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Proto:Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!/Crash Team Racing Demo

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  • There may be plenty more differences. Compare this version with some of the internal differences found in the slightly earlier August 11th build to see how much they match.
  • Look into the PAL version of this demo.
  • Move NTSC-J build into another page - it's not another "version" of the same demo, it's a completely different build and putting it here is misleading.

This demo is bundled with Crash Team Racing and can be accessed from its main menu by holding R1+L1 and pressing Down, Circle, Triangle and Right (on NTSC-U/PAL). On this demo you can only access the levels "Magma Cone" and "Colossus".

General Differences

  • Sparx still uses his Spyro 1 model (or, at least, one very similar to his Spyro 1 model).
  • There is a rather frustrating oversight present in this version where charging shortly after flaming will entirely cancel the flame and make it disappear, greatly decreasing its range.
  • The orb collection sounds differ slightly from the final - the "collection" sound plays three times, rather than a different sound playing each time the orb bounces on the floor.
  • When collecting all of the gems in a level, the "400 / 400" notification appears in the middle of the screen, rather than the upper-middle. Furthermore, it's missing its black background window.
  • The "Level Complete!" notification given to the player differs slightly, without any sound accompanying it.
  • The pause screen is slightly different.
    • The "Guidebook" and "Save Game" options have been disabled for the demo.
    • The level name shown on the pause menu is a different colour to its final appearance, being written in white instead of the game's usual font colour.
    • Oddly, the Options menu shows that the screen is centered at Horizontal -16 and Vertical -16, where it should be zeroed.
  • The text on the Game Over screen is visually quite different, and the demo ends almost immediately after reaching this screen.

Level Differences


  • The portal, in-level skybox, and loading screen skybox for this level use darker grey shadows in its mountains, rather than the softer purples used in the final game.
  • The flag at the beginning of the level is missing.
  • The large yak enemy found in this level has a farting idle animation that was removed in the final game.
  • The yeti at the end of the level has paw textures under his feet that were removed in the final game.
    • This change isn't present in the NTSC version of this demo.
  • The section of ground near to the ice hockey rink is more covered in snow in the final.
  • Some of the geometry on the mountain behind the red goal was elevated, presumably to stop the player from getting out of bounds.
  • There is no hockey minigame theme - the Colossus theme just continues playing instead.
  • There's a grammatical error when the player first speaks to the character that introduces the hockey minigame, where the option to decline says "No, it's way to cold", where "to" would later be corrected to "too".
  • In the final build of the game, two of Zoe's placeholder voice clips were left in the game - one about spirit particles, and one about gliding. In this build of the game, strangely enough, the dialog about gliding is actually using the correct line read by Zoe's voice actress Mary Linda Phillips instead of the placeholder actress. The spirit particle dialog is not implemented in this build at all, and simply displays the text faster than normal - as if the player has pressed the X button to skip the voice line (or disabled voice in the pause menu).

Magma Cone

  • The flag at the beginning of the level is missing.
  • There is no crystal popcorn minigame theme - the Magma Cone theme just continues playing instead.

Regional Differences

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These are not regional differences of the "same" demo, the Japanese demo is from much later in development. It should not be documented alongside the NTSC-U/PAL demos.

Three variants of the demo exist based on the region of the CTR disc that is used to access the demo - an NTSC-U version, a PAL version and an NTSC-J version.

Differences Between NTSC-U/PAL and NTSC-J Versions

Unlike the NTSC-U/PAL versions where the demo is accessed with a cheat code in the main menu, the demo is accessed by holding Left and Circle on the screen with the PlayStation logo.

Being a demo of the Japanese version of Spyro 2, the demo is substantially different from the other versions. One particularly noticeable change is that Magma Cone has been replaced with Sunny Beach in this demo.

The demo is later than the PAL final build and is dated some time around the same time as the NTSC-U final. It is still an earlier build than the NTSC-J final, however.

Differences Between the NTSC-J Demo and the Retail Japanese Version

The game uses a different logo as the game was simply known as "Spyro The Dragon 2" at this point during localisation (the game wouldn't be released in Japan for another 3 months).

The double jump exploit which was fixed in the retail version can still be performed. Additionally, the font used in menus and dialogue is vastly different from the final one, which more closely resembles the font used in the international releases.