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Notes:Super Castlevania IV

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This page contains notes for the game Super Castlevania IV.

Stage Select Code Breakdown

Here's a breakdown of how the codes work:

Replace pointer for Enter Your Name menu with Stage Select:


Correct an issue with the pause flag not being set correctly:


Jump to stage init. after pressing start on the stage select menu:


Skip past a store zero operation that cancels the new stage value entered:


Misc. Notes

  • Memory address 7E0070 is used as an event trigger index during gameplay. Value 08 is unused. The code loaded when 7E007008 is set is located at SNES address 0096D8-00971C It's worth noting that it checks the Select button. It's quite possible this was meant to assist with the screen transition while accessing the stage select menu in-game.
  • While pausing or resuming the game, memory address 7E007A is loaded first and used as an index of what set of buttons to check for Start being pressed. A value of 02 would check Start on controller 2, for example. However, this memory address is always zero and not used anywhere else. Maybe it was once possible to remap all the buttons in the options screen?
  • The usual L + R + Start + Select button combo can be used to soft reset the game, but it's only available for about 2 seconds while the title screen fades out after selecting an option.