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Proto:Casper (Game Boy)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Casper (Game Boy).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Forestofillusion.com logo.png  This is documented on Forest of Illusion.

An early prototype of Casper for the Game Boy was released by Forest of Illusion on April 28, 2022. Only one game functions as it should, with all of the others being static placeholders.

Intro Screens

  • The first screen lacks the "Licensed by Nintendo" text.
  • A Hi Tech Entertainment screen is present. The final replaces this with a Natsume screen:
Proto Final
CasperGB-Proto-HT.png CasperGB-HT.png
  • The Bonsai screen lacks the TM.


  • The game starts right away, without offering the options that the final game does.
  • Pressing Start begins the first game. Pressing Select cancels it.
  • No music plays.
  • Casper has no lives.
  • Once completed, the game shows Casper being kicked to the moon continuously. In the final game, this is the Game Over screen, but the prototype lacks the Game Over text that follows.
  • The unused Super Game Boy palette is not yet present.

Mini Games

Only "Protect the Ooz" works. All other games show a static screen and auto-complete (without any notification that it's done so).

Proto Final
CasperGB-Proto-Ooz.png CasperGB-Ooz.png
  • The text was moved down for the retail version.
  • HUD is much more basic.
  • Ghosts have different shading.
  • The target is different.
  • The ghosts start to attack as soon as the screen loads, rather than when the game allows you to take control.
  • The level is longer.
  • After completion, you're thrown back to the manor.
Proto Final
CasperGB-Proto-Escape.PNG CasperGB-Escape.PNG
  • Layout mostly resembles the final, with a few different blocks.
  • No background.
  • The character sprites are all on the same layer.
Proto Final
CasperGB-Proto-Library.PNG CasperGB-Library.PNG
  • Most of the level was altered.
  • The bookcase is missing.
  • The ladder was removed.
Proto Final
CasperGB-Proto-Kat.PNG CasperGB-Kat.PNG
  • Part of the third shelf is absent.
Proto Final
CasperGB-Proto-Bed.PNG CasperGB-Bed.PNG
  • The upper shelves are missing.
  • The sprite for Casper includes some pillow shading that was thankfully removed.
  • The logo also dropped all shading.
Proto Final
CasperGB-Proto-Maze2.PNG CasperGB-Maze2.PNG
  • The second maze received a lot of changes, the most noticeable being the single ladder that reaches all the way down.