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Acceleration of SUGURI 2

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Title Screen

Acceleration of SUGURI 2

Developer: Orange_Juice
Publisher: Fruitbat Factory
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: March 7, 2018
Released in JP: August 13, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The sequel to Acceleration of SUGURI, now featuring an actually functional online mode!

To do:
  • Document the differences between the old JP multiplayer and the current multiplayer, along with any leftovers and any other revisional differences.
  • Document the multiplayer beta from December 2017 to March 2018.

Unused Graphics

All of the game's sprite and texture files lie in the texture.pak folder, which is actually a .zip package for said files. Naturally, a number of unused graphics linger in there as well.

Early Character Icons

Early Final
AoS2-sel icon01.png AoS2-sel icon00.png

sel_icon01.dat in texture.pak features what appears to be a set of early character icons, most of them being pulled directly from SUGURI and Sora. The only ones that match up with the final icons are Saki's and Kae's, but even then the position of the headshots is slightly different. Not to mention that nearly all of the icons have their colors inverted for reasons unknown.

Unused Random/Hidden Character Icon

On the sel_icon00.dat file above, there are two "????" icons featuring silhouettes of Suguri and Sora, respectively. Only the former is used, however; it's possible that the latter might have been planned to be used as the random character icon for the 2nd player in the character selection screen or the hidden character icon when playing in an online lobby with said character choice visibility settings.

Duplicate Icons

It is also worth noting that Sumika's character icon is repeated twice in the sel_icon00.dat file above; this may have been done to separate the NPC Sumika and the playable Sumika, as also evidenced by the charaAdd folder which is mostly a duplicate of charaSumikaA. Naturally, only one of the icons is visible on the character select screen. Note that the two Sumika icons are not early character icons.

Hime's icon in sel_icon01.dat is a duplicate of her icon in sel_icon00.dat as well.

AoS2-sel chara01.png

AoS2-ttl face.png

Sumika's portraits are duplicated in sel_chara01.dat and ttl_face.dat as well. All other portraits in these files do go used, except for the black space and reverse silhouettes in ttl_face.dat; those are most likely placeholders.

Satellite Icons

AoS2-sel parab.png AoS2-sel parar.png

Satellite icons that go unused in the final game. They may have been used to indicate when the game was sending and receiving online data, and were most likely meant to be animated. Given that they're located in the selMdl folder, they were most likely meant to be used during the character and stage select screens.

AoS2-sel parab-mockup.gif AoS2-sel parar-mockup.gif

This is how they may have looked like in-game.

Unused Stage Names


Out of all the stage names in stagename.dat, two of them go unused. The first one is Net, which was likely used as a placeholder or a test, and the second one is Equator doldrums, which was likely an early name for one of the stages. There is also a teal-colored space among the list which is never seen in the stage select screen.

Unused Stage Icon

Unused Used
AoS2-stagese.png AoS2-stageri.png

An unused stage icon which was likely meant to be used for the Rain and Sunset stage.

Unused Version Number


This version number is a leftover from the original Japanese version; the last update it received before it was picked up by Fruitbat Factory and changed is precisely v1.3a. A version number is still visible on the title screen, but it's most likely a plaintext string instead of an image file.

Revisional Differences

Version 1.6.4 of the game introduced support for tournament logos to be displayed along the game title in the title screen, under the filename of ttl_tournament.png in texture.pak\menuMdl, and is periodically updated with each tournament the game is featured in. Former tournament logos include:


The CEOtaku logo on the title screen.