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Proto:Mega Man X7 (PlayStation 2)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man X7 (PlayStation 2).

To do:
  • Upload the unused player select portraits.
  • Look through the left over files for all the other stages and find differences (Wind Crowrang's stage has vastly different SET files).
  • Detail the differences between the preview's music and the final.

Rockman X7 Trial Edition is a Japanese demo of Mega Man X7 for the PlayStation 2 that was distributed to select retailers in Japan for demonstration purposes a couple of months before the game's release. The trial includes two playable stages: the intro stage (featuring Axl and Zero as playable characters) and Deep Forest (with Axl, Zero, and X available).

General Differences

  • The prototype version of the game has no voiced dialog.
  • The prototype version of the game has placeholder audio samples (grunts and exclamations) from Mega Man X5 and X6.
  • The game cannot be paused
  • The trial will cut to a video advertising X7's release and then back to the title screen if left idle for 5 minutes.
  • The Guard Door sub-boss in the warehouse portion of the intro stage is already disabled and open.
  • Cutscenes and Alia's introduction and stage explanations after completing the intro stage are absent.
  • Only Soldier Stonekong's stage select portrait is visible, the other seven bosses are silhouetted. However, all stage names and preview images are present.
  • Soldier Stonekong cannot be fought. The trial ends immediately after his dialogue cutscene with the player character.


Various music tracks are left on the disc, including some tracks for stages that aren't found in the preview.

Preview Final Track Differences
Central Highway
Crimson Fortress
Cyber Field
Deep Forest
Lava Factory
Mega Scorpio Identical between the preview and final.
Stage Clear Identical between the preview and final.
Stage Select Identical between the preview and final.
Tunnel Base

(Rockman Corner: Mega Man Fandom)