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Bugs:Command & Conquer: Generals

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This page details bugs of Command & Conquer: Generals.

C&C GeneralsIcon.png Generals

  • Due to the way scripting is handled, in China Mission 6 it's possible to endlessly trigger the alarm loop in GLA's Outpost on the top of the map. Enemy units can also trigger this bug.
  • Only in versions predating v1.06, if you uncheck seeing Units behind Buildings from the Advanced Options, exit the game, re-check it and then load any map, the game will crash.
  • In a multiplayer match, it's possible to desync everyone by forcing an attack immediately after an Unit exits the Building. Only present in versions predating v1.07.

C&C GeneralsZHIcon.png Zero Hour

  • The China campaign is meant to remove the carpet bombing general power, however it removes the "SCIENCE_ChinaCarpetBomb" power, which is exclusively used by the tank general and tier 5. The correct power is "Early_SCIENCE_ChinaCarpetBomb", which is tier 3.
    • Interestingly, the changelog for Zero Hour patch v1.01 mentions that Carpet Bombing was removed in China Mission 3 specifically, and it doesn't appear there as expected.
  • General Tao plays the line "Taunts_Nuke097" when he runs out of power, which leads to him taunting about the player selling their buildings. The correct line is "Taunts_Nuke087".
    • A different bug occurs only on v1.00, where Tao can build multiple Nuke Silos on top of one another. Fixed in v1.01.
  • There's an oversight on the 1v1 Map "North America", where it's possible to move units over the water on the southeastern part of the map.
  • Both US and Chinese Power Plants, when hijacked by a Saboteur when the player leaves the game will result in having no power until the game is restarted or when Saboteur hijacks Power Plants again. This can happen in both Campaign and Skirmish.
  • Due to a rather unexpected oversight with promoted US vehicles spawning Pilots when destroyed, it's possible for Nuke Cannons armed with Neutron Shells to kill Hijacked US tanks, killing the Hijacker, but forcing the Pilot to leave its promotion inside the tank, despite being killed. Promotion persists even if the vehicle is occupied by a different unit.
  • Using a Microwave Tank on the Internet Center occupied by Hackers will result in Hackers not being able to generate money anymore when it's in effect. Only present on v1.00.
    • Similar bug also happens with Stinger Sites in that version, it was fixed in v1.02.
  • Selling a Firebase occupied by Units will result in Infantry models becoming invisible, they're still selectable as normal. Only present on v1.00.
  • Garrisoning structures can lead to crashes in v1.00 with certain structures if the number of slots is greater than the maximum supported by the game's UI. Fixed in v1.01.

Shared between both games

  • In Generals and Zero Hour (v1.00), it's possible to launch an unbuilt Scud Storm by grouping it and a regular unit, then ordering it to attack the ground. A similar bug also exists with the Tunnel Network, allowing the player to unload units if the other exit is unbuilt.
    • Technically, the Scud Storm bug was patched in v1.01, however the developers didn't quite realize that it can be also performed when it is built. Oops...
  • The US Power Plant, when struck by EMP Pulse, will not be disabled in both Generals and Zero Hour.
  • Speaker Tower affected units will not be repaired by an Emergency Repair if its effect was applied first on an unit.
  • Artillery Strike can catch onto Nuclear Missile when timed correctly, resulting in the Nuke destroying itself mid air instead of exploding.
  • Both Nuclear Waste and Toxins can be decontaminated if a unit ground fires at its impact point and has access to either of the effects with their regular attack. Ambulance's Spray does a similar thing, as it shares residue effects in the code with Nuke and Toxins.
  • If the player disconnects in a Multiplayer match, all other players with Construction Dozers or Workers can stack numerous buildings on top of one another on valid areas. When the match resumes all stacked buildings can be properly built if they're accessible by the builders.
  • Cancelling the production of a Red Guard just when it's about to spawn will result in a second Red Guard to spawn in the Barracks for free.