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Prerelease:Command & Conquer: Generals

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Command & Conquer: Generals.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Concept Art

Concept art for the game, drawn by TJ Frame and Phil Robb. Apparently Command & Conquer: Generals was originally a vastly different game and shared little with the final product. It should be noted that most of the ideas depicted by the concept art below never made it past the concept stage and that they are from very early development stages of the game. On top of that, out of the three originally proposed factions, only one made it to the final game - The USA.


Concept art for the USA.


Concept art for China. Because China evolved from the Asian Empire (see below) they share the same architectural style in some concept art.


Concept art for the GLA.

African Warlords

Concept art for an outlandish faction, even by C&C standards. They were to be united by a former European general in WW1-era clothes, armed with traditional weapons (such as spears and bows) and WW2-era weapons left from colonial times, riding on wild animals, and even use some creatures made with black market bio-technologies. Placeholder selection images and models for the African Warlords can be found in the prototype. They may've inspired the GLA.

Europa Alliance

Concept art for a European faction. The concept art below, text and data for a Weapons Factory and a Power Plant found in the prototype are the only evidence of this faction's existence. They were scrapped after a redesign in the game's premise and their vacant spot was replaced by the GLA as development of the game went forward. The Europa Alliance was one of the original factions planned for the game, as evidenced by data leftovers in the GDF files of the prototype and the complete lack of mention of the China and the GLA in the aforementioned files.

Khan/Asian Empire

Concept art for the Khan or The Asian Empire. Unlike the African Warlords or Europa Alliance, The Asian Empire/The Khan made it past the concept stage and are present in the earliest screenshots. Some of the concept art below is referenced in placeholder models from the prototype. As with the Europa Alliance, The Asian Empire was also one of the original factions planned for the game, as evidenced by data leftovers in the GDF files of the prototype and the complete lack of mention of the China and the GLA in the aforementioned files however unlike the Europa Alliance, the idea of an Asian faction survived into the final game in the form of China. That's why in some old Chinese concept art, they use the same architectural style.


While it's far fetched, the possibility that a Russian faction was considered to be added to this game can't be ruled out. A "Spetnaz" unit is mentioned in placeholder selection images in the prototype.


Vague concept art, it's hard to tell for which faction(s) these were designed.


Concept art for the game's cover.


Iron Dragon

Undoubtedly the first released screenshots, of the Iron Dragon mission. Had they continued with this art direction, C&C: Generals would've turned to be a far different game from what we have today. The Asian Empire/The Khan is fighting the USA in this mission with an arsenal that was mostly scrapped or given to the GLA in the final game. While some of the buildings and cars seen here are same as they are in the final game, almost everything else below was changed or downright removed.


Screenshot of an unknown location, showing the original Chinese Scorpion tanks and Buggies, firing at USA Leopard tanks.


Prerelease screenshot of a map named "StyleMap3". We see USA Leopard tanks strolling through a European town. There's also Chinese Scorpion tanks and the Tomahawk Missile Launcher with old golden skin. The Statue in the center of the town was cut from the final game but its model can be found in Zero Hour. The map can still be found in the prototype files.


Prerelease screenshot of a map named "EA_Pretty". It shows an untextured USA Barracks, Walls and Tomahawk Missile Launcher with the gold skin, the cut Guardian Control Center, an early Patriot Missile System model and Chinese Scorpion tanks and Buggies and Rangers with an old texture. The map can also be found in the prototype files.


Screenshot of a map named "Cliff". Other than the old textures for the Rangers and Rebels, and the old SFX effects there is not much to say here.

Model Renders

Cover art renders


Model renders of some USA buildings and a tank, they match the models found in the prototype.

Model renders of the final game USA Command Center.



Promotional Artwork

Promotional artwork showing the Apocalypse Tank from Red Alert 2. It's possible the Apocalypse Tank was to appear in Generals as a Chinese tank since its name can be found in Chinese placeholder selection images from the prototype.


Early promotional logos designs from 2002


The Zero Hour manual contains different cameos compared to the ones unused in the final game:


Owner Manual Final
Laser Crusader C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Lasercrusader.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Lasercrusader.png
Aurora Alpha
C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Aurora.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Auroraalpha.png
Aurora Alpha
C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Aurora.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Aurora.png


Owner Manual Final
Listening Outpost C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Listeningoutpost.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Listeningoutpost.png
Helix C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Helix.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Helix.png
ECM Tank C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-ECM.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-ECM.png
Internet Center C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Internetcenter.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Internetcenter.png
Carpet Bomb C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Carpetbomb.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Carpetbomb.png
Minigunner C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Minigunner.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Minigunner.png
Advanced Reactor C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Advancedreactor.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Advancedreactor.png
Emperor Overlord C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Emperor.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Emperor.png


Owner Manual Final
Battle Bus C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Battlebus.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Battlebus.png
Combat Cycle C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Combatcycle.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Combatcycle.png
Sneak Attack C&C-Generals-Manual-Cameo-Sneakattack.png C&C-Generals-Cameo-Sneakattack.png


Demo Track

The composer for most Command & Conquer games, Frank Klepacki, offered to compose the soundtrack for Command & Conquer: Generals and even submitted a demo track for EA, however he was not contacted by the latter.

The demo track can be described as warlike and features a grand and heroic choir.