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Delta Force

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Title Screen

Delta Force

Developer: NovaLogic
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released in US: September 30, 1998
Released in EU: April 1, 1999

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Document unused weapon models, like PM16.3DI
  • The unused 3dfx render mode.

Delta Force is a game about shooting people in a large impressive voxel environment. In 40 missions across 5 campaigns you can hunt down a drug lord in Peru, fight some terrorists in Chad in search of a hostage, shoot some other terrorists in Indonesia looking for some stolen viral agents, mingle in a civil war in Uzbekistan and take out some military coup hijacking nuclear weapons on Novaya Zemlya.

Unused Graphics

To do:
  • Nobody has yet gone through Df.pff, which contains all the resources used for actual gameplay.
  • The page looks messy.
  • There's *more* menus to be done still, but I'll get to that next time.

DeltaForce DemoLeftOver.png

A leftover graphic from the demo version saying how awesome the full version is.

Why the oblong face? Three points for whoever this is.

Curiously, these two dapper faces aren't available in the character selection. These are called FACE1 and FACE2 whereas the used ones use FACE0# or FEMALE0# conventions. Their dimensions are half of the regular faces.

DeltaForce Windows FACEBOX.png

There's also a box for face icons of that size to go in, surprisingly named FACEBOX.

I can't think of any puns that aren't plane...

CURSOR is a cursor icon in the shape of a plane. The menu uses a white crosshair (CURSOR1) instead...

Unused Used
DeltaForce Windows CURSORX.png DeltaForce Windows CURSOR1.png

...speaking of which, there's a red version of the used cursor called CURSORX.

DeltaForce Windows CRAZYBAR.png

CRAZYBAR is an obviously placeholder graphic divided into four quarts with "VU" written over.

Blam! No blamming allowed.

Two icons of a revolver, one with a red cross through.

DeltaForce Windows CONSOLE.png

A screenshot of some earlier version of the game, with a very differently laid out HUD; The final HUD doesn't use red for the weapon ready indicator, and uses icons for what position you're in and your current weapon.


A white on black star with some green sprayed on top. "USER DRAWN" is written in bright yellow over this.

DeltaForce Windows TEST1.png

The previous graphic, but defaced with green, then yellow and then blue lines.

DeltaForce Windows TESTMAP1.png

A mostly yellow and orange monstrosity with 3 square outlines and "VU" written on it. (Or possibly "V4", but "VU" would match up with CRAZYBAR above.)

DeltaForce Windows LEFTBUTT.pngDeltaForce Windows OVLBUTT.pngDeltaForce Windows RITEBUTT.png

A set of buttons not in the style of anything used, or any of the earlier menus.

Unused Models & Textures

The Df.pff file contains some unused 3DI files:

  • TEST.3DI
  • TEST2.3DI
  • TEST3.3DI

They contain textures for unused faces.

Df.pff also contains an unused sky texture:


Early Menu Graphics

A set of menu backgrounds (or possibly mockups) are left over from when the game was apparently named Sniper. A more apt name than what they went with, considering how the game is played.

DeltaForce SniperTitle.png

Very early title screen called SNIPER.

DeltaForce Windows CAMPAIGN.png

CAMPAIGN is probably a mission selection screen, although it differs considerably from how the final one is laid out. The final has a list of campaigns with a map where you select the actual missions.

DeltaForce Windows HOST1.png

HOST1 is likely related to multiplayer hosting. There doesn't seem to be a screen with this layout in use.

DeltaForce Windows MLTIPLY1.png

MLTIPLY1 looks like it'd have accommodated a server list, although the baked-in highlight along the top of the large area is odd if this was meant to have elements on top.

DeltaForce Windows SETMNU1.png

SETMNU1 is for an options screen.

And they were quickly missed.

An early mission selection screen. The graphic is called "QUIKMIS", but the Quick Missions didn't appear until Delta Force 2, though evidently they were originally planned to be in the first game.

DeltaForce Windows CONTCAMP.png

Another old menu, this time in a red style, possibly painted (and flaking) metal. Judging by the name CONTCAMP this was the background for selecting campaigns. The logo doesn't feature a dagger at this point.

DeltaForce Windows MENU.png

This one's simply labelled MENU, but given the off-center logo something probably went on the left side.

Loadout Leftovers

Unused Used
DeltaForce Windows HKMP5.png DeltaForce Windows MP5SD used.png

There are a couple of loadout selection images similar to the final ones. This one's for the H&K MP5, the main differences being the brackets being considerably further from the edges of the image, and the borders using a darker green. The Delta Force logo is baked differently in these, effective reduced to about 3 colors whereas they're given some smoothing in the final versions.

Unused Used
DeltaForce Windows HS22NS.png DeltaForce Windows HS22 used.png

Evidently there was some point in which the HS22 could be chosen without silencer, and may have been a different model as well. The differences above apply here too. The non-silenced pistol in the final is a completely different gun.

Laser-designated unneeded.DeltaForce Windows GRENADE.png

Both the laser designator and the fragmentation grenades appear in the shortlist on the loadout screen, but there's no categories for changing them and so these never show up. You enter every mission with a complement of grenades and a designator, but whether and how many airstrikes you can in is mission-dependent so the latter is useless for most of them.

.pal File Screenshots

For whatever reason, there are slightly cropped screenshots of the game in some state saved among the palette files. 3 are unique, with the first also found in two variants with less colors. All of these have matching a 16*16 version too, which is a more normal size for this game and most of them have multiple copies. Oddly the HUD is differently colored among all of the unique ones. (not counting the compressed versions.)

Large Tiny
DeltaForce Windows PalScreen1 640.png DeltaForce Windows PalScreen1 16.png
Large Tiny
DeltaForce Windows PalScreen2 640.png DeltaForce Windows PalScreen2 16.png
Large Tiny
DeltaForce Windows PalScreen3 640.png DeltaForce Windows PalScreen3 16.png
Large Tiny
DeltaForce Windows PalScreen4 640.png DeltaForce Windows PalScreen4 16.png
Large Tiny
DeltaForce Windows PalScreen5 640.png DeltaForce Windows PalScreen5 16.png

1024*768 Resolution

The game will gladly run in 1024*768, but this requires editing the configuration file. Normally you can't go higher than 800*600. A graphical glitch also present in lower resolutions, where level objects sometimes don't get drawn near the bottom of the screen, are worse though.

As a result, HUD icons specifically for this resolution go unused:

Buy the matching set! Even the ones that are slightly differently colored! Are you also prone to kneeling and standing?