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Back to the Future: The Game/Episode 5: OUTATIME

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This is a sub-page of Back to the Future: The Game.

Unused Textures

BTTFTG PC E5 env docbrownlabsignsale text.png
A leftover from the estate sale in Episode 1.

BTTFTG PC E5 obj deloreangymexpoflat.png
An brown-tinted still picture of the DeLorean. This is only used very briefly in the cutscene where Emmett gets his levitator working, when Edna pushes Citizen Brown out of the way and runs to the car.

BTTFTG PC E5 ui tobeconcluded.png
This texture is not used since this was the last part of the series. The game ends with "To Be Continued..."

Unseen Textures

BTTFTG PC E5 obj bookmcflyfamilyinsidea.png BTTFTG PC E5 obj bookmcflyfamilyinsideb.png
The contents of the book Doc gives to Marty in the ending. These photos are never shown on-screen.

Hidden Content in Images

BTTFTG PC E5 obj articlenewspaper86 text.png BTTFTG PC E5 obj newspaper1986keytocity text.png
These two textures come from a newspaper Marty brought back with him from 1985, but they're both dated June 14, 1931.

Duplicate Images

BTTFTG PC E5 ui item deloreanfluxoverride.png
Strangely, there are three separate, yet identical, inventory icons for the three Flux Override items that are used in the end of the episode. You only have one in your inventory at any time.

Unused Voice Clips

  • None of these exist in the console versions or the 2015 re-release.
Audio Transcript Notes
Marty: I can't help thinking we've met before! I'm, uh... Sonny Crockett! And this is Carl Sagan! A few extra lines for the "Disappeared Hill Valley" scene. Here Willie actually introduces himself, which he never does do in the final game.
Marty: I can't help thinking we've met before! I'm... Michael Corleone, and... And this is Carl Sagan!
Marty: I can't help thinking we've met before! I'm, uh... Harry Callahan! And this is Carl Sagan!
Willie: Can't say the names ring a bell, but that don't mean nothin'. I've run into heaps of folks in my line of work. After a while they all start to run together! Name's McFly. Willie McFly!
Marty: We gotta go back to the past and fix it!
Marty: But how?
Marty: It was... great getting to know you.