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Gotcha Force

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Title Screen

Gotcha Force

Also known as: Gacha Fōsu (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: November 27, 2003
Released in US: December 3, 2003
Released in EU: February 20, 2004

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
  • Document regional differences. The battle HUD in the Japanese version is different, but there may be more.
  • Prerelease: Developer interviews on the official Japanese site have a lot of insight into the development process, along with concept art. One notable detail is Mina, a cut character that was originally going to be Mana's sister.

Gotcha Force is a unique third-person fighter involving collecting and battling with small robots called Borgs.

Unseen Details

During the game's intro sequence, more objects in the room are loaded to show the environment around the Borgs. Some of these loaded objects go unseen because the camera never moves in a way that lets the player see them.

Unused Textures

Contained inside acd_end.tpl are two unused textures that were likely used in a demo build of the game.

GotchaForce DemoScreenLose.png GotchaForce DemoScreenWin.png

Contained inside (NTSC) afs_data.afs/nwld00_mdl.arc, afs_data.afs/nwld01_mdl.arc and afs_data.afs/nwld02_mdl.arc are three unused textures that were likely used in a demo build of the game.

GotchaForce Array 0 nwld00 mdl.arc.png GotchaForce Array 0 nwld01 mdl.arc.png GotchaForce Array 0 nwld02 mdl.arc.png

Unused Music


An unused theme present in the game files that can be heard in pre-release videos.

Force 20 Glitch

To do:
Document any possible unused features or unused Borgs. For instance, Galactic Emperor is known to be much weaker than its Story Mode counterpart.

A well-known glitch called the Force 20 Glitch lets you modify various aspects of a Borg, such as their color, level and even completely change one Borg into another. Using this glitch, the player can get access to normally inaccessible Borgs, such as pre-fused versions of combined Borgs and some bosses in Story Mode.

Regional Differences

The international versions feature a brief "Licensed by Nintendo" screen on startup not present in the Japanese version.


In the Japanese version, both the intro music and the second phase of the Galactic Emperor fight contain lyrics that were removed from the international versions. Despite that, both themes are still present in the international version as bgm01.adx for the intro music and bgm16.adx for the second phase Galactic Emperor theme, respectively. The instrumentals used in the international versions have an "x" appended to the filename (Ex. bgm01x.adx).

Intro Music

Japanese International

Galactic Emperor Phase 2

Japanese International


Japanese International
GotchaForce-title-J.png GotchaForce-title.png

Both versions have different fonts on the title screen, and the international version added copyright text for Capcom USA. The Japanese version has more varied cog shapes and colors.

Japanese International
Gotcha Fosu HUDFont.png Gotcha Force HUDFont.png

The battle HUD also features font differences.