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Planet Blupi

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Title Screen

Planet Blupi

Also known as: Planet Eggbert
Developer: EPSITEC
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: 1997 (Windows), 2017 (Mac/Linux)

ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Planet Blupi is a real-time strategy game starring a yellow egg-shaped character known as Blupi, who has featured in several games for the PC, mainly for the "Smaky" line of personal computers.

The game's source code was officially released in 2017, with development of the game being continued by an EPSITEC employee in his free time.

Unused Objects

The unused walls in a custom level, achieved via external hex editing.

Four functional brick wall objects with IDs 0054 through 0058 exist in the game, unused. They have defined collision, no apparent use, and appear in the image files "obj000.png" through "obj003.png", and as black outlines in "obj-o000.png" through "obj-o003.png". The numbered variations are identical. Planet Blupi unused walls.png Planet Blupi unused walls outline.png

Unimplemented User Manual

The game engine uses a table of "events" to handle actions caused by menu buttons, each with its own ID. A certain subset of events, called a "phase", represents an individual menu screen. Most phase events have an ID between 1524 and 1590.

However, a single ID in this range (1553) is conspicuously never referenced in the game. In the original source code, this ID is referred to as WM_PHASE_MANUEL (now EV_PHASE_MANUEL). This was likely intended as a user manual describing the features of the game, but was scrapped in favor of a physical instruction book.