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Yume Nikki

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Title Screen

Yume Nikki

Developer: Kikiyama
Publishers: Kikiyama (2004), AGM PLAYISM (2012/2018)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: July 11, 2012[1] (Playism), January 10, 2018[2] (Steam)
Released in JP: June 26, 2004[3], February 10, 2012[4] (Playism)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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To do:
A couple music tracks in the game are slowed down using RPG Maker 2003's Tempo feature, and as such their original, normal speed versions go unheard. This video details them.

Yume Nikki ("Dream Diary") is the story of a young girl named Madotsuki who has very strange dreams. The game is a wide-open world, with no main goal besides collecting all the Effects.

The game launched under v0.00, being updated numerous times until v0.10 was released as the final content update on October 1, 2007. This page covers v0.10(a), while the prototype article details the earlier versions that have been recovered.

Note: Due to many characters and locations lacking proper names, this article primarily uses the commonly-accepted fan names provided by the Yume Nikki Wiki for the sake of familiarity, unless referring to specific files.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Yn006 dreamTV.PNG
Unused CharSet Graphics
Leftover object and character tiles from older versions, or completely unused.
Unused ChipSet Graphics
Map tiles that are never utilized.

Default Assets

In the Steam and English Playism versions, all the default graphics, sounds, and music assets from RPG Maker 2003 remain in the game's files, unused.

Unused Effect Sprites

There are some sprites for more Effects in the game, as well as additional sprites for some existing Effects.



This unused Effect has Madotsuki wear a blindfold. The 8-bit wake-up pinch sprites were overwritten by the Spirit Headband effect with invisibility active, but can be found in v0.09.


Yn Chair-RidingMadotsuki.png

A mugshot exists for when Madotsuki is riding the desk chair, but even with the various chair-related glitches, it can never be seen. Perhaps at one point, being able to open the menu while seated in the chair was intentional, and not a bug.

Unused Used
Yn-UnusedChairAnimation.gif Yn-ChairAnimation.gif

Also unused are some moving sprites for when Madotsuki is sitting still in the chair, which may have been the original animation for scooting around in it. Only the first frame of each direction is used in this state, though each of the unused frames are duplicates that are shifted over.

(Source: mike309)

Crick in the Neck

This isn't really an Effect; it's a random condition that may happen when you get out of your bed. All you're able to do when you have it is sit down and go back to bed. If you go back to bed, when you wake up again you're back to normal. But...


There are 8-bit sprites for it! This indicates it may have been intended to be an Effect at some point.


In the mini-Hell accessible from the Number World, there's a ghost of you that's always facing you and never moves. It looks the same as you, but grey and transparent. Just an NPC, right?


Yn GreyscaleMadotsuki.png

Nope, this mugshot indicates there was supposed to be a Greyscale Effect at some point, or that you would become grey when in the White Desert. The fact there's no 8-bit version of this Effect supports that theory. Adding on to this, v0.09 has wake-up pinch sprites for Greyscale Madotsuki.

Traffic Light

There are graphics for an unused state of the Traffic Light Effect with both lights off. FC World sprites also exist for this state.

Yn-StoplightUnlit.png Yn-FCStoplightUnlit.png

(Source: mike309)



This unused Effect met the same fate as the Blindfold effect. The mugshot for it is found in each of the currently available versions, but the actual sprites of it have only been found in v0.04 (although even then they aren't used). The triangle on it suggests it was what originally happened when using the Spirit Headband effect.


Duplicates of the Witch Effect sprites without shadows exist, but are never used. They were probably intended for flying over an area with no visible ground, or for the Witch's Flight event, which ended up using pictures instead.


(Source: mike309)

Unused Areas

FC World C


This unused right half of the map, dubbed FC World C by fans, is inaccessible by normal means. No events are programmed in this area, though Kikiyama did have something in mind for this area at one point.

FC World Peninsula


Map0153 is an unused FC World map with a hand motif on the ground and a few statues. No events are programmed in this map, so you cannot exit. It resembles the initial locations in FC World A and B that you are teleported to from the Teleport Maze and the Barracks Settlement, respectively. An unused event in v0.09 sends you here, and the exit leads to the northernmost point of FC World C.

Unused Panoramas

Neon World

YumeNikki-NeonWorld-UnusedBackground.png YumeNikki-NeonBgCorner.gif

The only unused background in the game, named ネオン背景.xyz ("Neon Background"). When the debug party member is present, this background appears in Neon World, although it is not symmetrical and therefore does not look as intended (see above).

Unused Pictures

3-Line Message Window

Yn 3LineMessageWindow.png

A message window that allows three lines of text. There is never an opportunity to use this window in v0.10, but it might have been used in v0.05, the first version to add borders for messages.

Unused Audio


A plop sound can be found in the Sound folder under the name ピコッ.WAV. This is a leftover from v0.04, where it was used when you received juice from the vending machines.

Unused Sound Triggers

This sound plays if you no-clip to interact with the creature that rarely appears in the pond on the Witch's Island. It is used for when you stab the big Goblin,[5], and sped-up when interacting with an NPC in the Neon World,[6] although it is missing from some English versions.[7]

In the middle of the Common Event #209 "【音】キャラボイス" used to trigger some sound effects, the Sound Effect "voice1.wav" is automatically called, despite the actual file being called "voice.wav", leading it to not be played. This is a leftover from a previous version where the file was actually called "voice1.wav". If the file is added back in the game files, it will play whenever Common Event #209 is called, with the same tempo and settings as the Sound Effect used when stabbing the big Goblin in the FC House.

Thumbs.db Images

Cached within the Thumbs.db files are a few earlier versions of existing images, as well as some that were cut from the final game. Unfortunately, due to the nature of compression within Thumbs.db files, the quality and resolution of these files are very low.

Thumbs.db Image Used Image (If available) Japanese Filename Translated Filename Folder Location Date Modified Notes
Yn010-Event004thumb.png Yn010-Event004CharSet.png イベント_004.png Event_004 CharSet 5/10/2004 (08:04:48 UTC) This iteration of the CharSet can be found in older versions of the game.
Yn010-Event006qthumb.png Yn010-Event006CharSet.png イベント_006q.png Event_006q CharSet 5/19/2007 (13:12:02 UTC) This CharSet is almost the same as the used variant, except for some strange white artifacts around the elevator door.
Yn010-Event015thumb.png Yn010-Event015CharSet.png イベント_015.png Event_015 CharSet 8/21/2005 (10:47:30 UTC) This iteration of the CharSet can be found in v0.09.
Yn010-Protagonist007thumb.png Yn010-Protagonist007CharSet.png 主人公_007.png Protagonist_007 CharSet 9/9/2007 (06:13:38 UTC) An earlier version of the CharSet that the shadowless Witch Effect sprites are found on.
  • Each of the Witch Effect sprites are facing right, suggesting that Kikiyama may have tried using CharSet graphics instead of pictures for the Witch's Flight event at one point.
Yn010-FC 01thumb.png Yn010-FC 01ChipSet.png FC_01.png FC_01 ChipSet 9/8/2007 (11:40:04 UTC) An earlier version of FC World's ChipSet.
  • Several additional tiles can be found on the right side.
    • Some kind of triangular flowerbed(?) is on the image twice.
    • One of the flowerbeds has a flight of stairs(?) connected to it.
    • Beneath the two unused trees is a dark green rectangle.
    • Some lines resembling a diagonal fence exist in the image.
  • The Aztec walls from v0.09 are still present, as is the tiny unused tree found in v0.09.
Yn010-FC 02thumb.png N/A FC_02.png FC_02 ChipSet 9/3/2007 (14:20:42 UTC) A second ChipSet for FC World, which does not exist in any version of the game found thus far.
  • The left side is a direct copy from FC_01.
  • The upper right corner is almost a direct copy from FC_01, but half of one of the FC Dungeon walls is missing.
  • In the middle the fence-like object is present, alongside the tree found outside the FC House.
  • A broken up version of the flowerbed exists alongside the flight of stairs.
Yn010-NeonKThumb.png Yn010-NeonChipSet.png ネオンk.png Neon k ChipSet 7/18/2007 (23:25:02 UTC) An earlier version of Neon World's ChipSet.
  • Number World tiles are in the image for some reason.
  • The neon creatures seem to be all accounted for, but are arranged differently.
    • There might be one or two additional creatures in the middle of the image, but the blurriness makes their appearance ambiguous.
  • It looks like only one of Neon World's walls have been implemented (in the upper right).
Yn010-NeonKThumb.png Yn010-NeonChipSet.png コピー ~ ネオンk.png Copy ~ Neon k ChipSet 7/18/2007 (23:25:02 UTC) An exact copy of ネオンk, right down to the date modified.
Yn010-SubTunnelThumb.png N/A 地下道.png Subterranean Tunnel ChipSet 12/17/2006 (07:21:12 UTC) A completely cut ChipSet that, as the name suggests, resembles an underground area.
  • Tiles for a passageway are in the middle, somewhat similar to the outside area of the Sewers.
  • Cube-like containers appear in the image, which also bear resemblance to the same kind of object found in the Sewers.
  • The walls (or possibly tiles you walk on) are on the upper part of the image, as well as on the right side.
Yn010-General01Thumb.png Yn010-General01ChipSet.png 汎用_01.png General-Purpose_01 ChipSet 5/24/2007 (10:37:24 UTC) An earlier version of a ChipSet used for several maps, including Dark World, Candle World, the Staircase of Hands, and the first part of the Underground World.
  • The arms from the Staircase of Hands are completely missing.
  • The stairs from the Staircase of Hands seem to have a more curved appearance.
    • There are also fewer tiles for the stairs.
  • Next to the stairs are three branches that were removed from the game.
  • There appear to be some additional floor/lower wall tiles for the Underground World.
  • The unused cords are in a different location.
Yn010-StairsThumb.png N/A 階段.png Stairs ChipSet 4/28/2004 (12:57:20 UTC) The only remnant of the Stairs Debug Map found in v0.04 - v0.08. v0.09 was the last version to keep the ChipSet image in its files, though the map is nowhere to be found in that version.

Debug Functions

Debug Room

Download.png Download Madotsuki's Room - Debug Room Warp
File: Yume nikki debug room.rar (3KB) (info)

The Debug Room is accessible through two methods: rename the file Map0001.lmu to the name of another map, such as Map0003.lmu (Madotsuki's room in the real world), or set an event that goes to the debug room in RPG Maker 2003.

The various objects in the room all do different things:

  • The Mirror gives you the Fatten Effect. The mirror was used in older versions of Yume Nikki for obtaining this Effect. Garbage text may display if playing the English version due to the string being untranslated. Under normal circumstances, it should show up as "★ふとる★".
  • The Neon Creature plays a sound effect and stops the music, if any is playing. It acts like a typical NPC in-game, reacting as you would expect from the Cat, Kitchen Knife, and Traffic Light Effects.
  • The FC World equivalent to Witch Madotsuki plays the 8-bit version of the Effect sound.
  • Nekoin (the cat coin) gives you all of the Effects and warps you to White Desert B. If you already have the Effects, you will get duplicates.
  • Flying 8-bit Witch Madotsuki starts the Witch's Flight event, but you can't move.
  • The chair in the top-right corner lets you save, but you won't be able to get out of the chair. Sometimes, the Witch's Flight event plays at the same time.
  • Going directly to the left of the traffic cone warps you to Mars-san, but you are put in a place where you cannot move. Waking up is possible if you were already in the dream world prior to entering the debug room.

Debug Party Member


Another party member can be added to your party, but this never happens in-game. It's nameless and there are no sprites associated with it, but having it in your party causes several scripts in the game to change:

  • All sane and insane Toriningen disappear. The Toriningen Party and the nice lunatic in The Mall are not removed.
  • The top-left cupboard in the Guillotine Room will disappear. If you stand on its former tile and press the action button, you'll end up in front of one of the eight cupboards in Number World. If you enter the world again, the cupboard will have returned to its rightful spot. This works in the bigger version of the Guillotine Room, too.
  • If you wake up, you will be unable to move. You can still open your menu.
  • In the Neon World, an unused background scrolls by (mentioned above).
(Source: Yume Nikki Wiki)

Test Play Mode


When running the game through RPG Maker 2003, various debugging tools are usable during gameplay. These can also be enabled by creating a shortcut to RPG_RT.exe in the game's folder, and appending "TestPlay" (with quotes) to the end of the command.

  • Holding Shift during a text (like getting an effect or using the chair) will display the text instantly.
  • Holding CTRL while moving will allow no-clipping.
  • Pressing F9 will bring up a menu where you can toggle switches and modify variables.
  • Pressing F10 will terminate the event that is currently being processed.

Unused Code

Some maps have events that are not set to be triggered by regular means, nor by the debug party member.

Broom Chip Substitute

The following three events are remnants from v0.09, which had a more inefficient method for playing the floating sound while riding the broom with the Witch Effect. While v0.10 has common events to take care of this, v0.09 had the entire script for enabling the floating sound on nearly every map. Both versions still ultimately accomplish the same thing by swapping out the current tileset to an identical-looking one that plays the floating sound on every tile.

Due to a significant amount of refactoring that occurred between v0.09 and v0.10's development, these events do not function as intended anymore, as all switches and tilesets are assigned to different indexes. The three events below were never updated to accommodate v0.10's method of calling common events.

Neon Tile Path

In the second Neon Tile Path map (Map0038.lmu), an event in the upper left corner of the map titled 【箒チップ替】小1 ([Broom Chip Substitute] Minor 1) can be activated by turning on switch 203. This switch is normally used for NASU, but in v0.09, it was used to check if the Witch effect was obtained.

This changes out the tileset used by the map to the one used by Footprint Path A, where the Henkei Shita NPCs are.

Number World

Switch 203 can also affect one of the rooms in Number World. In the room that leads to the Guillotine Room (Map0030.lmu), there is an event in the upper-left corner titled 【箒チップ替】電燈 ([Broom Chip Substitute] Lamp) that will change the tileset to Forest World's.


Sitting down with this switch on briefly changes the tileset back to Number World's.

Pink Sea

Switch 203 can be used to trigger an event in the Pink Sea (Map0108.lmu) named 【箒チップ替】浅瀬 ([Broom Chip Substitute] Shoal), however, unlike the former two, all it does is turn the whole map black because the tilesets that get called are blank ones that are just used as dividers in the database.

Mars Stairs


This unused event is only found in the unpatched v0.10, and was removed in the Yumesyuusei patch and v0.10a.

At the top of Mars (Map0172.lmu), there is an event found at coordinates (8,11) named 階段←↓ (Stairs left, down) that is set to take Madotsuki to the same location in Mars' underground area that the hole requiring the Midget Effect would. This proves that the unused tiles of stairs would have been used instead, meaning that the Midget Effect was not originally needed to enter the underground area.

A mock-up image of how the stairs might have been used has been provided. The tile containing the event is directly to the left of Madotsuki. Note: the map's collision normally blocks access to this tile, suggesting that it may have had a different layout at some point.

Revisional Differences

Years after v0.10's release, publishing rights to Yume Nikki were acquired by AGM Playism, providing new distribution platforms for the game. The versions distributed by Playism have minor differences from the original v0.10.

Yumesyuusei Patch

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Determine how/where the bugs that haven't been added to the Bugs page are triggered:
  • On the new map, half of the screen may appear black.

An optional patch on Kikiyama's site titled "Yumesyuusei" is available to update v0.10 to fix some bugs present in the initial release. This patch was quickly released after v0.10 on October 6, 2007.

The changelog, while speaking in mostly general terms, states that the following issues were fixed:

Japanese Translated
特定のマップにてリンクミスがあり、場所移動しようとするとエラーが発生してしまいます。 There was a link mistake in a particular map, and an error occurred when moving to a location.
特定のマップにて本来通行できない部分を通行できてしまい、そのまま進めていると操作不能になることがあります。 It was possible to go through a part in a specific map that is not supposed to be normally passable, causing it to become inoperable if proceeding as is.
お金の「円」表記が「G」になってしまっています。 Currency was displayed as "G" instead of "" (Yen).
扉部屋以外のところでテンキー5が効いてしまい、エラーが発生することがあります。 Number key 5 worked in places other than the Door Room, potentially causing errors.
椅子の上でテンキー1が効いてしまいます。 Number key 1 could be used in the chairs.
ミニゲームのボーナスが特定の条件で入らないことがあります。 The minigame bonus could not be scored under certain conditions.


After a special wake-up event, the protagonist may become transparent due to the sit-down action being caught, or become inoperable at the time of saving.
  • For this, it was corrected so that operation will return to normal even if the loaded data had the issue.
新規マップにて画面半分が真っ黒になって表示されることがあります。 On the new map, half of the screen may appear black.
特定のマップにて箒で浮いても足音が鳴ってしまいます。 The footstep sound is heard even if you float with a broom on a certain map.
特定の場所でエフェクトを使用して扉の部屋に戻ると、スクロールが固定されたままになってしまいます。 When you return to the Door Room using an effect in a specific place, the scrolling will remain fixed.
特定のマップにてマップチップの表示優先順位がおかしくなっているところがあります。 In a certain map, there are places where the display priority of map chips is incorrect.
その他、若干の調整を行った部分があります。 Other adjustments have also been made.

See the Bugs page for explanations on these issues.

All future releases of Yume Nikki would be based on v0.10 with this patch applied, including the fan translations and distributions from Playism. Kikiyama did build a version titled "0.10a" that has the Yumesyuusei patch pre-applied, but the download link on their website was never replaced to host v0.10a, leaving its distribution to Playism.

Playism Release

Yume Nikki was added to the Playism distribution platform in Japan on February 10, 2012, followed by an official English localization releasing worldwide on July 11, 2012.

As of March 24, 2021, both Playism releases are no longer available for download, due to Playism shutting down distribution of games on their own site, in favor of Steam.

These versions are based on v0.10a, which is v0.10 pre-applied with Kikiyama's Yumesyuusei patch available on their homepage. Manually applying this patch to the original v0.10 does not add "0.10a" to the title screen, though the changelogs included with the Playism releases reveal that Kikiyama built a version that shows "0.10a" on the title screen on October 6, 2007, the same day as Yumesyuusei's release.

v0.10 v0.10a
Yn010 titlescreen.png Yn010a titlescreen.png

Playism's English localization notably mistranslated some of the Effect names, rendering the Severed Head Effect as "Talking Head" and the Demon/Oni Effect as "Devil". It also left the messages for riding the chair and changing the menu scheme untranslated.

Steam Version

Yume Nikki debuted on Steam on January 10, 2018, in an effort to help promote the then-upcoming reboot, YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-. It is offered in both Japanese and English, with the former being identical to the previous Playism release.

The initial English version featured on Steam contained mostly the same localization as the Playism release, but suffered from numerous bugs that resulted from renaming the game's files to allow Yume Nikki to function properly without a Japanese system locale. These bugs primarily consisted of crashes from not being able to find a specific file, sounds not playing, sounds not playing at the correct tempo or volume, and tilesets appearing when viewing the menu in FC World with certain Effects equipped. Despite all this, they at least got around to translating the two aforementioned messages they left untranslated last time.

Oddly, the initial release had a second copy of the game contained inside a folder titled DreamDialy: a seemingly in-progress transition from the previous Playism version. It was built with an older iteration of RPG Maker 2003 that lacks the new features offered by the version on Steam, such as options for window scaling. It is overall similar to the initial Steam version, but with a major bug: Most of the music does not play due to the filename changes not being reflected into the maps.

The RPG Maker 2003 splash screen upon starting up the game differs depending on the version being played. The original Enterbrain splash screen is shown in all versions (including DreamDialy) except the English Steam version, where the Kadokawa splash screen is shown instead.

Enterbrain Kadokawa
YumeNikki SplashScreen Original.png YumeNikki SplashScreen Steam.png

Several patches have been pushed out since the initial release that resolve some (but not all) of the bugs that arose during localization:

January 12, 2018 Update

  • Fixed an error when using the vending machines.
  • Fixed the BGM at the save/load screen.
  • Fixed when using Effects in FC World.
  • Fixed the SE when trying to leave the room.
(Source: Cheru)

January 22, 2018 Update

  • Fixed several sound effect bugs.
  • Fixed parts of the text translation.
(Source: Cheru)

Erroneously-named Effects were corrected to more proper names (although it does not apply in the FC World), and some Effect descriptions were redone:

Initial Effect Names Initial Descriptions Updated Effect Names Updated Descriptions
Frog Transform into a frog. Frog Transform into a frog.
Umbrella Use the umbrella Umbrella Use an umbrella.
Hat & Scarf Put on a hat & scarf Hat & Scarf Don a hat & scarf.
Snow Woman Change into a Snow Woman Snow Woman Morph into a Snow Woman.
Kitchen Knife Hold the kitchen knife. Kitchen Knife Equip a kitchen knife.
Eye Palm Change into an Eye Palm. Eye Palm Warp into an Eye Palm.
Get fat You get fat. Fatten Balloon in size.
Midget Shrink in size. Midget Shrink in size.
Whistle Hold the whistle. Flute Brandish a flute.
Neon Glow like a neon sign. Neon Glow like a neon sign.
Faceless Ghost Change into a faceless ghost Faceless Ghost Materialize as a faceless ghost.
Talking Head Change into a talking head. Severed Head Be reduced to a severed head.
Towel Wrap yourself in a towel. Towel Wrap yourself in a towel.
Cat Grow cat-ears and a tail. Cat Sprout cat-ears and a tail.
Lamp Change into a lamp. Lamp Change into a lamp.
Bicycle Ride a bicycle. Bicycle Mount a bicycle.
Long Hair Grow Long Hair. Long Hair Grow long hair.
Poo Hair Grow Poo Hair. Poo Hair Grow poo hair.
Blonde Grow long blonde hair. Blonde Grow long blonde hair.
Spirit Headband Put on the spirit headband. Spirit Headband Put on a Spirit Headband.
Witch Change into a witch. Witch Become a witch incarnate.
Devil Change into a devil girl. Oni Reconstitute as an oni.
Squish-Squish Your body turns all squishy. Squish-Squish Change into a squishy blob.
Traffic Light Change into a traffic light. Traffic Light Change into a traffic light.
Game Info See the game explanation once more. Tutorial Review the game's tutorial.

February 23, 2018 Update

  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial's second image would be transparent, rather than have a black background as it should.
(Source: Cheru)

April 4, 2018 Update

  • Resolved the missing cursor sound.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shield-Folk World tileset would appear when viewing the FC World menu with the Cat Effect equipped.
(Source: Cheru)

Early Database File

Contained within base 0.10's files is an earlier version of the .lcf database file from eight months before 0.10's release, dated January 13, 2007. LcfDataBase files, ldb for short, controls information pertaining to the game's database in RPG Maker 2003, which includes all switches, variables, and item information. Due to the refactoring that happened between 0.09 and 0.10's release, a lot of information is the process of being restructured, and thus gives a glimpse of the development process at the time.

To facilitate analysis of this data, comparisons between base 0.10 and 0.09 are necessary.

Common Events

Most common event entries are blanked out, with only entries 170 through 211 containing any information at all, which directly corresponds to how 0.10 handles sound common events used throughout the game. However, most entries simply say 【音】 (sound) with no data, leaving only entries 171 and 172 with important information.

  • Entry 171 ■【音】全再生■■■ (all sound playback) is the same as entry 70 in 0.09, and silently plays back all sound effects to store them in cache for older computers. The only difference between this and base 0.10 is that several 0.0 second waits were injected into the code in order to give older computers time to process sounds in chunks.
  • Entry 172 【音】インフォ音 (info sound) is the sound that plays when opening the tutorial prompt, which was added in 0.10 to clean up the initial event that starts the game.

System 1

Unlike 0.09 and base 0.10, this version of 0.10 has Madotsuki present in the initial party, indicating the update was under active testing.

Items (Effects)

Item entries and structuring match base 0.10. Beyond various switch changes, the entry for ゲームのせつめい (game details) incorrectly uses the text for the frog effect.


There's a few interesting differences in tilesets due to 0.10's restructuring necessitating many more tilesets to handle swapping the sound effects for walking via common events. Notably, since there's no entries after 175, a few tilesets are missing, indicating their associated maps were not implemented yet.

These entries are:

  • 176: 汎用_05b (General Purpose_05b)
  • 177: 【箒】汎用_05b ([Broom] General Purpose_05b)
  • 181: 倉庫 (Warehouse)
  • 182: 【箒】倉庫 ([Broom] Warehouse)
  • 186: 宇宙船 (Spacecraft)
  • 187: 【箒】宇宙船 ([Broom] Spacecraft)
  • 191: 火星 (Mars)
  • 192: 【箒】火星 ([Broom] Mars)
  • 201: デパート屋上 (Department store rooftop)
  • 202: 【箒】デパート屋上 ([Broom] Department store rooftop)


While structurally similar to base 0.10, a few entries in switches are missing, which indicates they were either not implemented or refactored in yet.

The missing switches are:

  • 132: ★個室イベント用C
  • 133: ★FC メニュ禁止★
  • 173: 【説明】発動
  • 174: 【説明】1ページ目
  • 175: 【説明】2ページ目
  • 176: 【説明】3ページ目
  • 177: 【説明】終了
  • 178: ■ノーマル状態
  • 179: ■帽子マフジャンプ中
  • 180: ■包丁で刺す
  • 216: 【G1】赤なすGET
  • 221: 【A】頬つねる(夢
  • 222: 【A】頬つねる(現実)
  • 223: 【A】座り込み
  • 224: 【A】塞ぎ込み
  • 225: 【A】かえる
  • 226: 【A】目玉腕
  • 227: 【A】鬼
  • 228: 【A】ぶよぶよ
  • 241: ■扉の部屋に居る
  • 242: ■卵捨て移動解除
  • 243: ■エンドデモ開始
  • 244: ■包丁右手持ち
  • 245: ■生首卵移動中
  • 246: ■包丁悲鳴OFF
  • 247: ■マップ移動中
  • 248: ■強制目覚め
  • 249: ■包丁動作実行OFF
  • 250: ■宇宙船サイレン
  • 251: ■宇宙船着地後
  • 252: ■bed落ち復帰待ち
  • 253: ■ほうき飛行やめる

Additionally, entries 182-195 all pertain to FC world switches and are the same as 0.09's structuring, which seems to indicate Kikiyama was actively working on FC Worlds at the time this backup was made, corroborated by the last tileset entry also being related to FC World.


A few variable entries are once again missing:

  • 46: ベッドアニメ
  • 47: 画面色調固定ID
  • 48: マップ移動タイプ
  • 49: 強制目覚めタイプ
  • 50: BGMランダム再生
  • 51: 雪解け具合
  • 52: 夢の中ベッドID
  • 53: ■bed落ち復帰待ち
  • 75: キーリピート
  • 76: 十字リピート入力

In most cases, database structuring matches 0.10, and notably variable 123, which controls the unimplemented NASU Link event, is blanked out already.

Most interestingly, variables 70 through 76 are structured differently and have different variable names:

Variable Early 0.10 Final 0.10
70 FCメニュー開閉 --------------------
71 FCメニュカーソル位置 カーソルX
72 カーソルX カーソルY
73 カーソルY FCメニュ/キー入力
74 FCEエフェクト使用 FCメニュ/カーソル位置
75 blank キーリピート
76 blank 十字リピート入力