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Proto talk:Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation)

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Competition Demo

The demo released on the standalone disc indeed has a build date of June 2nd, 2000. Though it actually predates the E3 demo by at least a month, evident by among others the early level names and the order of those, as well as the fact that the exact same demo was already included in that year's Jampack demo disc (Jampack Summer 2K) which has a build date of April 13th, 2000.

The reason the standalone demo has a later build date is because there is just one edit that has been made to it. When the player reaches a certain score in the Jampack demo, the high score screen would show a password the player could enter online to qualify for the "Big Score Competition" held by Activision about a month later. (See here). Since the standalone demo would be released while the event was already being held, that particular feature would be removed from the build.

Since this is an edit made to a pre-existing build and not a new one compiled from the actual current work in progress, I simply named it "Competition Demo" and chronologically put it before the E3 demo, with the intention to name both the different versions in it's subpage.