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Fantastic Four (J2ME)

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Title Screen

Fantastic Four

Developer: Mforma
Publisher: Mforma
Platform: J2ME
Released internationally: June 6, 2005

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

A mobile Fantastic Four game following the events of 2005 Fantastic Four movie. Some versions of the game are 3D, and some others are not.


Like some other MForma games, Fantastic Four has 5 cheats, which are enabled by pressing button combinations on the main menu. If at least one of them is enabled, a text label reading "CHEAT" is added to the bottom of the screen on some menus.

267642 The effect of this cheat is a bit different between versions. In most versions this cheat adds a "RANDOM GAME" option in the "START GAME" menu, after "NEW GAME" and "LOAD GAME". Afterwards, you need to enter the 2 digit number of a level you wish to play from 01 to 13. In the version for small, low-powered phones, this option won't appear, but you'll get an ability to skip the current level by pressing the 7 key.
769377 Unlimited special. However, seem to be broken in some versions of the game - the meter is always full, but special power disables instantly after you use it.
363749 Grants invincibility.
663473 These two cheats are a bit weird... The first one makes Human Torch with an unlimited special the playable character on every level. The second one has the same effect, but with Mister Fantastic. For some reason, developers forgot about Invisible Woman and The Thing, so they don't have their cheats. Also if you enable both of these cheats - only the effect of the latter will be activated. So far, there's no known option to disable these cheats other than resetting the game.

(Source: UltimateGoblin)

Unused Text

In the file with all strings of the game, the string DEBUG can be seen. For some reason, no cheats activate the debug menu how it was in Elektra and Blade Trinity. But it might be a leftover from Elektra, because the string ASSASSIN is also present.

Revisional Differences

The game has at least 6 different versions and they can be divided in two major categories: 3D and 2D. However, one 2D version was placed separately because of the differences in its content.

3D Version

This version is the best looking of them all and it has a "3D" in its title. The game indeed has a pretty good 3D graphics for a J2ME game of that time, that might be the reason other versions for less powerful phones were made.

Two versions of the 3D Fantastic Four J2ME game are available now: 1.3.3 and 1.4.3.

General Differences

  • Time limit on all timed levels was increased in 1.4.3.
  • The game in 1.4.3 seem to be a lot less bright.
  • 1.3.3 runs much faster, while 1.4.3 has a normal game speed.
  • Many objects in 1.4.3 are missing. Below you can see some examples from the first two levels.
1.3.3 1.4.3
FantasticFourJ2MEFirstLevel133.png FantasticFourJ2MEFirstLevel143.png
1.3.3 1.4.3
FantasticFourJ2MEChairs133.png FantasticFourJ2MEChairs143.png
1.3.3 1.4.3
FantasticFourJ2MEFlowerPot133.png FantasticFourJ2MEFlowerPot143.png
  • Some graphics in 1.4.3 were changed completely or just a bit:
1.3.3 1.4.3
FantasticFourJ2ME133Computer.png FantasticFourJ2ME143Computer.png
1.3.3 1.4.3
FantasticFourJ2MESky133.png FantasticFourJ2MESky143.png

Full 2D Version

To do:
Find an emulator where 1.96.0 doesn't have the glitches to recapture the shots.

At least 3 different iterations of this version were preserved: 1.0.7, 1.2.0 and 1.96.0.

Differences From the 3D version

  • Different visuals. The game is 2D, but it looks like the original 3D models were just downgraded.
  • Different order of some levels. Levels 8 Flame on! and 9 Ben's back are swapped. Also level 13 Doom vs The Invisible Woman was placed in between the levels Doom vs Reed and Doom vs Johnny.
  • Different sound effects.

General Differences

  • Menus are different in every version:
1.0.7 1.2.0 1.96.0
FantasticFourJ2MeMainMenu107.png FantasticFourJ2MeMainMenu120.png FantasticFourJ2MeMainMenu1960.png
  • 1.0.7 doesn't use arrow keys to navigate menus. Instead right arrow acts as right soft key, while up arrow as left soft key. Soft keys don't work.
  • 1.0.7. doesn't have menu music, even though the .mid theme from the 3D version is present in the .jar archive. 1.96.0 uses music from the 3D version. 1.2.0 used a completely different music track: short_loop.mid instead of title_tune.mid.
1.2.0 1.96.0
  • 1.2.0 uses very basic beep sounds, just like in the short 2D version.
  • Time on timed levels are different in all versions, but 1.2.0 gives much less time compared to other version.
  • Doombots of 1.0.7 require to take two hits from all characters except The Thing.
  • 1.0.7 is the only version of the game where 4-part "F4" symbol was replaced with 4 separate "F4" symbols.
1.0.7 1.3.3
FantasticFourJ2ME4Symbol107.png FantasticFourJ2ME4Symbol133.png
  • Cutscenes of 1.0.7 version use character icons just like in the short 2D version.
1.0.7 1.2.0 1.96.0
FantasticFourJ2MECutscene107.png FantasticFourJ2MECutscene120.png FantasticFourJ2MECutscene1960.png
  • Timer and health/special bars of 1.2.0 version look exactly like in the short 2D version. 1.0.7 version is different from 1.96.0 as well.
1.0.7 1.2.0 1.96.0
FantasticFourJ2METimer107.png FantasticFourJ2METimer120.png FantasticFourJ2METimer1960.png
  • In 1.2.0 Sue can use block from the first level.
  • Level Select cheat in 1.2.0 works exactly like in the short 2D version.

Short 2D version

This is the most downgraded version of them all - 1.3.0.

Differences From the 3D version

  • 6 levels out of 13 are missing.
Level Presents in this version
The Cosmic Storm No
Johnny becomes The Human Torch Yes
Reed's Escape Yes
Sue becomes The Invisible Woman Yes
Ben's Rampage Yes
Johnny vs. the Doombots Yes
Reed Returns Yes
Flame on! No
Ben's back No
Doom vs Reed Yes
Doom vs Johnny No
Doom vs The Thing No
Doom vs The Invisible Woman No
  • Uses character icons in cutscenes from 1.0.7 version, but main menu, sounds and UI are the same as in 1.2.0.
  • A very unusual music loop in the main menu that wasn't used in any other versions.
  • Graphics are notably downgraded to almost the most simplistic point.
1.2.0 1.3.0
FantasticFourJ2Me120Graphics.png FantasticFourJ2ME130Graphics.png