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Back to the Future: The Game/Episode 4: Double Visions

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This is a sub-page of Back to the Future: The Game.

Unused Inventory Icons

BTTFTG PC E4 ui item remotegateopener.png
An inventory icon for a garage door opener. There are no references to any such item in the story or audio files.

Unused Graphics

BTTFTG PC E4 ui tobecontinued.png
A "To Be Continued" image. The game instead uses "To Be Concluded" since the next episode was the last one.

Hidden Content in Images

BTTFTG PC E4 env doclab1931expostackcardsb text.png
The Mindmap cards that Emmett has for display are mostly blank, but there are textures for two that aren't easily noticed. These mindmaps are for Lou Caruthers (owner of Lou's Cafe in 1955) and Red Thomas (Hill Valley's mayor in 1955).

Achievement Leftover

The Wii version includes text related to the "Let Them Eat, Um, Cake" achievement from the PC version in the episode.lua file.

Episode_OnOfferAlgaeCake = function()
  local kCakes = "nAlgaeCakesOffered"
  local nCakes = LogicGet(kCakes) + 1
  LogicSet(kCakes, nCakes)
  if nCakes == 7 then
    Game_UnlockAward("Let Them Eat, Um, Cake")