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Madden NFL 2000 (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Madden NFL 2000

Developer: Tiburon Entertainment
Publisher: EA Sports
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: July 31, 1999
Released in EU: 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

To do:
Rip leftover graphics from Madden 99

Football, again in full 3D. Need I say more?

Unused Graphics

Madden 2000 PSX - Filler Graphic.png

This graphic is used as filler numerous times in the graphics files for the game, but it is found the most times in PIXLB.DAT.

Madden 2000 PSX - Early Title Logo 1.png Madden 2000 PSX - Early Title Logo 2.png Madden 2000 PSX - Early Title Logo 3.png

Parts to an early title logo for the game.

Madden 2000 PSX - Early Logo Mockup.png

How it looks assembled.

Leftover Graphics

STPIX.dat holds leftover in-game UI graphics from Madden NFL 99, with a Madden 98 logo as well, possibly a leftover that 99 never removed. PIX00.dat holds leftover main menu backgrounds also from Madden NFL 99, suggesting that Madden 99 through the PS1 version of Madden 2005 were built on the same engine.