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SSX (2000)/Unused Gamemodes

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This is a sub-page of SSX (2000).

Game Mode Address

This is a list of known addresses for the game mode variable. It is static, so it will always be at the given address for a given region/version.

You can set the game mode to values given in later sections during the fade out that happens once you have selected a venue, to force load into a specific game mode.

Region/Version Address
PAL/SLPM-60124 (PlayStation 2 Demo Disc) 0x0027C134
US/SLUS-20095 0x0027BA88

Knockdown Mode

Knockdown Mode is a cut game mode with the game mode number 0.

This game mode is very similar to a Single Event Race, however, placement is actually determined by how many times you knock down other riders (and to a lesser extent, how many times you are knocked down).

The AI programming, while slightly buggy, attempts to compete in the knockdown competition by trying to knock you and other AI riders down.

The game mode also has properly localized strings (for the end screen, at least), and a unique end screen with functional score details, indicating it was most likely cut at a late development stage.

Frontend assets for this game mode were completely canned (or most likely never made).

(Source: modeco80 (Reverse engineering/discovery), SlyCooperReloadedCoded (gameplay footage))

Circuit License

To do:
figure out some way to work in SNOW's unused string for unlocking requirements:
STR_323="This text should not appear in the game"
(from US final AMERICAN.LOC)

Circuit License is a non-functional cut game mode which is only allured to in game textures and configuration files.

This game mode was most likely a predecessor to the final game's Warmup Mode, and the final game even has files which indicate that Warmup was a replacement (the load screen for Warmup is "CIRC.SSH", and audio configuration still uses the INI key "[CIRC]".)

In it, there were several lessons (allured from audio bank names) that you had to pass before the game would unlock the Snowdream venue. While audio configuration shows the names of audio in the bank, the audio bank for Circuit License itself was properly cut and does not exist in the final game.

Championship Mode

To do:
Upload said audio?

Championship Mode is a non-functional cut game mode which is only allured to in game textures (possibly?) and audio data.

No programming in the game exists for Championship Mode, however a decent amount of audio exists in the game for both Razhel and the female announcer for this game mode.

Razhel talks about needing "first place" in order to finish, and the female announcer states that you have "defeated SSX".

Presumably, this game mode would activate once all Race and Showoff venues are completed in World Circuit, and you'd need to complete all the venues again and get first place in order to "complete the game".