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Proto:Super Castlevania IV/Sound & Music Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Super Castlevania IV.

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See below for music codes:

  • 00C227:?? - Change "??" to change the sound effect of Simon's whip.
  • 3e267:?? - Change "??" to change the title screen music.

Used Music

The music in this section can be heard in-game and plays normally.

Konami Logo (A3)

Proto Final

Konami's trademark jingle originally played in a major key that's a little closer to their rarely-used theme song from the 90s. The final version ended up being used later for several years until it was replaced by an inverted version in the 2000s.

Title Theme (09)

Proto Final

"Demon Castle Dracula" is only just getting started, in the prototype, and gained a much richer sound by final release.

Oddly, the prototype version completely starts over around 2:27 (not shown) while the final version continues its 14-second loop endlessly.

Block 1 (05)

Proto Final

Simon's self-named theme song was originally played in a lower key and contains a much different and slightly-longer bridge. The final version did away with extra bit and added more drums, overall.

Boss Theme 1 (08)

Proto Final

What would later become the early boss theme originally had a much heavier emphasis on the drums while the final version removed them from the first part and focused more on building tension with the string instruments.

Stage Clear

Proto Final

Being based on Simon's theme, the early version of this jingle also plays in a lower key.

Map Screen (07)

Proto Final (Block 9)

The early version of this song is noticeably lacking in rhythm and harmony but makes for an interesting choice for the map screen. The song actually comes to a complete stop rather than looping, too. This cannot be heard in-game without modification, however, as the map screen only lasts but a few seconds.

This song would later become the Block 9 theme, "Treasure Room", in the final game, where it would get a slight revision and a longer intro.

Block 2 (06)

Proto Final

The prototype song used in Block 2 is arguably more fitting to the swampy, treacherous environment. "Demon Forest", a higher-energy piece, replaced it for the commercial release.

Block 3-1 (04)

Proto Final

While there isn't a lot of difference between the two versions of "Dripstone Cave", it's interesting to note that the early version has a bridge that didn't make it into the final, around 0:53. It's a real shame, as it's a very complete piece of music.

Block 3-3 (01)

Proto Final

As with the previous theme, "Sunken City" doesn't have a whole lot of difference between the tracks. In fact, this one may well have the least amount of changes from the prototype to release.

Block 4 (00)

Proto Final (Block 8)

The early version of this track sort of became the "default" theme for stages that didn't yet have any music - which is to say, Block 6 and onward. Aside from a longer intro, the rearrangement of some sections, and exchanging the "cascading" trumpet instrument for plucked strings, there isn't much difference between this version and the final version, "Cellar".

Block 5 (02)

Proto Final (Block 3-2)

As with the other themes of that were used in Block 3, there isn't much difference between the prototype and final versions, here. This ominous piece was originally intended to play during the lead-up to Dracula's demonic castle. However, "Waterfall" eventually found a home in Block 3-2 while a different, even more ominous piece took its place in Block 5-1.

Pause Jingle

Proto Final

Despite being used in a number of NES-era games, Konami considered changing their famous "pause jingle" to a lower key, as seen in this build.

Unused Music

The music featured here can only be heard through modifying the game or with external tools.

Ambience (Drums and Howls)

An unused ambient track was found in the ROM's code. Nothing appears to use it, but it uses a similar bongo drum rhythm to "Cellar". It's unclear of what it could have been used for as no similar track exists in the final game. Use the following cheat code to replace the title screen theme with this song:

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Secret Room (03)

Proto Final

The jolly jingle of hidden goodies is programmed into this build, but never actually used where it would be appropriate - Block 6 and Block 9's hidden rooms. The early version lacks the subtle echo of its later incarnation, and the flutes at the end were replaced by a Spanish guitar. The early version also seems to be lacking a loop point. To hear this song on the title screen, use the code 03E267:0C.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Jingle A2

Located right next to the pause jingle is the "menu option select" tune from the SNES Gradius III (which itself was originally the "coin inserted" sound of its arcade counterpart), but made of harps. It may have been planned to be used for the same purpose in place of the wolf howl that usually plays. It can be heard by entering Pro Action Replay (PAR) code 00C227:A2, then pressing the attack button in-game.

The jingle is not present in the final. This can be verified in the final game with the code 00C4C9:??. To use the code, change "??" to any desired 8-bit value and then press the attack button in-game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)