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Pro Rally 2002

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Title Screen

Pro Rally 2002

Also known as: Pro Rally (GCN)
Developer: Ubisoft Barcelona
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube
Released in US: November 11, 2002 (GCN)
Released in EU: March 28, 2002 (PS2), October 4, 2002 (GCN)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Another failed attempt to create a good rally game.


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Prerelease Info

Development-Related Text

Present in the PS2 version's RALLY.ELF at 0x001F0663:

Call Alex for more help!

...and at 0x001FAEAD:

MW MIPS C Compiler ( PlayStation2

Build Dates

Present only in the GameCube versions.

Europe (Rev 0) Europe (Rev 1)/US
Dec 17 2001
Jun 5 2002
  • While no build date is mentioned in the PS2 version, its RALLY.ELF is timestamped "Feb 19 2002 07:04:28".
  • Also, Europe (Rev 0) couldn't be compiled in December of 2001, because it's hidden music tracks were released only in 2002. So probably original European GameCube release doesn't contain real build date, and this time reffered to build date of some game component.

Dummy File

The PS2 version contains a dummy file called DUMFILE, located in DATA/OTHERS. While it is over 117 MB in size, it consists only of zeroes.


Duplicate Tracks

To do:
Investigate bnm files, when tools for them will appear, because PS2 version can have another tracks duplicated.
  • The PS2 version has duplicates of BGM5.BNM and BGM6.BNM (located in DATA/SOUND/MUSIC) named BGM9.BNM and BGM10.BNM.
  • The GameCube versions have duplicates of bgm1.adp and bgm4.adp (located in audio/tracks) named bgm9.adp and bgm10.adp.

Hidden Tracks Easter Egg

The GameCube versions have the additional tracks bgm11.adp and bgm12.adp, which are absent from the PS2 version.

  • bgm11 contains two songs from Spanish pop duo Cassino: an extended version of Consecuencias, and Mi Mente Se Colapsa.
  • bgm12 is an unknown track.

Entering Cassino as your driver's name will cause the game to use only these two files: bgm12 for menus, bgm11 for races.

Platform Differences


  • The PS2 version has name Pro Rally 2002, when GameCube versions dropped 2002 from its name. Despite this, in the GameCube year still mentioned.


  • Title screens are different, logo was changed for the GameCube release.
PS2 GameCube
Pro Rally 2002 PS2 title.png Pro Rally 2002 GCN title.png
  • The PS2 and GameCube versions had slightly changed UI in menus.
PS2 GameCube
Pro Rally 2002 PS2 main menu.png Pro Rally 2002 GCN main menu.png
  • Some tracks have another order in menus.
PS2 GameCube
Pro Rally 2002 PS2 UK map.png Pro Rally 2002 GCN UK map.png
  • As in Pro Rally 2001, in the GameCube version cars use video previews, when the PS2 version uses image previews.
PS2 GameCube
Pro Rally 2002 PS2 Peugeout206.png Pro Rally 2002 GCN Peugeout206.png
  • The speedometer texture was changed:
PS2 GameCube
Pro Rally 2002 PS2 speedometer.png Pro Rally 2002 GCN speedometer.png
  • Reflections performed better on the GameCube.
  • Rims in wheels in the GameCube version are 3D models, instead of simple texture as in the PS2 version.
PS2 GameCube
Pro Rally 2002 PS2 rims.png Pro Rally 2002 GCN rims.png


  • The menu sounds are different.


  • The GameCube version gets two additional camera views: a farther chase cam, and a cam from cockpit.
  • Challenge mode is absent from the GameCube version, though some leftovers are present in the files.
PS2 GameCube
Pro Rally 2002 PS2 singleplr menu.png Pro Rally 2002 GCN singleplr menu.png


  • Ubisoft intro and game logo are different on PS2 and GameCube versions. Dolby Pro Logic II intro presented only in GameCube versions, because it's the only release with this feature.

Revisional Differences

  • Game has two European releases for the GameCube and US release. Those versions have several differences.
  • Only a few files differ in different releases.

Text Files

  • MCDicNTSCx.txt (where x=1,2,3 (same for file and directory), located in data/menu/dict/x) are different in European original version and in other releases. These three files for Spanish, English, and French respectively contains "TM" in later revisions instead of "(TM)", and also several strings were changed. Here is example from MCDicNTSC2.txt, other files has same changes in another languages.
Europe (Rev 0) Europe (Rev 1)/US
The Nintendo GameCube(TM) Memory Card in Slot A contains corrupted data and needs to be formatted. The Nintendo GameCubeTM Memory Card in Slot A is formatted for another market.
The Nintendo GameCube(TM) Memory Card in Slot A is not supported. The Nintendo GameCubeTM Memory Card in Slot A is incompatible with the Pro Rally save file.
Compatible steering wheel not detected. Logitech Speed Force Steering Wheel not detected.
Compatible controller not detected. Nintendo GameCubeTM Controller not detected.
  • MCDicx.txt (where x=1,2,3,4,5 (same for file and directory), located in data/menu/dict/x) was changed only in European Rev 1. Only one string is different, located on lines 15 and 16. Here is example from MCDic2.txt, other files has same changes in another languages.
Europe (Rev 0)/US Europe (Rev 1)
The Memory Card (or device) in Slot A cannot be used. The Memory Card in Slot A is damaged and cannot be used.


  • prorallyNTSC.thp is different in European original Gamecube release. Later revisions use a slightly changed video. The only difference is copyright text in Dolby Pro Logic II intro, which was added only in later version of prorallyNTSC.thp.