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Development:Link: The Faces of Evil

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This page details development materials of Link: The Faces of Evil.

The original art for 32 of the maps (plus one area's outline) from Link: The Faces of Evil were uploaded to the website of background artist Rob Dunlavey.

Compared to the final maps, the early maps feature a brighter, richer palette with no compression, and lack the cycling water/lava/smoke/misc palettes. Because of this, maps will be documented here if there's at least one other change made to them.

(Source: CDi - Rob Dunlavey)

Koridai and the Starting Areas

Original Final
LinkFoEKoridaiEarlyColorMap.jpg LinkFoeKoridaiFinalMap.png

For Koridai's map, the mouth of Ganon's Face was given brighter colors. The map was also shrunk down from 768x480 to 704x440.

Original LinkFoEGoronu1Early.jpg
Final LinkFoEGoronu1Final.png

The rock cliffs surrounding the bottommost platform in Goronu 1 had their shading redone.

Original Final
LinkFoEGoronu4Early.jpg LinkFoEGoronu4Final.png

A table and two ropes were removed from Goronu 4.

Original Final
LinkFoENortinka5Early.jpg LinkFoENortinka5Final.png

Various cracks and crevasses - plus a rock near Aypo's house - were removed from this Nortinka map.

Original Final
LinkFoENortinka6Early.jpg LinkFoENortinka6Final.png

A placard for the Triforce Map was added.

Original LinkFoECrater1Early.jpg
Final LinkFoECrater1Final.png

The final map for Crater Cove 1 traded a boulder underneath the left hut and the human-skull-on-a-stick for a wooden gate covering the Crater itself.

Firestone Lake and Spearfish Falls

Original LinkFoEFirestone1Early.jpg
Final LinkFoEFirestone1Final.png

Various bits of smoke around Firestone Lake were repositioned or removed, and the starting area was flattened down. An extra rock was added to the volcano's lava stream.

Original Final
LinkFoEFirestone2Early.jpg LinkFoEFirestone2Final.png

Many, many things were changed inside the volcano itself. These include:

  • Changing a lava pit underneath the volcano's entrance into a cracked, glowing wall.
  • Resizing the entrance itself to be bigger. This was rather sloppily done, as you can see where the edit was made in the final map.
  • Removing most of the smoke in the volcano.
  • Changing the second chamber's entrance from a huge central opening to a tiny crack that's off to the side.
  • And finally, turning the bottom-most platforms into one flatter, smoother platform.
Original Final
LinkFoESpearfish3Early.jpg LinkFoESpearfish3Final.png

A bridge was added near the bottom of the waterfall, while a small stream (also at the bottom) was removed.

Harlequin, Militron, and Glutko

Original Final
LinkFoEHarlequin4Early.jpg LinkFoEHarlequin4Final.png

Several things were removed in the room where you fight Harlequin - a set of wooden walkways in the first half, and an extra line of conveyors and holes in the second half. The pig face was given slightly different shading and details as a result.

Interestingly, a small part of the upper walkway remains in the final map.

Original Final
LinkFoEHarlequin6Early.jpg LinkFoEHarlequin6Final.png

A hole in the ceiling was added near the upper-left airlock.

Original Final
LinkFoEMilitron4Early.jpg LinkFoEMilitron4Final.png

The iron Militron face in the center of the room was given a border and a large crack, while the ladder leading to Militron himself was replaced with another crack.

Original LinkFoEGlutko5Early.jpg
Final LinkFoEGlutko5Final.png

Two ladders and an upper platform were removed from the Eye of Glutko.

Hermit Flat and Ganon's Lair

Original LinkFoEHermit1Early.jpg
Final LinkFoEHermit1Final.png

The upper set of rocks were tweaked a bit - one was shortened down, and one was removed. More detail was added to the background, such as a cloudier sky and an extra mountain and rock.

In addition, the mouth of Ganon's Face was changed to a brighter red, much like Koridai's final map. There's also an extra trail of 'oil' coming out of it.

Original Final
LinkFoEHermit2Early.jpg LinkFoEHermit2Final.png

The glowing window in Gwonam's house was redesigned, removing the light seeping in and adding a table with candles in front of it. Two more mats were added to the floor.

Original LinkFoEGanon1Early.jpg
Final LinkFoEGanon1Final.png

Two of the 'teeth' in the mouth of Ganon's Face were removed, while two more were filed down.

Original LinkFoEGanon2Early.jpg
Final LinkFoEGanon2Final.png

Two rocks near the lava pit were removed, and the brick hills were extended to the left a bit.

Original LinkFoEGanon3Early.jpg
Final LinkFoEGanon3Final.png

This chamber had its torches extinguished in the final game; some of the chamber walls had to be redrawn as a result. The two torches near the central ladder were also removed.

Original Final
LinkFoEGanon4Early.jpg LinkFoEGanon4Final.png

More light source removal in Ganon's Lair - this time, it's most of the lightbulbs (and their respective beams) in this winding tunnel.

Original Final
LinkFoEGanon7Early.jpg LinkFoEGanon7Final.png

Finally, a gong which Link uses to wake Zelda was added.