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Cookie Run: OvenBreak/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Cookie Run: OvenBreak.

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Banana Cookie's Trial


Banana Cookie was going to have a trial, as per most Cookies released after Cherry Blossom Cookie, Banana Cookie was intended to receive one as well, taking place at the fourth area of Primeval Jungle in LINE/Kakao Cookie Run, Green Tea Cake Hills. It is internally marked as the sixth trial, which is now occupied by Chili Pepper Cookie's Trial. Due to Banana Cookie never being released, the trial was also never released. No map data was ever published.

Banana Cookie eventually released with a trial on March 15th, 2021, but the setting is now completely different.

Cutscene Images

Ninja Cookie

Cookie Run OvenBreak Ninja Cookie Talk.png

A cutscene sprite of Ninja Cookie. This sprite located in the folder containing cutscene images for Way of the Cookie, indicating that Ninja Cookie was intended to make an appearance during the story of Way of the Cookie, but did not for unknown reasons.

This was later eventually used in the Operation Timeguard event cutscenes.

Sighing Young Plum Cookie

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Plum Cookie sigh.png

A cutscene sprite of the young version of Plum Cookie, intended for use for the cutscene that plays in Peach Cookie's Trial. However, this sprite of Plum Cookie wasn't used for some reason.

Cinnamon Cookie Sighing

"Boy, I can never get this magic trick right..."

A sketch of Cinnamon Cookie sighing with a remorseful look for use in the Cheesecake Manor Mystery event cutscene images, but it was never completed and rendered unused.


Cookie Run Ovenbreak cookie0000.png

A very strange image of what appears to be a rough sketch of an undefined Cookie that was burnt towards the top. The image of it was located in the cutscene folder for the Cheescake Manor Mystery event, presumably used as a test for the character dialogue, the update that include so.

What's worth noting of this image is that unlike NPC Cookies who instead use their names in the filenames, this Cookie has an internal number, usually reserved for identification of playable cookies.

Detected Cookies

In the Cheesecake Manor Mystery's detective event, every suspected Cookies who had a speaking role had a "detected" sprite created for them. Only "GingerBright" (Rougefort Cookie disguised as her) used her detected sprite.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Princess Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Knight Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Angel Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Hero Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Fairy Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Alchemist Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Cheesecake Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Blackberry Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Cinnamon Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Matcha Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Sparkling Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Purple Yam Detected.png

There would later be another detective event from Happy Healthy Hamlet update, which also had detected sprites created for them, but none of them were used!

Cookie Run OvenBreak Strawberry Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Muscle Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Cherry Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Werewolf Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Pancake Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Yoga Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Mustard Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Squid Ink Detected.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Carrot Detected.png

It is speculated that these sprites were created just to prevent the dataminers, who usually ripped the sprites of the game, to know who's guilty in the events.

The Butter Painting Affair event, however, doesn't have the detected sprites for the suspected Cookies.

Placeholder Cookie Sprites

Starting with Sorbet Shark Cookie, some specially made placeholders are distributed through iOS versions of the game as, well... Placeholders. Prior to the Witch's Mystic Attic update, the graphics for the Cookie Skill, Pet Skill and Magic Candy Effect were removed in the game, making these placeholder graphics useless.

Cookie Skill

Cookie Run OvenBreak Placeholder Cookie Skill.png

A Cookie skill featuring Zombie Cookie dying, followed by Cheerleader Cookie, with Devil Cookie blasting, with GingerBrave ahead jumping. Note that the background is a grayscale version of The Witch's Oven area in Escape the Oven with a grassy ground.

Pet Skill

Cookie Run OvenBreak Placeholder Pet Skill.png

A Pet skill featuring Choco Drop replacing Basic Jellies with Yellow Bear Jellies, with Meringue Horn, Glitter Ball, and Brain Gum following from behind.

Magic Candy Effect

Cookie Run OvenBreak Placeholder Magic Candy.png

A Magic Candy skill featuring GingerBrave, Devil, Cheerleader, and Carol Cookies. Uses the same area as the beforehand images.

Cookie Trial Icon

Cookie Run OvenBreak Placeholder Trial.png

An icon for a Cookie Trial with GingerBrave, GingerBright, Cheerleader, Devil, Zombie, Ninja Cookies.

Jump Button Skill

Cookie Run OvenBreak Placeholder Jump Button.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Placeholder Jump Button Press.png

A jump button replacement if a Cookie's skill replaces the jump button. This one features GingerBrave's head. How ominous...

Slide Button Skill

Cookie Run OvenBreak Placeholder Slide Button.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Placeholder Slide Button Press.png

A slide button replacement if a Cookie's skill replaced the slide button.

Perhaps by coincidence, in the original OvenBreak released in 2009, the slide button would be replaced with the hook button while a Cookie is jumping. It also features GingerBrave's cane, which he used during hooking, along with the fact that the unused hook sprites from OvenBreak 2 are still present in this game.

Unused Cutscene Backgrounds

Happy Cookie Festival

Cookie Run OvenBreak Unused Cutscene.png

A background image for the Happy Cookie Festival. It's just a black 1x1 image.

Labyrinth of Remembrance


A creepy unused cutscene background that shows the Witch spotting the Cookies and tries to eat them. There appears to have no uses in the game and was probably some joke image or placeholder.


Early Goblin Cookie

Cookie Run OvenBreak Goblin Cookie.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Goblin Cookie blink.png

The image eventExchangeStore.png, which was used for the DriferBat's Rescue Ticket Exchange Emporium, has images relating to an unused shopkeeper that was a cookie. This cookie is green in color, has purple tied hair, and has a prickly design with a rucksack carring something yellow. This Cookie's role was replaced by DrifterBat in the final version of the event for unknown reasons. It's also worth noting that this cookie did not have an assigned number, meaning it was intended to be an NPC.

An early screenshot shows that the Cookie's name was "고블린 맛 쿠키", which translates to "Goblin Flavored Cookie". Given that the English translation drops the "flavored" part of a Cookie's name, the English name for this Cookie would have likely been "Goblin Cookie".

Approximately a year later after the file and early screenshot's publishing, the official Cookie Run YouTube channel revealed that Goblin Cookie is the official name and would become a playable character, albeit with a redesign.


Cookie Run OvenBreak Flowercopter.png

It's Flowercopter from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run!

Flowercopter was the original pet for Strawberry Cookie, but starting in this game, it was replaced by Pocket Strawberry. No other data for this pet exists except its icon.

Savannah Lion

CROB Banana Lion.png

Savannah Lion from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run, although more recent materials have since renamed it to Banana Lion. This is Banana Cookie's Combi Pet, but due to Banana Cookie being scrapped, her pet was as well.

Savannah Lion eventually returned alongside Banana Cookie on March 15th, 2021 with it's name from Cookie Run: Puzzle World, Banana Lion.

Rebel Cookie Effects

Cookie Run OvenBreak Rebel Cookie Effect.png

A spritesheet of the effects for Rebel Cookie, a Cookie from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run. In said game, Snow Sugar Cookie's Snow Blossom Jelly sprite was stored in Rebel Cookie's effect spritesheet. However, in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, said Snow Blossom Jelly received it's own sprite sheet later on with the introduction of Snow Sugar Cookie's Magic Candy. However, the Rebel Cookie effect sprite sheet remains in the files despite being redundant.

With the return of Rebel Cookie on September 15th, 2022, these sprites would be overwritten with the clones of Rebel Cookie that appear during his skill as well as the cloud he rides on.

Bean Drop Duo Effects

Cookie Run OvenBreak Bean Drop Duo.png

A sprite sheet for the effects for Bean Drop Duo, a limited edition pet from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run. It's unknown why it's in the game and what purpose it may have served.

Spelunking Expeditions Hard Menu Background

CROB Spelunkinh Hard Menu.png

A background for the hard menu during the Spelunking Expeditions event. The menu used the crazy background instead for reasons unknown.


mafia.png Final Manor Key
Cookie Run OvenBreak mafia.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Key.png

An early design of the mansion key that would appear in maps during the Cheesecake Manor Mystery event can be found in the files named mafia.png. The key is much more crude than the final product.

Urgent Walnut Cookie

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Walnut Cookie urgent.png

A sketch of Walnut Cookie with an alarmed expression. Internally, the emotion is referred to as "urgent". Although this uses the same poses and style of the cutscene sprites, it is instead located in the "tutorialCharacter" folder, as many cutscene sprites for the Cookies are copied and reused for tutorial popups.


Cookie Run OvenBreak Park Ready.png

A sketch background seen in Pancake Cookie's attraction during the Dreamy CookieLand's event. Strangely, this was added during the Tower of Frozen Waves update, 2 updates later after the previous update's event had ended.

Banana Cookie State

Cookie Run OvenBreak Banana State New.png

Banana Cookie also has a state graphic (seen in the lobby when a cookie uses an emotion) that is simply a small blob of white pixels.

Adventurer Cookie Button

Cookie Run OvenBreak Adventurer Cookie Button.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Adventurer Button Pressed.png

A button that would have been used for Adventurer Cookie that appears to be a rope. It is possible that the player was supposed to hitch onto the ceiling objects by using this button. In the final product, the rope is created by collecting a jelly that resembles a roll of rope.

According to a livestream on the Korean Cookie Run YouTube channel, Adventurer Cookie's skill was based on the Hook mechanic from OvenBreak, making it likely that hooking via a button press was once considered during development.

Credits Cookies

These cookies were once seen as the icons for the in-game credits, next to a developer's name. However, the credits were updated on December 31st, 2019 and all of the original staff listings were removed and some of the cookie icons there became unused.

The icons that have become unused are mainly cookies from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run that did not return to OvenBreak.


Normally, here are 3 variations of BONUSTIME:

  • BONUSTIME (normal letters)
  • ILOVEYOU! (used when Cotton Candy Cookie is being played as)
  • HAPPYBDAY (used when Birthday Cake Cookie is being played as)

However, the developers decided to include the full alphabet... And then not use it.

Cookie Run OvenBreak C.png Cookie Run OvenBreak F.png Cookie Run OvenBreak G.png Cookie Run OvenBreak J.png Cookie Run OvenBreak K.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Q.png Cookie Run OvenBreak R.png Cookie Run OvenBreak W.png Cookie Run OvenBreak X.png Cookie Run OvenBreak Z.png

...However, the K and R jellies did appear in an ad for the game.

Common Cookie Buff

Cookie Run OvenBreak Common Buff.png

A banner made to advertise a buff for a Common Cookie. Like a scenario with a Common Cookie receiving a Magic Candy, this scenario is unlikely and it is unknown why this banner was created.

Cream Unicorn Cookie Early Event Banner

Coolie Run OvenBreak E Banner.jpg

An early version of the "New Events!" banner in the news tab with a large green E written on it.

Original Cookie Roster

Cookie Run OvenBreak Early Roster.png

A somewhat low resolution image of what appears to be the original lineup of Cookies for the game titled leagueCookieSmall.png. Some things should be noted from it.

  • Popcorn Cookie had a different design with her hand on her hips, an alternate hairdo, and a crop top. Her finalized design is more modest with the crop top becoming a dress.
  • Dino-Sour Cookie from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run is in the image and had a different dinosaur, yellow eyes, and shoes. It should be noted he wasn't added to the game until almost 3 years after the game's release, and he used his LINE/Kakao design.
  • Cocoa, Blackberry, Kiwi, Knight, Fire Spirit, Dino-Sour, Apple, Moonlight and Coffee Cookies are all present. While they weren't present in the initial release, they were added in later updates for the game.
  • The cookies all have dropshadows more like LINE/Kakao Cookie Run, rather then the circle-shaped shadows the game actually uses.
  • Special Force Cookie is in the image, who is still not in the game as of this moment.
  • The .Plist file for this image lists the unreleased "Cookie0102" but not "Cookie0064" (Dino-Sour Cookie).

It should be noted that this graphic no longer exists in the files since sometime during 2017.

Original Pet Roster

CROB LeaguePetSmall.png

Similar to above, this is the early lineup of Pets for the game, titled leaguePetSmall.png. Interestingly, some of the new pets and their original replacements are still present, such as Flowercopter and Pocket Strawberry plus Jelly Scale and Energy Scale.

Banana Peel

Cookie Run OvenBreak-Multiplay item.png

In Multiplay item.png at the top left corner, an image of a realistic banana is present. It's most likely a test item, placeholder, a leftover from a scrapped feature, or a joke. It'd fit right in with the assets used in the GingerBright's Travelogue! April Fools event for 2020 (which similarly featured realistic graphics), but this was in the files long before then, and wasn't used in that event.

MapleStory Mushroom

What are you doing here, you silly thing?!

A placeholder image of a monster in the Glittering Cheddar Mine event in September 2020. It is based upon the MapleStory mushroom. The graphic was later removed in late 2020.

Unseen Detail

CROB 4th Anni Package.png An unused detail of a lack of padding paper was present in the 4th anniversary package background.


Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

For unknown reasons, Devsisters decided to leave screenshots of some early versions of in-game features.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Screenshot1.png

A screenshot of an early version of the 7 Day Challenge that is available to new players. The most notable thing about it is that the challenges require the player to use Cinnamon Cookie and Junior Sleuth Ted, which is abnormal as most events that require you to run with a Cookie usually require their combi pet.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Screenshot2.png

A screenshot of an early map of the second season of Guild Run. The map appears to be zoomed out with some orange Korean text at the bottom.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Screenshot3.png

An early screenshot of the first Guild Run season.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Screenshot4.png

A screenshot of the survey popup that would have appeared during the Sands of Yogurca update.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Screenshot5.png

A screenshot of what appears to be an early screenshot of the revamped Breakout menu that was introduced in the Sands of Yogurca update. It lacks basic images and many text and images are enabled, leading to many looking stacked/crowded.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Screenshot6.png

A screenshot of an early Royal Club promotion during the City of Wizards update. Note the usage of Cheerleader Cookie instead of the fancy bat.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Screenshot7.png

A similar screenshot to the previous one, but with more bonus details.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Screenshot8.png

A screenshot showing off the early exchange store with the early green Cookie shopkeeper. All of the purchasable items are coins, and the basic currency used is Enhancement Stones instead of Rescue Tickets.

This screenshot also reveals the shopkeeper's name to be "고블린 맛 쿠키".

Korean Translated
고블린 맛 쿠키의 물물 교환소
Goblin Cookie's Trading Post
Shopkeeper's Speech
Korean Translated
이건 내가 진짜 아끼는 건데 이렇게 교환 할래? 
다른 건 없어?
All this stuff is so precious to me, but would you like to excahnge them like this?
Confirm (Yellow) Button
Korean Translated
Decline (Purple) Button
Korean Translated
다른 건 없어?
Is there anything else?
Cookie Run OvenBreak Screenshot9.png

Another screenshot of the early exchange store, but with missions to earn more Enhancement Stones.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Screenshot 10.png

A screenshot showing a score menu. That's it.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Screenshot 11.png

A screenshot of an early version of the Royal Club, with the Royal Club jellies being replaced with the Happy Holidays 2018 Jelly Set, along with the Royal Dough being replaced with the hearts used in old events in late season 2 to obtain newly released Cookies.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Screenshot 12.png

Another screenshot of the early Royal Club, showcasing benefits with the early Royal Dough hearts and a bonus of 30 Spirit Potions.

Looks like Devsisters knew about the meme...

An early version of the revised Friend menu is seen here, with an... Interesting English user and guild name referencing a certain song.