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Gold Medalist

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Title Screen

Gold Medalist

Developer: Alpha Denshi
Publishers: SNK (JP/EU), Romstar (US)
Platform: Arcade (Alpha Denshi 68000 hardware)
Released in JP: July 1988[1]
Released in US: July 1988[1]
Released in EU: July 1988[2]

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Gold Medalist is another one of those Olympics-themed games that requires extensive button mashing.

Developer Credits

The following text starts at address 0x00070 in the audio CPU. The same message can be found in Time Soldiers:

Sound Board No.62FC01
Music Macro Lungeag & 
Effect Macro Lungeag & 
Adpcm Voice Out Control Program
By Satoshi.Hagitani 

Unused Graphics

An unused copyright graphic that shares the credit between SNK and Alpha Denshi.

Various flags for an unused country, South Korea! While the 8 other countries' flags are always grouped together in the object graphics ROM, South Korea's seem almost randomly placed, indicating that it was added after the 8 countries were already decided. Unfortunately, there's no code in the game ROM that actually uses these graphics.