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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

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Title Screen

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Also known as: Abe a Go-Go (JP)
Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
Publisher: GT Interactive
Platforms: PlayStation, Windows, DOS
Released in JP: December 11, 1997 (PS1), February 23, 2001 (PC)
Released in US: September 19, 1997 (PS1), October 31, 1997 (PC)
Released in EU: September 19, 1997 (PS1), October 31, 1997 (PC)

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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is Oddworld Inhabitants' debut game that brought fart jokes to new heights.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Level Select

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Level Select.png

Enter one of the following codes at the main menu, depending on platform:

  • PS1: Hold R1 and press Down, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Right, Left.
  • DOS/Windows: Hold Shift and press Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Up.

Unused Graphics

I see it but I don't believe it. Stretching before a Slog race. Saving your race is tense work.
Three miscellaneous animations for Abe, probably meant to be chosen at random while idling.

Unused Screens

NOTE: Quiz consists of Slig gunfire
Screen ID: L1P01C17
A Story Stone overview of the Monsaic Lines, in the style of similar screens found in Paramonia and Scrabania. This was replaced with a different screen with a poem, a better fit with the mystical atmosphere of the area.

This screen remains untranslated in the Japanese version.

COMING SOON: Scrab Safari
Screen ID: D2P06C08
This screen, found in Scrabania's seventh trail, is located underneath the bottom-rightmost area. The conspicuously industrial platforms are only found in this area, and the collision on said platforms is spotty at best. Since there are no objects on this screen, the well on the left is completely nonfunctional.

Unused Audio


An unused clip of a Slig saying "Stay!". This would be the equivalent of Abe's "Wait!" command, but for Sligs.


While there is no place in the Monsaic Lines that an Elum is ridden, music exists for such a scenario, and seems to work if an Elum is hacked into the area.

Unused Text

Hint Flies

Testi Flies
To replace the first Hint Flies message with one of the unused message, search for the following hex string in E1.LVL (or the entire ISO): 97 01 AA 00 AF 01 C2 00 13 00. Replace 13 with the appropriate message ID.

ID Message Notes
00 SNEAK TO BOMB Meant for one of the several instances in the game where an inactive bomb is placed near a Slig.
01 ABE WAS HERE An obvious joke message to test the Hint Flies.
02 TEST THREE An even more obvious test message. Come on, look at it.
03 LEARN THE SECRET SONG This message implies that the bell songs had to be rung manually. In the final version, they're automatic.
04 BRAVE THE RING Probably a hint for the pull ring puzzle in Paramonia.
06 SEEK A ROCK Too generic to pinpoint an exact situation for this one.
0A DROP IN Seems to be a hint for the second part of the Paramonia pull ring puzzle.
0C POWER WHISPERS FROM SHADOWS The only real "powers" in this game are the spirit rings and Shrykull.
19 RETURN TO RUPTURE FARMS This message was replaced by a background sign in the second Stockyard sequence.
1F SNEAK BY SLIG Another hint that's too generic to give an exact location.
23 THEY WONT CHASE WHAT THEY CANT SEE This situation never really comes up in the game. This is also the last message by ID.

LCD Boards

There are three messages left in from the demo version of the game:

ID Screen # Message
97 R1P16C07
Possess Sligs by chanting.   Chant by holding [L1] and [L2] at the same time.
98 R1P16C04
To help Mudokons escape from slavery in Rupture Farms, chant when you see a circle of birds.   To chant, hold [L1] and [L2] at the same time.
A0 E1P06C06
You're almost free, Abe!   You must get through the stockyards.   Good luck ...  and watch out for those Scrabs!   They haven't been fed in awhile.

Regional Differences

One major change for the Japanese version affected all versions of future games: The smallest finger on the Mudokons' hand was removed. The change from four to three fingers came up during localization, as it was found that characters that had four fingers were potentially offensive to Burakumin, a low-class Japanese working group known for common work-related incidents at the time which resulted in workers' fingers being chopped off. Due to fears of having to pay exorbitant bills to "a vociferous pressure group", Oddworld Inhabitants chose to change the hand's design where it later stuck as it was fitting to the game's themes.

(Source: The Oddworld online FAQ)



  • When the player reaches a new checkpoint in the Japanese PlayStation version, a "SAVE POINT" (セーブ ポイント) graphic appears above Abe's head.
  • There's only one other, but rather major, change: After pulling the lever to activate the trial wells in the Monsaic Lines, only the Paramonia well activates at first in the Japanese version. In all other versions, both the Paramonia and Scrabania wells activate, so the player can tackle either area first.

Japanese PS and Windows Version Differences

There are few differences, but these are of note:

  • In the PlayStation version, the LCD's letters are pink. In the Windows version, they are reverted back to green and red, like the international version.
  • In the PlayStation version, a "CHECK POINT" animation in Japanese appears above Abe's head. In the Windows version, it's a rhombus instead, like the international version.


International Japan
Whistle 1 is my jam. Actually pretty helpful.

"Whistle 1" and "Whistle 2" are replaced by musical notes, and L1 and L2 are no longer colored.

International Japan
It's only polite to hold your pinky while chanting. Less fingers, same chanting power.

Since the resolution of Abe's sprite is so low, the only animation that really needed changing was his chanting animation.

International Japan
How are the poor Sligs supposed to read these? That's...better.

The directory interface had to be redrawn as well...

International Japan
Just offscreen: 300 pounds of crushing death. But enough about your mother.

...as did the Story Stones.

International Japan
AbesOddyseeStockyardsMoonINT.png AbesOddyseeStockyardsMoonJP.png

Obviously the image of the Mudokon Moon had to be changed on this screen.


Note that only the shots changed were the ones where a Mudokon hand is conspicuously present. There are several instances of the four-fingered design in the Japanese version, possibly due to the financial cost of re-rendering every shot of every cutscene.

This is RuptureFarms

International Japan
New 'n'... Tasty? New 'n' Tasty!

The "Mudokon Pops" ads were made considerably less grisly for the Japanese release, due to current events at the time. (According to the official art book, it's a really long story.) This change was also carried over to all versions of Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus.

International Japan
Beat 'em and/or eat 'em. Not much meat on that finger anyway.

The meat chart directly after the ad now uses the updated three-fingered design.

Barrel Ride

International Japan

After Abe is knocked out by the hanging pipe, the shot with his outstretched hand now only has three fingers.

All other shots in this short cutscene use the four-fingered design.

Abe's Moon

International Japan
When The Moon Hits Your Hand CHA

Since the impact on the Mudokon Moon had four fingers, it also had to be changed, otherwise its significance in the story would be fairly inexplicable. All shots of the "dead" Abe use three-fingered hands as well.

Paramite Scar

International Japan
Looking a bit thick in the back. Three fingers, no waiting.

In addition to the finger removal and respacing of the remaining fingers, the Paramite scar was redrawn.

Strangely, even though Abe and Big Face's hands are prominently featured in many shots, the only changed shot is the last one.

Scrab Scar

International Japan
That's some lower jaw you've got there. Symmetrical jaws, now it's beautiful.

As above, the Scrab Scar was redrawn for the Japanese version.

Since this cutscene recycles a number of shots from Paramite Scar, the four-fingered models are featured once again in all versions.

Shrykull Revealed

International Japan
With hand scars complete. The birds did swarm.

Abe's hands are now three-fingered in the shot prior to his Shrykull transformation.

The shot of Abe shaking his hands was left as-is in the Japanese version.

What A Drag

International Japan
What a knockout! Is Abe easier to drag this way?

Standard finger change as Abe is dragged off by Slig guards.

Bad Ending

International Japan
Let 'em! Yare!

The native Mudokon who decides Abe's final fate lost a finger. Amusingly, a stitch-like mark was added where the finger used to be.

Good Ending

International Japan
Ow my eyes! Soul heartburn.

Same ol' finger changes. Additionally, as Big Face is teleporting Abe out of RuptureFarms, he gradually glows brighter and brighter in the original version. This glowing effect was taken out of the Japanese version.

For this cutscene only, Big Face's loincloth was recolored from yellow to brown. The reason for this change is unknown.

International Japan
HAPPY END! Bye, folks.

Redesigned hands and recolored loincloths, for the final time.

The Japanese credits are stored in the file C1.MOV. In all other versions, C1.MOV is a dummy file that the game uses to trigger the credits slideshow. As a result of this change, the Japanese version is the only version that has the credits scroll by at a reasonable pace.

In the international version, the credits reuse the main menu music. The Japanese version instead has an entirely different song, Hello Hello ~Abe's Theme~ by Japanese group B/V, albeit in an instrumental version; the game's Japanese commercials featured a vocal version instead, the full version of which was released on a CD single which also featured the full instrumental version and a remix. Check it out! (The Japanese PC version has the normal OST).

Would you buy a used game from this team?
The Japanese credits are missing this screen found at the very end of the international credits.

Revisional Differences

There are six different versions of Abe's Oddysee, released in the order listed below:

Change PS1 v1.0
PS1 v1.0
PC Port
PS1 v1.0
PS1 v1.1
PC Port
Abe's Exoddus Promo No No No No Yes No
"The Shrink" Video Yes Yes No Yes* No No
Cutscene Cleanup No No N/A No Yes N/A
Pull Ring Color Purple Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver
Meditation Graphics Old New New New New New
GT Europe Image No Yes No N/A Yes No
Collision Fix No No No Yes Yes N/A
Stockyard Escape
Collision Fixes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monsaic Lines
Tube Graphics Fix No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collision Fixes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beehive Screen Change No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collision Fixes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bat Route Fix No No No Yes Yes Yes
Continue Point Fix No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scrabanian Temple
Trial 1 Scrabs Fix No No No Yes Yes Yes
Hoist Object Fixes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Scrabanian Nest
Scrab Fixes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Stockyard Return
Collision Fixes No No No Yes Yes Yes
RuptureFarms 2
Zulag 4 Slig Fix No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Abe's Exoddus Promo

Would I?!
This is only present in Revision 1.1. Before starting a new game in this version, there's a prompt to watch an abbreviated version of the Abe's Exoddus intro.

I can't wait!!
This is the screen that appears after the Exoddus video ends.

The Shrink

This video, only accessible through the Cutscenes menu cheat, can only be seen in-game in the original version of the game. It was intended as a television advert for the game, but was never aired for some reason. The creepy robot dude is apparently called The Shrink, and was intended to make a return in Munch's Oddysee, watching over Sam the Mudokon Queen, another cut character.

Even though the video was removed, it's still listed on the Cutscenes menu in Revision 1.1; Trying to view it will freeze the game for about 30 seconds, then play the Oddworld Intro video.

*The video is on the Japanese PS1 disc, but it was removed from the Cutscenes menu, so the only way to view it is with a PS1 movie viewer.

Cutscene Cleanup

To make room for the new Abe's Exoddus video, some unnecessary cutscene videos and copies were removed in Revision 1.1.

  • RuptureFarms (R1): Removed Demo Intro cutscene and Barrel Ride cutscene copy.
  • Stockyard Escape (E1): Removed Abe's Moon cutscene copy.
  • Paramonian Temple (F2): Removed Shrykull Revealed cutscene copy.
  • Paramonian Nest (F2): Removed Shrykull Revealed cutscene copy.
  • Scrabanian Temple (D2): Removed Shrykull Revealed cutscene copy.
  • Scrabanian Nest (D7): Removed Shrykull Revealed cutscene copy.

Graphics Changes

Old New
AbesOddyseePullRing10.png AbesOddyseePullRing11.png

The color of the pull rings in RuptureFarms was changed from a cheery lavender to an industrial silver.

Old New
AbesOddyseeMudLotus10.gif AbesOddyseeMudLotus11.gif
Old New
AbesOddyseeMudLotus10.png AbesOddyseeMudLotus11.png

The Mudokon meditation graphics were re-rendered. Although hard to see in motion, the most apparent difference is the right arm's motion blur as it swings back.

Old New
AbesOddyseeL1P01C11TubeOld.png AbesOddyseeL1P01C11TubeFix.png

The tube overlay on screen L1P01C11 of the Monsaic Lines was redrawn to mesh better with the surrounding graphics.

Old New
AbesOddyseeGTEurope10.png AbesOddyseeGTEurope11.png

GT Europe has a concept image in Revision 1.1, which is nice and all, but it squeezed Germaine D. Mendes and Emily Britt out of the credits!

Collision Fixes

There are a number of places in the original version and PC port that needed collision updates in future releases.

Screen ID: R1P20C05
In this area of RuptureFarms, if Abe runs off the right side of the screen, he'll warp to the screen to the right and continue falling until the game freezes. An invisible barrier was added to fix this problem; Abe now hits that barrier and dies if he falls to the right.

Stockyard Escape
Screen ID: E1P04C02
If Abe jumps at the rightmost edge of the cliff above the bird portal, he'll go inside the wall and into the next area, where he'll promptly be eaten by a Slog. The collision object for the cliff wall was extended upwards to fix this bug.

Screen ID: E1P04C02
If Abe jumps back into this screen while riding Elum, a garbage sprite will appear and fall in the bottom-right corner of the screen. A harmless bug, but it was still fixed by extending the collision of the floor more to the right.

Screen IDs: D1P03C04, D1P08C05
While there doesn't seem to be a way to activate the Elum jump glitch on these screens, the horizontal collision objects were extended anyway.

Stockyard Return
Screen ID: E2P04C01
If Abe jumps at this point on the screen, he'll go inside the wall and fall to his death after traveling through the screen to the left. The wall boundary was extended upwards to fix this little problem.

Other Area Changes


Old New
AbesOddyseeF1P02C04Old.png AbesOddyseeF1P02C04Fix.png

Screen ID: F1P02C04
The first version of the game lacks the spike barrier on the left edge of the platform. This was presumably added to keep the player from jumping off the left side with Elum with no way to get the lift back down.

Screen ID: D1P02C06
In older versions of the game, it's possible to grab the right ledge and avoid getting hit by the bat below if you time it just right. If the player hits the checkpoint on the next screen, this leads to an unwinnable situation: The lift can't be grabbed on to, so the player can't go back to get Elum, who is required in the next section, and if the player dies, they'll respawn on the screen after this one.

This nasty oversight was fixed by tightening the bat's route. It's still possible to perform this exploit, but you have to be frame-perfect to do it.

Screen ID: D1P07C14
The first version of the game has a checkpoint on this screen. This checkpoint is redundant, since the last checkpoint was on the previous screen, about two jumps to the left. Removed from all other versions.

Scrabanian Temple
AbesOddyseeD2P02C02Bug.png AbesOddyseeD2P02C03Bug.png
Screen IDs: D2P02C02, D2P02C03
Both of the Scrabs in Trial 1 are tagged to continue updating even if Abe moves offscreen, which can result in one or both of the Scrabs getting stuck in a wall. It's possible to move both Scrabs onto the same screen, which inevitably leads to a fight and the death of one of the Scrabs.

Screen IDs: D2P02C04, D2P05C09, D2P08C08
The hoist objects were repositioned slightly on these three screens. It's unclear what effect, if any, this has on gameplay or on fixing any particular bug.

Scrabanian Nest
In newer versions of the game, all Scrabs are tagged to stop updating once Abe is far enough away from them.

RuptureFarms 2

Old New
AbesOddyseeR2P04C06Old.png AbesOddyseeR2P04C06Fix.png

The Slig puzzle here was heavily modified from the original version of the game. In the original version, the Slig looks to the right for between 90 and 180 frames, waits 60 frames after spotting Abe before shooting him, and will chase Abe back to the previous screen. It's possible to completely bypass the Slig without killing him in this version, which leads to a big problem when the player has to travel back out of the area and the Slig shoots Abe the second he walks through the door.

Future versions make the following changes to prevent this from happening:

  • The Slig now looks to the right for 60 frames, with no randomness whatsoever.
  • The Slig is now placed right in the doorway, so it's impossible to run past him with any timing.
  • The Slig will now shoot Abe after waiting 30 frames, not 60 frames.
  • The Slig will no longer chase Abe into the previous screen, and its position resets after Abe runs back.