャージのチャンス! (チャージ時に古い妖気は上書きされます)

<AURA_NAME> is already in the medal.

Effect: <AURA_SKILL> Chance of winning 1st Prize increased! Win 1st Prize and you can charge Aura. (This will overwrite the existing Aura.)



Effect: <AURA_SKILL>.

Let's charge the Dream Medal with the Aura!


効果:<AURA_SKILL1> Aボタンで<AURA_NAME2>へ上書きします。 効果:<AURA_SKILL2>

<AURA_NAME1> is already in your medal.

Effect: <AURA_SKILL1>. Press the A Button to replace it with <AURA_NAME2>. Effect: <AURA_SKILL2>.


あきらめると今回ゲットした妖気は 失われてしまいます。

Do you want to Cancel the Aura Charge?

You will lose the Aura that you just got.



Hold the Dream Medal to the screen

until the Aura Charge is complete.



The Aura Charge is complete!

Remove your Dream Medal.



Please remove the Dream Medal from

the screen before proceeding.



You can only use the same medal once per day.

A new day starts from 0600 on the Nintendo 3DS system.



This is the wrong medal. Replace it with the one

used for the Dream Spin and press the A Button.



This is the wrong medal. Replace it with the

one used previously and press the A Button.


Dメダルを用意 してください。 解放後にはにっきを書きます。

Prepare the Dream Medal

for Aura Release. After releasing Aura your game will be saved.



There is no Aura in this medal.

Remove your Dream Medal.



Do you want to release <CG><AURA_NAME></C>?

The released Aura will be lost from your Dream Medal.


効果:<AURA_SKILL> 残り時間約<HOUR>:<MINUTE>:<SECOND> <AURA_NAME2>を解放して上書きしますか? 解放した妖気はDメダルから無くなります。

<AURA_NAME1> is still in your medal.

The effect <AURA_SKILL> will remain for <HOUR>:<MINUTE>:<SECOND>. Release this Aura and overwrite with <AURA_NAME2>? The released Aura will be lost from your Dream Medal.



Keep your Dream Medal in place

until the Aura Release is complete.



The Aura Release is complete!

Remove the Dream Medal.


Dメダルに入っていた妖気が 失われている可能性があります。 もう一度手に入れた妖気の チャージを試しますか?

The Aura Charge failed.

The Aura in your Dream Medal may have been lost. Try and charge the Aura again?

妖気のチャージを あきらめました。 You have canceled the Aura Charge.

Dメダルに入っていた妖気が 失われている可能性があります。 ここでやめた場合失われた妖気は戻りません。 もう一度解放を試しますか?

The Aura Release failed.

The Aura in your Dream Medal may have been lost. If you cancel now the lost Aura will not return. Would you like to try again?

妖気の解放を中断しました。 The Aura Release was interrupted.

もう一度同じDメダルで チャージしてください。

The Aura Charge has failed.

Please try again using the same Dream Medal.


もう一度同じDメダルで 解放してください。

The Aura Release has failed.

Please try again using the same Dream Medal.



An error has occurred.

Prepare the Dream Medal and try again.



Incompatible data was detected.

Prepare the Dream Medal and try again.


無線通信をONにして 再度やり直してください。

Wireless communication is disabled.

Enable wireless communication and try again.



Communication via infrared has failed.

Turn the Nintendo 3DS system off and on, and try again.


無線通信がONになっているか確認してください。 またNFCリーダー/ライターの電源をご確認ください。 3DS本体の赤外線受光部にNFCリーダー/ライターを 近づけた状態で、再度やり直してください。

The NFC Reader/Writer failed to connect.

Check that you have enabled wireless communication and that the NFC Reader/Writer is turned on. Place the Nintendo 3DS system's infrared transceiver near the NFC Reader/Writer and retry.


NFCリーダー/ライターの故障の可能性があります。 NFCリーダー/ライターの電源を入れ直して、 再度やり直してください。

An error has occurred.

This may be due to a malfunction with the NFC Reader/Writer. Turn the NFC Reader/Writer off and on, and try again.



3DS本体のHOMEメニューの amiibo設定から更新を行ってください。

Your NFC Reader/Writer requires an update.

Go to amiibo Settings in the HOME menu on your Nintendo 3DS system and update your NFC Reader/Writer.

Inaccessible Yo-kai

In the international versions, Jibanyan T and Komasan T were available as download-exclusive Yo-kai in the Nintendo eShop, but due to the closure of it on March 28, 2023, they are no longer obtainable normally without trading.

Unused Items

To do:
Try to find more unused items.

Debug item.png

Despite their description, these items do not extend the time limit. Instead, they max out your equipment in Zombie Time. Debug Item 1 maxes out the backpack level, Debug Item 2 maxes out your Whomper and Debug Item 3 maxes out your Armor.