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Proto:Doraemon 2: Nobita no Toys Land Daibouken

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Doraemon 2: Nobita no Toys Land Daibouken.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A late prototype of Doraemon 2: Nobita no Toys Land Daibouken was released on July 6, 2022. It has significantly harder gameplay than the final build and contains several debug functions as well as many other differences.

Debug Features

When the game is booting, hold / press the following at the Epoch logo:

  • B to jump straight to the Game Over/Continue screen. Choosing "Yes" to continue after doing so will bring the player to 1-1's character select screen.
  • X jumps to the overworld in front of March Town.
  • L jumps to a purple screen which seems to be one of the overworld maps (minus properly loaded graphics).
  • R jumps to level 1-1.
  • Select warps the player to the final boss.

Note: The player will have no health or lives if either R or Select is held while booting the game. Just pressing the button on the Epoch logo will properly give these to the player.

While in towns:

  • Pressing Start while in the towns will reload the area to the intro cutscene.
  • Pressing Y while in the towns will reload the area.
  • Pressing Start during most cutscenes will restart the cutscene.

While in levels:

  • Pressing L while in a level will enables a mode where you can hold B to swim through the air.

After pressing Start to pause the game, you can press these buttons to:

  • A - cycle through levels to next area.
  • B - cycle through levels to previous area
  • Y - reload the current area.
  • X - advance to the character selection screen for the next level.

General Differences

  • This prototype uses the first game's ROM header and internal title.
  • Most of the changes made in the retail version were done to make the game's difficulty easier. These include making platforms easier to jump on and having less enemies to deal with. The game seems to lag a lot less in the final because of this.
  • On some levels, the fade transition is slightly different in duration.
  • The player can clip into some ceilings by a couple pixels when jumping up into them.

Intro Cutscene

  • The intro cutscene plays out much faster, since the dialogue text types out a lot quicker.
  • The facial expressions some of the characters make have different timings in later parts of the cutscene.
  • There are also some extra expressions that were removed in the final build.
Prototype Final
Suneo looks shaken up in the prototype! In the final build, not so much.

March Town

  • All of the doors to the insides of the buildings appear to be closed, making it unclear which ones can be entered.
  • Collision is off, allowing the player to walk on top of the doors.
  • In some of the houses, the NPCs spawn in different spots.
  • One of the NPCs has an extra dialogue box that's completely blank.
  • Pressing Y will warp the player to the north entrance gates, but entering a building will softlock the game.
Prototype Final
Hello? Anybody home? Oh! Looks like someone IS home!
Monkeys never really have anything worthy to say anyway...

Level 1

  • A platform and set of spikes were changed slightly.
  • The sky seen in the windows in the background is a deeper shade of blue.
Prototype Final
Is it me, or is the sun going down pretty quickly? ..... oh, never mind.
Any normal person would be screwed from here. But from here, there's a chance they could probably climb up onto the block. Let's just hope they'd be just as quick to jump, too.
Spikes are a good trap, we suppose .... ....but sometimes, less is more.

2nd Town

  • The idle animations for some the NPCs in the buildings differ (a man spins rather than points, for example).
  • Some of the houses have missing gates.
  • One of the crying girl NPCs has slightly different dialogue; the "Eh~~n" before her actual sentence was removed in the final build.
  • Pressing Y warps the player to the north part of town, but the palettes fail to load properly.
Prototype Final
We just happen to be in the neighborhood! Let's give our neighbors a visi- ...oh. Guess not everybody likes visitors.
Calm down, kid! Wow. You matured a little within a few months before the public release? Impressive.

Level 2

  • Has a tree platform changed, making the jump harder to pull off.
  • There are more enemies to defeat.
  • The player's spawn location in the boss arena is different. This build spawns you above the arena, instead of on the ground to the left like in the final.
Prototype Final
This tree looks like it'd be standing up if it were a person, and this one looks like it's sitting down.
You're getting warmer! You're getting colder.

Level 3

  • A set of spikes are in the corner of a room and the spikes to the left were adjusted some.
  • Some extra spikes and enemies.
  • A few minor layout and platforming changes.
  • The end of each area lacks falling platforms to get across the blue fire pits.
Prototype Final
Doraemon2-Proto-Level3-1-a.png Doraemon2-Level3-1-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level3-1-b.png Doraemon2-Level3-1-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level3-1-c.png Doraemon2-Level3-1-c.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level3-1-d.png Doraemon2-Level3-1-d.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level3-1-e.png Doraemon2-Level3-1-e.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level3-1-f.png Doraemon2-Level3-1-f.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level3-2-a.png Doraemon2-Level3-2-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level3-2-b.png Doraemon2-Level3-2-b.png

Level 4

  • The landscape and some platforms in the stage changed drastically, not to mention there are actually slopes here unlike in the final.
  • Some items were removed or changed.
  • Different enemy placements.
  • Partway through 4-2, the screen starts scrolling up faster.
  • The platforms in the boss arena look glitched slightly, and like last boss, whoever you're playing as falls from the sky onto the arena.
Prototype Final
I'm going to assume the cowboy gorilla boss needed an easier way to get to the arena.... ....I have a feeling his wheels likely got in the way of the slopes. But then again, we don't even know if he could make jumps like this.
Doraemon2-Proto-Level4-1-b.png Doraemon2-Level4-1-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level4-1-c.png Doraemon2-Level4-1-c.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level4-2-a.png Doraemon2-Level4-2-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level4-2-b.png Doraemon2-Level4-2-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level4-Boss.png Doraemon2-Level4-Boss.png

Level 5

  • Sprites are layered over the water instead of under it like in the final.
  • More enemies are present.
  • Some slight platforming changes.
  • The red pipes don't suck you up and/or out of the water.
  • The water is slightly different near the long red pipe in 5-2. Because of this, the debug free-swim is needed to progress past here.
  • The area near the goal ball features less platforms. On top of that, the bubbles from the statue go towards the right instead of the left, making it much more difficult to get past here.
  • Again, the player drops from the sky onto the boss arena.
Prototype Final
Overwater.... ....underwater!
Doraemon2-Proto-Level5-1-b.png Doraemon2-Level5-1-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level5-2-a.png Doraemon2-Level5-2-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level5-2-b.png Doraemon2-Level5-2-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level5-2-c.png Doraemon2-Level5-2-c.png

Level 6

  • The clouds in the background are static in this build. In the final, they scroll and float by.
  • The falling platforms at the beginning of 6-1 don't respawn after leaving the screen and coming back.
  • A short stone block platform in one spot is missing.
  • Some blocks below the platforms near the end of 6-1 are also missing.
  • 2 of the 3 vines are missing at the beginning of 6-2.
  • Once again, the player drops from the sky. Also, the mountains in the background are much shorter.
Prototype Final
The spring had no purpose... ...and now it does!
Doraemon2-Proto-Level6-1-b.png Doraemon2-Level6-1-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level6-2-a.png Doraemon2-Level6-2-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level6-2-b.png Doraemon2-Level6-2-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level6-Boss.png Doraemon2-Level6-Boss.png

Level 7

  • The first set of rotating striped blocks in 7-1 orignally used the graphics of the flip block. The red note block to the right of them is also yellow in this build.
  • One of the white note blocks near the 7-1 goal ball is missing.
  • One spot near the top of 7-2 had a originally a couple of walls.
  • In 7-2, a number of note blocks are missing and/or moved near the part of the stage with all the bouncy trumpets.
  • Yet again, the player spawns in the center of the boss arena and drops from the sky. Strangely, the 3 colored platforms here have no collision and can't be stood on in this build.
Prototype Final
Tired of normal yellow boxes? Introducing the Float-o-Block! Buy Now! Only $99.99!
Doraemon2-Proto-Level7-2-a.png Doraemon2-Level7-2-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level7-2-b.png Doraemon2-Level7-2-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level7-2-c.png Doraemon2-Level7-2-c.png

Level 8

  • Has some extra enemies.
  • Minor changes to some blocks.
  • Two blocks near some rotating platforms are slightly lower.
  • Some blocks are missing and the terrain under the rotating platforms near the end are only one block wide, In addition, the checkered pattern is slightly different.
  • You guessed it; the player drops from the sky at the beginning of the boss. Only other thing of note here is that the background has been lowered, only showing the top of the distant castle.
Prototype Final
Doraemon2-Proto-Level8-1-a.png Doraemon2-Level8-1-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level8-1-b.png Doraemon2-Level8-1-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level8-2.png Doraemon2-Level8-2.png

Level 9

  • Towers in the background have been placed lower and much less prominent.
  • A falling block near some spikes is missing.
  • A few extra enemies as well as some minor changes in enemy placement.
  • The vertical springs have incorrect graphics for a frame during their animation, loading the graphic for a wind-up key instead of the pressed-down spring graphic.
  • Once more, the player spawns in the center of the boss arena and drops from the sky.
Prototype Final
Doraemon2-Proto-Level9.png Doraemon2-Level9.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level9-b.png Doraemon2-Level9-b.png

Level 10-Boss

  • The player spawns in the center of the boss arena, dropping from the sky. This seems to be a theme we're running into here.
  • An alternate version of this stage can be accessed with the debug level advance option. This version of the arena has some garbled tiles to the right, seen by debug-swimming over there. This version of the stage is also present in the final build.
Glitched alternate version
All was well, until suddenly,

Level 11

  • A few extra car enemies.
  • One of the sub-areas has a different item from the final.
  • Some platforms are either missing or changed for other objects. This is mostly apparent in the later sections.
  • A couple of springs are placed in mid-air.
Prototype Final
Doraemon2-Proto-Level11-1-a.png Doraemon2-Level11-1-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level11-1-b.png Doraemon2-Level11-1-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level11-1-c.png Doraemon2-Level11-1-c.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level11-2.png Doraemon2-Level11-2.png

Note: Some unique sub-areas exist with exits that either softlock the game, or return you to another sub-area's entrance. These can be accessed with the debug level advance function, or by editing the value at address 7E0B0F. These are also accessible in the retail version via the code 7E0B21xx, where xx = Stage map 003B (code taken from here)

Unused sub-areas

Bingo Town

  • Much like March Town, the doors are all shut, rather than open.
  • After Level 12, Nobita has a happy facial expression during the conversation with the wind-up turtle rather than the nervous one he uses in the final. Not only that, you're also not forced to wait for the sound effect to finish playing before pressing a button.
Prototype Final
Man! The Bingo Town residents are just as wussy as March Town's locals. I stand corrected.
Doraemon2-Proto-BingoTown-b.png Doraemon2-BingoTown-b.png

Level 12

Features the most differences compared to other levels so far.

  • Similar to what happened with the water in Level 5, there are transparency issues involving enemies and objects. This lets the player see enemies even when not inside the tree or underground.
  • The tree branches have collision underneath them, preventing the player from jumping onto them from below.
  • 12-1 features many platforming changes, at one point requiring you to enter the tree to progress.
  • Additional enemies in some spots cause some really bad lag!
  • Some items were changed.
  • An area in 12-1 has some spikes inside a tree which don't harm the player for some reason.
  • The climbable chain-like objects had the bright shading on the left, rather than alternating from left to right.
  • When climbing, jumping repeatedly up into branches can cause the player to clip inside and die.
  • At one point in 12-2, the player is required to ride a falling platform in order to make a jump into the tree.
  • The player somewhat stands inside of the floor at certain points in 12-2.
Prototype Final
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.... ....oh what fun it is to climb a hollow tree today-ay!
Doraemon2-Proto-Level12-1-b.png Doraemon2-Level12-1-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level12-1-c.png Doraemon2-Level12-1-c.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level12-1-d.png Doraemon2-Level12-1-d.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level12-1-e.png Doraemon2-Level12-1-e.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level12-1-f.png Doraemon2-Level12-1-f.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level12-2-a.png Doraemon2-Level12-2-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level12-2-b.png Doraemon2-Level12-2-b.png

Level 13

  • During the cutscene while opening the entrance to Kittora's Castle, there is slightly less of a delay before the characters begin to talk.
  • The player begins 13-1 slightly clipped inside the doorway's lower jaw.
  • Some minor differences in the placement of blocks and floating platforms.
  • The collision for the icy terrain is bugged, allowing the player to jump into the ceiling. You can also walk through the walls from the side and even continue walking while inside the wall, but you will fall to your death if you jump.
  • A door in 13-2 causes the level graphics to load incorrectly at one point making it look like you are inside of some icy terrain
  • The floating platforms seem to be erroneous in terms of placement and their paths, moving horizontally where they should be moving vertically. This also causes a 1-UP to be impossible to collect.
  • 13-3 has way less falling platforms at the beginning, as well as some minor changes to enemies and items. The floating red cars behave a little bit differently. A 1-UP is also missing near some falling platforms, and one of the springs near the end is inside the wall.
Prototype Final
Doraemon2-Proto-Level13-1.png Doraemon2-Level13-1.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level13-2-a.png Doraemon2-Level13-2-a.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level13-2-b.png Doraemon2-Level13-2-b.png
Doraemon2-Proto-Level13-3.png Doraemon2-Level13-3.png

Final Boss

  • One last time, the player spawns in the center and drops from the sky.
  • It's possible to jump on and bounce off the top of Kittora's attacks and laser beams without getting damaged.
  • The cutscene after the fight uses a different song.


  • The game has you manually advance the text using A like a normal text box. There's also no spaces between the rows of text in some parts.
  • One of the robot NPCs near the bottom left obscures the textbox's frame. The final version fixes this by removing one of the robots (despite that other one being at the Toysland Carnival at the beginning of the game).
  • In one scene, there are 4 red squares near the sides of the screen.
Prototype Final
Well, I hope that other robot enjoyed being in the ending along with his pal, ..cause I bet Professor Toru is going to get a dozen complaints from him.
Doraemon2-Proto-Credits-b.png Doraemon2-Credits-b.png