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Rage (Windows)

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Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Windows
Released in US: October 4, 2011
Released in EU: October 7, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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id Software, the famous masterminds behind Doom and Quake, jump into the post-apocalyptic first-person-shooter scene with Rage. And it has a sequel, for some reason.

Unused Graphics

Placeholder/Developer Graphics

All these images are found in the gameresources.resources archive, and are used as placeholders for level development, or when other assets can't be found.

RAGE 128.bimage.png RAGE clip.bimage.png RAGE clip and vehicle.bimage.png RAGE collision.bimage.png RAGE collision1.bimage.png RAGE default.bimage.png RAGE ikshotclip metal.bimage.png RAGE n.bimage.png RAGE nodamage.bimage.png RAGE nodraw.bimage.png RAGE nodrawsolid.bimage.png RAGE player clip.bimage.png RAGE player focus.bimage.png RAGE surf metal.bimage.png RAGE surf plastic.bimage.png RAGE vehicle clip.bimage.png RAGE weapon clip.bimage.png

Console Graphics

All these images are found in the gameresources.resources archive for the Windows release, but are unused as they reference Console game controllers.

RAGE PS3 nanotrite ps3 l3.bimage.png RAGE PS3 nanotrite ps3 ls.bimage.png RAGE PS3 nanotrite ps3 r3.bimage.png RAGE PS3 nanotrite ps3 rs.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 dpad.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 dpad down.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 dpad left.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 dpad right.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 dpad up.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 l1.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 l2.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 r1.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 r2.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 select.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 square.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 triangle.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 x alt.bimage.png RAGE PS3 ps3 circle.bimage.png

RAGE X360 360 back.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 dpad.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 dpad down.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 dpad left.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 dpad right.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 dpad up.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 lb.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 lt.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 rb.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 rt.bimage.png RAGE X360 nanotrite xbox l3.bimage.png RAGE X360 nanotrite xbox rs.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 a alt.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 b alt.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 x alt.bimage.png RAGE X360 360 y alt.bimage.png