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Title Screen


Developer: Appeal
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: July 31, 1999

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
Add information on cut missions, like the "bone pipe" quest.

When worlds collide, only one man with a silly walk can make a difference...
An ahead-of-its-time sci-fi action-adventure romp through a parallel world, hiding an equally sizeable amount of leftovers.


Unused Cinematics
Test cinematics and old copies galore.
An unused text file as lengthy as it is useless.
Leftover Development Files
Various lengthy batch files, among other tiny things.

HOKKUSPOKKUS Developer Console

To do:
Figure out what the numbers in the "drama_time" display correspond to.
This menu was made inaccessible in the 1.1 re-release - is there any way to re-enable it, or was it removed completely?

Typing "HOKKUSPOKKUS" (not case sensitive) at any point while the game is running will open a developer console, which can then be toggled at any time by pressing F12. Loading saves will not disable the the console, but the code will have to be re-entered when restarting the game.

Code Result
arsenal All Weapons (No Upgrades)
Resets all weapons to Level 0
weap_lev[number]_available Gives the specified upgrade level to the currently held weapon
ammo_flow Infinite Ammo
dynamite Drops one Dynamite at Cutter's feet
kill_soldiers Kill all soldiers in the current region
This does not affect animals.
iaminvisible Applies the invisibility effect of the PPS to Cutter
benny "benny hill mode" - A toggled mode that makes cutter run incredibly fast, clip through walls, and become immune to all damage.
Invincibility also applies to soldiers - If you can't take damage, neither can they. Going prone disables speed/no-clipping, but retains the invincibility effect.
fly A toggled mode that detaches/reattaches the camera from/to Cutter, allowing completely free camera movement. Holding Shift will let you move the camera sideways, and A and Z will move the camera up and down.
medi Drops one Medkit in front of Cutter
holo Drops one Ubik-0A in front of Cutter
tripwire Drops one THNDR-STP33 in front of Cutter
tracker Drops one Proxi-130 HF in front of Cutter
remote Drops one CLAPR-T in front of Cutter
pow [number] Sets Cutter's health to the specified number
hero_money [number] Sets Cutter's Zorkins to the specified number
Not specifying a number displays your current money.
cutter_reput [number] Sets Cutter's reputation to the specified number
-1 is Bad, 0 is Neutral, 1 is Good
Not specifying a number displays your current reputation.
drama_time [number] Set the time until the next global story event
This can play the next main story cutscene even when its prerequisites are not met.
Not specifying a number displays the current timer & related 'drama time' variables.
points [number] / extra_points [number] Sets your current "score"
Not specifying a number displays your current points / extra points.
This appears to be how the game tracks your quest & side-quest completion percentage.
coords Displays several counters across the bottom of the screen. From left to right:
  • The total amount of time the game has currently been running, in seconds - Starts from 0 on a new game, and from 14400 on any loaded game.
  • How many times each of your weapons have been fired
  • A "Seq" tracker that displays the number of the last camera angle change in a cutscene
  • Cutter's current reputation
  • A "Next" counter that either corresponds to the next upcoming camera angle change in the currently playing cutscene, or the current "drama_time" timer while you are in control of Cutter
  • Cutter's current coordinates
cuttergotopos [x y z] Teleport Cutter to the specified coordinates
teleport [world name] Teleport Cutter to the specified region
Region names are listed below.
save_game slot_# Saves the game in the specified slot
load_game slot_# Loads the game from the specified slot
play [filename] Plays the specified cinematic, corresponding to the contents of CINEMA.PAK
quit Displays an unskippable version of the credits & closes the game


Internal Name Region
neige Ranzaar
temples Shamazaar
ville Talanzaar
montagne Motazaar
marches Okasankaar
foret Okaar

Unused Graphics


To do:
Add the cut weapon boxes, the dummy Twon-ha & cube test models, etc.
Look into finding a way to view the game's models with their proper textures displayed & merge the Models and Textures sections wherever possible.

Weapons & Unused Upgrades

simp_02.msh, simp_03.msh

Unique models for the Level 1 & 2 upgrades for the HK-P12. In-game, the Level 0 model is shared across all upgrade levels.

phot_gun.msh, phot_02.msh, phot_03.msh

These models are identical to dart_gun, dart_02 and dart_03. While the "dart_gun" model is used for the final SLNT-B, the others are not.
While the models correspond to a set of unused upgrades for the SLNT-B that increase the duration of the Sleep Dart's effect by 30 seconds, using console commands to place these upgraded versions into your inventory does not change the weapon's model, rendering these completely unused.

seek_gu2.msh, seekbeam.msh, seek_bul.msh

The FT 74-X has three models corresponding to its upgrade levels: "seek_gun", "seek_gu2" and "seek_gu3". While all of these upgrades exist and are obtainable in-game, "seek_gu2" is never used, the weapon retaining its Level 0 appearance instead. Its first-person model never changes to reflect its Level 2 appearance, either.
Additionally, the name "seek_gun" coupled with the presence of these projectile models implies that the Flamethrower originally had very different functionality, though in what way exactly is uncertain.
Neither "seekbeam" nor "seek_bul" have textures or shaders applied to them.


Snow Gamor

OC-gamor neige.png

Textures and a mesh exist for a "gamor_neige" ("Neige" being french for "Snow"), a much fluffier version of the Gamor that would be far better suited to the colder parts of Adelpha. While Cutter does encounter a pack of Gamors in the snowy region of Ranzaar toward the end of the game, they use the same tiger-stripe textures as all other Gamors.
All textures beginning with "3gn_" belong to the Snow Gamor.

Unused NPC Behavior

To do:
Get footage of Xue's behavior.

Using the "HOKKUSPOKKUS" console, it's possible to play any cinematic in the game if you know its filename. Playing certain cinematics this way will mess with the flow of events, resulting in some NPC actors remaining in their places after the cinematic ends / is skipped, and interacting with these reveals some interesting things.

Note: Most NPC's, including Marion, will behave like generic Talan with no essence, making generic hurt noises and bursting into Fae essence on death, and having no functional dialogue when talked to.

Ventilope interactions
After playing the "temp_fly" cinematic, VoVo the Ventilope remains in place, allowing Cutter to attack her and revealing that she has half-implemented hurt and death animations that otherwise go completely unseen, as you are never at any point able to encounter a Ventilope on the ground or hurt them in any way. This also goes for the flying ones in the north of Shamazaar, which will always evade your shots.
She will get stuck in her hurt animation, and her hitbox does not move with her body in her death animation.

Like any other animal, damaging VoVo makes yellow "essence" come out of her, and she appears as a yellow marker on the minimap.

Xue Interactions
Playing some of Talanzaar's "end#" cinematics places Xue in the level, allowing Cutter to interact with him. He uses Cutter's idle animations, makes Cutter's hurt noises, and killing him will focus the camera on him as he dies, resulting in a game over. Interestingly, firing an SLNT-B dart at him makes him wave away the gas, similar to when Cutter steps on one of the noxious mushrooms in Okaar. Attempting to talk to him will softlock the game.

.ini File Oddities

Outcast contains a plethora of configuration files that can be viewed and edited in any text editor, allowing you to edit anything from the damage values of weapons, change which samples are played by audio triggers, and even alter the opacity of water. Naturally, these contain many mysterious settings and references to unused content.


This file contains settings for just about every single global sound effect used in the game: Volume, priority, distance fall-off and sample filenames are all determined here. One important note: A volume of 0 is not silence, but appears to be a baseline volume used by most sound effects in the game.

The sections for Weapon sounds reveal the weapons' internal names, most of which are referenced by the game's manual.

Weapon Internal Name Manual Subtitle
HK-P12 Simple gun Standard Issue Sidearm
UZA-SH1 Tracer gun Tracer
SLNT-B Dart gun Dart Gun
HAWK-MK8 Perforator gun Perforator Gun
LN-DUO 500 Boomer gun Boomer Gun
FT 74-X Cooker gun Flame-Thrower

It also reveals the names of the Fae Soldiers' weapons, under the "; Zorks weapons" section (Zork also being the internal name for Talan)

Internal Name Weapon Description
Laser Long-range laser-barrages fired by stationary guard post soldiers.
Scythe Standard weapon that fires in a helix pattern, carried by most mid-ranking soldiers.
Claw Standard "fireball" weapon fired by most low-ranking soldiers.
Grenade Energy Mortar similar to the LN-Duo 500.
Drill Spiraling weapon that pierces through obstacles.
Seeker Rarest weapon to see. Like the Energy Mortar, but lingers in the air and fires off electric arcs.

The sound of Oru's gun is also listed under "; Horu gun"


Settings for Oogoobar exclamations are present under the ";dialog" section, in the same area as Soldier shouts and the Motazaar Miners' Song. In the final game, Oogoobar are completely silent. Changing these settings has no effect.

Audio.ini also references ambient sounds in Okasankaar that go unused, namely:



A completely empty file among the graphical setting presets. The far-less-empty object_detail_med.ini is used instead.

Unused Sounds

To do:
Add the dialogue of the cut quests, additional "oil" dialogue, advisor dialogue for the cut "remote camera" item, etc.


lor_oil_0.sfx - lor_oil_3.sfx
The voice files of Motazaar contain this removed conversation about oil and a special container, presumably the Oilcan, implying that at one point you could find a unique material exclusively in this region. The conversation is between Cutter and a Recreator, indicating this was most likely a crafting material.

Additionally, this clip of the Advisor Headset makes reference to petrol. Considering how the ADVISOR Headset detects materials, this presumably would have played when approaching one of the above mentioned pools of oil.


Among the general voice files lies this mysterious clip. It seems to be a collection of voice acting outtakes and scraps of dialogue that are actually in the final game (Specifically the last three lines). Why it was put in the game's files, and why its name is 'Collectors', is a mystery.

Weapons Detected

ap_boom_0.sfx, ap_boom_1.sfx, ap_dart_0.sfx - ap_dart_3.sfx, ap_flame_0.sfx - ap_flame_2.sfx, ap_perf_0.sfx, ap_tracer_0.sfx, ap_tracer_upgrade_0.sfx, ap_visor_0.sfx, ap_xray_0.sfx
There are many voice clips for weapons and items being detected by the Advisor Headset. As the Advisor only warns you of located items on the ground, this suggests you were at once point supposed to find weapons and upgrades lying around the regions of Adelpha, whereas in the final game you can only get them through merchants, rendering these clips unused. This is supported by an image released by one of the developers of the map editor. (boom_gun is the internal name of the LN-DUO 500)

These clips imply that, as stated in the Manual, the FT 74-X was intended to be missing several pieces that had to be put together to restore the weapon to its full functionality.
It also implies that the SLNT-B's upgrades were originally a scope and laser sight, as opposed to simply being increases in the duration of the effect of its Sleep Darts... Which also got cut. Lastly, it implies the X-Ray function of the binoculars were originally an upgrade, whereas in the final game they come with X-Ray vision from the start.

Miscellaneous Advisor Clips

Another unused Advisor sound file. (There's a lot of these!) This one refers to an 'HK-P12 Ammo Clip', whereas the final game uses a different shorter file, simply calling it 'HK-P12 Ammo'.

The Advisor detecting a lifeform. Most likely unused as being told about any animal you might pass by would get annoying after a while.

The Advisor scanning Zorkins and determining their possible monetary use. In-game, it only ever refers to Zorkins as metal.

The Advisor saying your inventory is updated. Again, most likely removed because it would get annoying, considering how often you are handed items.

Unused Ambient Noise

a_swamp_rain_h, a_swamp_rain_l, a_swamp_thunder1, a_swamp_thunder2
Ambient sounds presumably meant for Okasankaar, but as it never rains, these go unused.
"a_swamp_thunder1" does play in-game, but only one time during one cutscene after convincing the leader of Cyana to stop supplying fish to the soldiers.

Unused Cutter Clips

vo_dragon_0.sfx, vo_dragon_1.sfx
Two Cutter voice clips, vo_dragon_0 and vo_dragon_1. Dragon being the internal name for the Achondar suggests one of these would play when entering its arena, but in the final game Cutter is silent.
The latter voice clip does get used as a sample in the game's post-credits dance sequence.

Demo Leftovers

Unused "newgame-DEMO1.bmp" Used "background.bmp" from Outcast Demo 2
OC-newgame-DEMO1.png OC-Used Demo2 Background.png

The launcher background of an Outcast demo is left in the final game's files, which was never used in either of the game's two actual demos (which were available on the game's official website & as part of shareware compilation discs) - "Demo 1" uses the same background as the final game, and "Demo 2" uses the other image shown above.

Additionally, a few files named demotemples.lnd, demo.mrk and backups thereof are left in '11.PAK', the files for Shamazaar. These are most likely remnants from "Demo 2" which took place exclusively in that region.