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Prerelease:Antonball Deluxe

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Antonball Deluxe.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

With how often footage of the game was posted online in various states, it's hard to cover each preview for differences. This page will only note down cut content or previews of worlds.


  • Late 2019 - Game started development after a few months of teasing and planning. The game went under a few working titles, such as Super Antonball and Antonball 2. A build for testing the controls would also be compiled on December 6th.
  • March 8th 2020 - Basic Punchball and Antonland mechanics were implemented.
  • April 26th 2020 - VS. Antonball started being worked on.
  • Early June 2020 - Antonland was scrapped in favor of Punchball due to time constraints.
  • September 5th 2020 - The SAGE demo was released.
  • October 3rd 2020 - Netplay began development.
  • October 7th 2020 - The Steam Game Festival demo was released, basically being a souped up version of the SAGE demo.
  • January 29th 2021 - The game's online mode was shown off during a Twitch stream.
  • March 5th 2021 - Antonball Deluxe released on PC.
  • September 28th 2021 - Antonball Deluxe released on Nintendo Switch.


Windows-Antonball Deluxe-Nina Portrait 1006-1.png
Version 1006
E3 moment.


Antonland was set to be the 3rd game in Antonball Deluxe, being a Wario Land and Game Boy Donkey Kong hybrid that mixed Antonball sections within its levels. This was a concept that had been around before Antonball Deluxe's development. In this gamemode, you could kick over moles, throw trash cans around and open new areas by touching blue or red switches. Only 2 levels were confirmed to have been worked on, those being a beach (starting area) and a forest. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the game was scrapped around early June 2020 and replaced with Punchball, just in time before the SAGE 2020 demo release.

Only a few remnants of Antonland exist in the final game, with things such as objects and sprites seen in footage seen throughout. Some assets were even reused for Antonball, such as tokens, colored switches in the game's DLC and the "adventure" mode that's enabled in the game's tutorial, though all it does now is disable the HUD.

2 music tracks were confirmed to have been composed specifically for this gamemode. One of them is an unfinished track titled Boiler City Brawl.

Anton wouldn't see his sidescrolling platform debut until Antonblast, which can be considered Antonland's 2nd itteration.

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Scrapped Mechanics & Features


Originally, Antonball levels were meant to have a countdown timer for each level that would stop when you completed a level. Once the timer reached 0, the player would die and result in an immediate game over. This feature is present in an early build of the game, albeit with no HUD elements or on-screen timer. A reference to this feature is still in the final game in the form of a variable (global.time), but once it hits 0, nothing happens.

Windows-AntonballDeluxe-Feature Timer-1.png

This feature was added around early May 2020 and removed around late July 2020.

(Source: Twitter)

Bigger Border & Joysticks

Since the game originally ran in a 1280x720 resolution, the game had a bigger border to boot, showing rims of an arcade machine, token inserts and joysticks that would move as you controlled the player. This bigger border is present in an early build of the game with partially working joysticks and buttons.

The border was finished between February 15th to February 19th 2020, the game's resolution was scaled down around early June 2020, and the joysticks were removed on June 28th 2020, leaving just a cropped border.

(Source: Twitter)

Early Levels

Videos or screenshots taken from Twitter that aren't streams or world showcases.

Level 9 (Jam Jungle)

Prerelease Final
Windows-AntonballDeluxe-JamJungleL9 Pre-1.png Windows-AntonballDeluxe-JamJungleL9-1.png
  • There's gray bricks blocking the top and bottom of the stage.

(Source: Twitter)

Level 13 (Fudge Mountain)

Prerelease Final
Windows-AntonballDeluxe-FudgeMountainL13 Pre-1.png Windows-AntonballDeluxe-FudgeMountainL13-1.png
  • There's no tokens.
  • The snow is white instead of blue.
  • The ice platforms are a brighter color.
  • Some gray and golden bricks were either removed or replaced with normal bricks.

(Source: Twitter)

Level 21 (Brick Factory)

Prerelease Final
Windows-AntonballDeluxe-BrickFactoryL21 Pre-1.png Windows-AntonballDeluxe-BrickFactoryL21-1.png
  • The red font is less bright, as seen in early demos.
  • The line separating the conveyors doesn't go down all the way.
  • Brick pattern is otherwise identical here, but this level is according to the text Level 15. It's possible that Brick Factory came before Fudge Mountain in this build of the game.

(Source: Twitter)

Level 29 (Boiler City)

Prerelease Final
Windows-AntonballDeluxe-BoilerCityL29 Pre-1.png Windows-AntonballDeluxe-BoilerCityL29-1.png
  • There's no tokens.
  • There's no chains in the level.
  • The moving platform in the middle was replaced with 2 drop platforms.
  • There were bolts in the floor tiles.

(Source: Twitter)

Sewer Slam

Prerelease (April 26th 2020) Prerelease (June 6th 2020) Final
Windows-AntonballDeluxe-SewerSlam Pre-1.png Windows-AntonballDeluxe-SewerSlam Pre-2.png Windows-AntonballDeluxe-SewerSlam-1.png

April 26th 2020

  • The screen resolution is bigger. The platform placement and amount of bricks is also different because of that.
  • The background is a placeholder, ripped from Mario Bros. Classic.
  • There's no stage decoration.
  • There's no power up spawns. All of the powerups come from hitting bricks.
  • The bricks are a rainbow pattern.

June 6th 2020

Mostly the same as April, but with a few updates. Besides a few differences, this room matches rm_vs_template.

  • Powerups are placed beforehand and still never spawn in.
  • The sewer background is off-center.

(Source: Twitter (1), (2))

Scrapped Levels

Level #1

A left-right type stage with holes for the ball go fall into. This matches the unused rm_l25, but this screenshot has platforms and proper tiling. Paul can also be seen in the background.


(Source: Twitter)

Level #2

A level with bricks in the walls. This one matches rm_l26, but it displays a sewer background and the HUD is layered correctly.


(Source: Twitter)

Level #3

A level with only green bricks that spells 2 ANTON. Paul is again in the background.


(Source: Twitter)

Level #4

A level with long reaching platforms. The border is off-center for some reason.


(Source: Twitter)

Level #5

A level that requires you to make the ball slam into the wall behind you. This matches rm_l68, but there's a background and the tiles are layered correctly.


(Source: Twitter)