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The Cutting Room Floor:Privacy policy

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Blah blah blah someone copy paste a boilerplate privacy policy here because nobody really cares.

All data is used and abused for logging, statistics, and other data. However, we won't sell it unless someone offers us many many many dollars.

The Cutting Room Floor has no formal privacy policy, because those are a lot of legalese and we don't really have money for that. Instead, have some basics:

  • We don't sell any of your information.
  • The only information we collect when you visit here is your IP address (kind of required for the internet to work).
  • If you register, we collect some further (optional) information:
    • Your email address. This is only used to send you opted-in system emails (e.g. watch lists, change notices) or for password resets, and is never given out or sold.
    • Your "real name". MediaWiki probably displays this information somewhere. Nothing stops you from entering a fake one, and we don't sell it or give it out.
    • Your username. You can enter anything for this as well, used for logging in and probably crediting people.

We use (non-Google) analytics software to track access. That software collects different things, which are not cross-referenced with the above. Aggregated versions of these statistics may be released, but never sold:

  • Your IP address.
  • Various browser details, such as user agent, resolution, etc.
  • The page that referred you, if any.
  • Your visits to this site and pages accessed.

We use an advertising service. They are not based on "relevance". You can read more in the Project Wonderful privacy policy, which is fancy and official and not ours.