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Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles

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Title Screen

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles

Developer: Knowledge Adventure
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 2001 (Scan Command),
2002 (Dinosaur Battles)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

In Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles, you take on the role of a government agent who has to rescue Harrison Manly's group of Junior Explorers from Isle Sorna (Site B) and stop the evil Ingen scientist Dr. Irene Corts from creating controllable dinosaurs with the experimental DinoVoc, using a DinoVoc stolen from an abandoned lab that belonged to Corts.

The game features an isometric overworld and random RPG-style encounters. It is essentially the same as Jurassic Park Scan Command, minus the need of the barcode scanner to progress. Since it is the same, both games will be mentioned here as the unused content is essentially the same with a few exceptions. Ironically, one of the developers, Richard Wyckoff was also previously involved in the production of a certain other Jurassic Park game.

Unused Maps/Map Objects

A lot of this and other content on this page came from the scjp.res file and was ripped with dragon unpacker.

Unused Overworld Map

Could this be a lost area or an early version of Area 3? Also, note the dinosaur nest in the southwest portion of the map.

This map seems to either possibly be connected to the Cave in Area 3 where you rescue Kirby, or it's an early version of Area 3. Features a Dinosaur Nest interestingly. The dinosaur nest is actually a separate graphic itself that appears on the map over the location, but this is where you would find it on the map.

Interestingly, the collision and tree maps are still in the game, so it may be possible to get the level up somehow. However, more research is needed. Anyway, here are the collision and tree maps.

It is safe to assume that one map also covers the dinosaur random encounters for certain parts of the map but it is not known at the moment.

Another Camper?

The unused Camper map object.

Among the related map objects for Area 4 is an unused image of a Camper similar to the one in Area 1. The reason why there's an animation is because map objects are invisible until you reach them, at which point they slowly fade into view. The Area 4 assets also contain a texture for the Camper's 3D model, but it's identical to the Camper's Area 1 texture. The Camper matches up perfectly in Area 4 to a spot usually occupied by not much other than trees.

The Camper was apparently located in the northeastern part of the map at one point.

Scrapped Playable Dinosaurs

At one point in production, it seems three other dinos were planned to be playable. They are Dilophosaurus, Gallimimus, and Pteranodon. (Okay this last one isn't really a dino, but a flying reptile.) In the final product, all three were cut as playable but do appear in game still. The Dilophosaurus and Gallimimus appear as enemies. The Pteranodon became a key item however and only appears for a brief cutscene to lower the bridge to you to access Area 5 and beat up the Purple Pteranodon guarding it. It is currently unknown how to access the playable versions (if their coding even exists still), but it might be possible to get the skins for the Galli and Dilo in game by swapping out an enemy version's skin. As for the Pteranodon, he's already got his in-game.


Out of the three, it seems that Dilophosaurus has the most files remaining for it. It even has sound files for the playable version's Dinovoc calls, complete with beep sound before each call. Dilophosaurus has a unique skin for its playable version.

The following are sound files that further indicate the Dilo was playable at one point because of the beeps before them which are used for attacks when controlling the dino:

Source Unused
Unused Dilo Footsteps
This would have been used for the playable Dilo walking around the map.
Unused DinoVoc Dilo Call 1
Unused DinoVoc Dilo Call 2
Unused DinoVoc Dilo Call 3
Unused DinoVoc Dilo Call 4
Unused DinoVoc Dilo Call 5
Dilophosaurus egg found: Now cloning new controllable dinosaur..

This text also indicates Dilophosaurus was playable at some point.


The Playable Gallimimus doesn't have any sounds, but it does have one unused menu image and a skin that went unused (at least in its original iteration, anyway).

Gallimimus egg found: Now cloning new controllable dinosaur.

Similar to the Dilo, the Galli also has an unused message for obtaining it.


The Pteranodon is interesting because it's not exactly playable, but not an actual enemy either. There's a small segment at the end of Area 4 where after beating Primo at his lab, the player gets the Pteranodon, kind of like a Key item of sorts. Upon reaching the bridge, the Pteranodon will fly towards and fight the other Pteranodon guarding the bridge and scare it away. Then it lowers the bridge and flies away never to be seen again. The unused menu images indicate that at one point it was planned to have a much larger role than it did in the final.

There's also an unused enemy portrait for the Pteranodon, but that will be posted later on this page.

Unused Enemies and Skins

There are a few enemy variations that didn't get used (or in the case of the Pteranodon, completely as an enemy).

Video of Unused Skins

It is possible to modify existing skins and replace them with the unused ones. This video demonstrates what the skins look like in game:

Note: There are links to specific times in the video's description to save time.

Scan Command Leftovers

Being a duplicate of Scan Command without the use of the barcode scanner means a lot of text in the engine goes unused. There's also an unused voice over that relates to Scan Command that probably isn't used in Scan Command. Since this article technically covers both games, that unused voice over will be covered here. Technically, the whole game engine is one big Scan Command leftover, but these are the things that Knowledge Adventure trashed during removing barcode scanner support for Dinosaur Battles.

The Mouse Cursor

JPdinobattles leftoverscancommandcursor.png

Yes, apparently the mouse cursor from Scan Command is still in the scjp.res file.

JPdinobattles repairreaderleftover.png

The Repair Reader button from the options menu apparently also still exists. Though, it is located in the scjp_Loc.res file.

Leftover Barcode Scanner Messages

The text for Scan Command's Barcode Scanner is still in the file named scjp.bap:

Before you can enter Jurassic Park, you must program your Reader!
Connect your Reader to your computer's serial port and turn it on, then click OK.
Please be advised this may take several minutes. Initialization completed.
Your ScanCommand barcode reader is ready to go! The Initialization of the Reader was not successful.
Please check that your Reader is connected, turned on, and set to display the Menu screen. 
Then try again. ScanCommand initialization in progress...your computer will not respond 
for several minutes. 
Once inside JP, use 'Reader Updates' to program scanner with super power detection!
Please disregard Transfer Error messages on your Reader. Loading updated resources... 
Press OK when ready. Do you wish to repair the Reader now? 
We recommend you use this only if:
Your Reader is not functioning properly,
Bad graphics such as black lines or faded images appear on your Reader.
Please be advised Reader Repair will take 20 minutes or more. Reader repair in progress... 
Please wait.  Your computer will not respond for 20 minutes or more as repair takes place.
Please disregard Transfer Error messages on your Reader. Repair is working correctly. The Reader Repair was successful. 
The Reader Repair was not successful.
Please check the connection of your Reader to your computer and make sure your Reader is turned on.
Do you wish to try again? Downloading files.  Please wait...

In Game References to the Scanner

A few of the in game voice overs and text related to them reference the scanner. These are not heard in Dinosaur Battles.

Let me get this straight. That scanner you have turns barcodes into DNA? Pretty smart.

Unused Music Track

Source Unused
Unused Track
This music track was nestled in the scjp.res along with most of this other stuff in this article except the dino textures. It seems to be from a stock sound library as it apparently comes from De Wolfe Music Library.

Unused Enemy Dinosaur Classes

Alpha Female 
Pack Leader

These unused enemy classes were found in the text string data of scjp_Loc.res. The "Test" class was obviously used for testing purposes.

Scrapped Pteranodon Minigame?

JPdinobattles Pteranodonstuff.png These graphics are like nothing else in the game. What it was used for isn't fully known but it may have quite possibly been used for some Pteranodon related minigame. It is possible that the Pteranodon was originally supposed to be playable through a minigame or it was thought of after the Pteranodon was scrapped as playable in fights as a consolation. Whatever the case was, one thing is certain: It didn't get used.

Miscellaneous Unused Graphics

Looks like the Battle pop up window that is seen when the player wins a fight, except almost as large as Dinosaur Battles' screen resolution. (which is hardcoded 640X480).

This menu image is really large. It is as big as Dinosaur Battles' screen resolution almost. What it was used for is unknown. However, it looks like a larger version of the windows that pop up when a dinosaur ambushes the player or a dino wins a battle. The difference is, this window is twice as large and has an X button instead of "click to continue" in the corner. On closer examination, it resembles the DinoVoc. This graphic is located directly after the Pteranodon one above, so it may be related to that somehow.

JPdinobattles unusedquitbutton.png

This quit button is nothing like the one in the final. Let alone the fact it looks like a player would access it from the overworld. It could have been used for the Lab at some point as well but might have been swapped out with the image of the tiny map.

JPdinobattles weirdcursor1.png

These graphics are actually in six separate files but have been put together for the sake of preventing the article from being a bigger formatting mess than it already is. The objects seem a little simple but may be related to the Pteranodon "minigame" possibly since they are located in the scjp.res file after it. However, there is a graphic for the cursor used in Dinosaur Battles that separates these six images from the Pteranodon related image above.

Harrison Manly's Unused Portrait

Unused Used
The mildly creepy looking unused portrait for Harrison Manly
Harrison Manly's used portrait and final version portrait design.

Aside from Harrison Manly's creepy appearance in the unused portrait, the more interesting thing to note is the way the image is different from the final's. Not just Harrison himself, but the portrait border is completely round in the unused version. Where as, in the used version and all other used character portraits, the portrait isn't completely round. Yet, the unused portrait is completely round. This could indicate the dialog menu was changed some before the final. The portrait is also much larger than the final portraits.

Unused Voice Overs

There's actually quite a few voice overs that go unused. Many of them are actually used for scrapped conversations.

"Bull and Kitty"

Apparently, the final battle was going to have either a bit more conversation or an entirely different one. Primo would tell the player to play "bull and kitty" to distract Dr. Corts' Spinosaurus while he/they entered the steel pyramid. In the final, they go in after you beat her Spinosaurus in the ending cutscene. There's a conversation Primo has with Kirby as well in this scrapped sequence.

Source Scrapped Bull and Kitty Conversation
Bull and Kitty 1, Primo
Okay, listen to me carefully. If you're going to defeat Corts you're going to have to do what we call "bull and kitty".
Bull and Kitty 2, Kirby
Why do you call it "bull and kitty"?
Bull and Kitty 3, Primo
Because you're gonna charge straight at the Spinosaurus like a bull, and then when you have his attention, you run away like a scared little kitty!
Bull and Kitty 4, Kirby
Is that a joke?
Bull and Kitty 5, Primo
Joke? What's that? You need to distract him while I run by and get into corts lab!

Well, not surprising that the Primos don't know what a joke is considering they're cloned humans. Text data for this entire conversation also exists.

Unused DinoVoc Computer Voices

There are a TON of these. Some of them may be put into one file if necessary.

Source Scrapped DinoVoc Computer Voiceovers
Computer Voice 1
Opponent disabled.
Computer Voice 2
Dinosaur defeated. Retreat to safe distance.
Computer Voice 3
Combat mode acquired.
Computer Voice 4
Skill acquired.
Computer Voice 5
Dinosaur not responding. Temper exceeded.
Computer Voice 6
Dinosaur Exhausted.
Computer Voice 7
The Computer saying the DNA shape names. These are actually separate one word files but as you can probably tell, uploading them as separate files would be insane, so for that reason, they have been put into one file.

Was the DinoVoc's computer supposed to be more verbal than it is in the final?

Aaron Thinks He's So Smart

Source Unused Aaron and Olivia Conversation 1
Total silence, please. I am attempting to crack the password on Dr. Corts' journal.
We're all holding our breath, Aaron.

Seems to be a very short unused conversation between Olivia and Aaron. Aaron is the know it all of the group, the "Brainy Smurf" if you will. So this conversation is rather interesting and a little funny to say the least. A shame it doesn't seem to be used... There's text data for this conversation as well.

Olivia is Annoyed

Source Unused Aaron and Olivia Conversation 1
Still no sign of Sabrina? Ugh, why couldn't Aaron have been the last to be found?
You just lost your place in my memoirs, Olivia.

Aaron's Cabin Fever

Source Unused Aaron and Olivia Conversation 1
Okay, that's it. I can't bear this camper one second longer. I'm going out to collect some insect samples.
No, you're not Bug Boy. One of those dinos out there will squash you like an insect sample.

Well at least Olivia cared enough to stop him from getting himself killed. A lot of these unused voiceovers seem to reveal a bit more activity between the Junior Explorers than the final shows.

Assorted Gabriel Voice Overs

Being the first Junior Explorer the player comes across, Gabe seems to have a lot of unused voice overs. Some may have been used in Scan Command but aren't used in Dinosaur Battles. There's a possibility a few are used for the overworld but not seen often because of the effort it takes to get them to appear.

Source Assorted Unused Gabe VoiceOvers
Gabe 1
"You won another battle! You're getting pretty good with that thing!" Probably would have been used after a scripted fight.
Gabe 2
"How amazing are these Raptors? 8-inch claws? Razor sharp Teeth? WOW! ...I mean, be careful!" This is probably one of the few tracks that could possibly be used just not saw on a regular basis.
Gabe 3
"I always thought Gallimimus were wimpy little dinosaurs. Until their huge beaks were snapping at my head that is!" Probably used either in the Overworld or in the conversation regarding the camper and the Gallimimus guarding it.
Gabe 4
"According to INGEN's files, these dinosaurs develop new skills by fighting eachother. Picking tons of fights may be the only way to survive." This one might be used, yet more research is needed before it can be concluded as used. It is probably one of the Overworld comments the player doesn't hear very often if it is used.
Gabe 5
"This file says you can make your Raptor fight the way you want by changing its DNA. Whoa!" This is probably another one of those Overworld comments that seemingly happen at random and are probably semi-unused as a result.
Gabe 6
"Get this: As long as you connect the begin and end points, you can use whatever DNA you want to fill out an attack. Let's pump those dinos up!" It would seem like Gabe was a lot more vocal towards new players originally. Many of these tutorial quotes seem to be unused but they could possibly be used someplace in a spot of a map the player probably wouldn't go often.
Gabe 7
"Let me get this straight: That Scanner you have turns Barcodes to DNA? Pretty smart!" Okay, this one definitely is not used in Dinosaur Battles. However, it might be in Scan Command. The text from it was actually listed in the Scan Command leftovers section above.
Gabe 8
"Not bad!" Gabe never says this. What makes it weird is that it's said very quickly and sort of cuts off at the end. Obviously, this one wasn't used because of how awkward it sounded.
Gabe 9
"At least he didn't take a bite out of you!" This appears in the same spot as the conversation between Gabe and Oliva when the player finds her. She says in the used line "Aaron, Kirby, and Sabrina made it across the river. When it came my turn, a HUGE dinosaur jumped out and took a bite out of the raft!" It would have originally been followed up by this comment. However, for some reason, it goes unused.
Gabe 10
"Tough break. Maybe that dinosaur needs a Major DNA overhaul." Probably either was used if the player lost a certain scripted fight. Yet it doesn't seem to be used.
Gabe 11
"Oh man! Another Stegosaurus just rumbled past! Those Spikes on its tail must be five feet long!" Probably another unused overworld comment.
Gabe 12
"Your best chance in battle is to use your opponent's weaknesses against him. Assuming the other dinosaur HAS weaknesses." Probably another overworld comment not heard often, if at all.
Gabe 13
"You're getting pretty good at commanding your dinosaur in battle! But remember, if a fight gets too tough, you can always flee." This comment isn't used anywhere but is probably another one of those strange tutorial comments from Gabe that are shown above.
Gabe 14
"You just entered some pretty thick swamp. No way your Steg's stumpy legs can get through there. You'll be able to use her when you hit dry land again." In the final version, the Stegosaurus is ideal for wandering the swamps.... Considering it is the second dinosaur the player obtains in the game. Also, apparently the dinosaurs cloned with the DinoVoc are confirmed to be all female.
Gabe 15
"Give it up. There's no way your Stegosaurus can get through muck that thick and deep." Seems to be related to the last voice over.
Gabe 16
"Ouch. Remember, you have to watch your stamina during a fight. If it runs out, your dino's going nowhere." Probably would be used after a scripted fight or one of the player's first few battles.
Gabe 17
"Don't worry. If you're having trouble beating a dinosaur, try pumping up yours, or switching to a new one!" Same situtation as the previous one most likely.

Narrow Passages

The Steel Maze is the last area of the game. It has a lot of booby trapped fights. When you first enter it, one of the Primos will mention narrow passages as a booby trap. However, there don't seem to be any narrow passage related booby traps. However, the following comment indicates that they were planned at some point and it goes unused unlike the other comments relating to booby traps:

"Here's one of those narrow passages Primo told us about. Make sure you're using the right dinosaur."

To do:
Post the rest of unused Voiceovers I found.
To do:
Post the rest of the unused sound effects.
To do:
Post development related text already found and look for more.
To do:
Play through Scan Command a couple of times and note any differences.